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Since blasting onto the Dubstep scene in 2009, SKisM has gone from strength to strength and has established himself as a major player in the global bass music scene.

Known amongst his peers as a ‘Dj’s Dj’, SKisM’s technical prowess on and energy on his 4 deck setup has gained him notoriety as one of the busiest and most electrifying mixers on the circuit, and having toured the world time and time again, the word is spreading like wildfire.

The past couple of years have seen SKisM collaborate with, and remix some of the biggest names in the business such as Flux Pavilion, Excision, Foreign Beggars, Zomboy, Porter Robinson & Hadouken!, and his productions have racked up over 13 million views on Youtube.

As co-owner and A&R of one of the most prolific labels in electronic music today, Never Say Die, SKisM has had a hand in bringing some of the freshest music to the masses, and is constantly championing the sounds of the acts on the label such as Zomboy, Dodge & Fuski, 501 & Eptic.

2012 has seen the release of the debut NSD compilation album. Mixed by SKisM and released in association with bass music powerhouse UKF, the album tracks stormed the Beatport charts with the Label boss’s ‘Like This’ holding down the Number 1 spot for a whole month.

Not one to rest on his laurels, SKisM has launched straight into the release of his ‘Division’ Series: an E.P released over the year in four parts, each representing the divide in ideas & tempos within the music that he both makes and plays.

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