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    2007 – heute (9 Jahre)

“From the Music with guts to the Suicide Mountains”.

SPAYED is an Analog Independent-Punk band located in The Basque Country (Autonomous-Community)
SPAYED could go from catchy blues scales to real throated fury Punk in a measure or less.
The band have only released on Vinyl, 7” 33 ⅓ RPM and Acetate 10” 33 ⅓ RPM. Their first Phonograph was released only in the UK and only Seven Hundred and twenty seven (Vinyls) and Seventy Seven (Acetates) were released. According to Raping Ears With Independent Tracks Seven days after its released date all Vinyls and Acetates were all sold out.
After touring for seven months in only Rusty Underground Venues ( 27 Jul 2007- 29 Feb 2008) and in between the release of the band’s second Seven inch Vinyl Ep (SPAYED Seven Inch Vinyl phonograph + 33 Grams.) the band went separate ways, Rumors persist that Throughout their separation Melissa overdosed on Heroine, Cecile went to South-Mexico to support an indigenous-Movement and only Daniel kept writing music for different bands.

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