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It is said that first albums take 20 years to write. What is meant by this is that a band or artist’s first album is the culmination of their lifetimes’ worth of experience up to that point. In the case of SONORA’s debut, Days of Conquer, that is more than true. Singer-guitarist Sabine Litschka, guitarist Oliver Vendl and drummer Florian Strobl had been working together since 2001, and yet this was this Austrian band’s first full-length release.

Signed to a label early in their formation, that deal produced only one single. Litschka, Vendl and Strobl weren’t happy with it. The band negotiated a release from their contract to pursue the independent route- a bold move. They built their own studio, started their own label and never looked back.

Days of Conquer is full of surprises. The opening track, “Empty Room” sports alternating rhythms and a driving funky groove- and if you think, “okay, this is a funk/jam band,” you’d be wrong. When you reach track two, the slow burn “Headless Fake”, you could be tempted to categorize again, but not so fast! From the driving “Naked Upside Down” to the sultry “Someday” to the haunting final track “Stumble and Fall” finely-crafted songs and solid musicianship interweave genre-busting elements that place SONORA somewhere between indie and indescribable. Litschka’s whisper-to-a-scream vocals evoke a female Eddie Vedder . Vendl’s soaring and emotive guitar work embraces the aesthetic where tone is king. Track by track, a cohesiveness emerges to the varied sonic landscape. Close inspection of the lyrics reveals Litschka’s strong poetic sensibility and her love for the nuances and textures of the English language.

Days of Conquer is a journey. SONORA invites you to come along for the ride.

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