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Shaun Bateman aka SB81 aka Nolige is a Drum & Bass DJ and Producer hailing from Wolverhampton, UK. His entry to the UK sound of Hardcore, Jungle & Drum n Bass is a familiar one- through exploring a cousin’s vinyl collection he got the bug and thankfully never looked back.

It was in 2005 that Shaun released his first music- via the much respected Bassbin Records, this release led to more outings via titans such as Renegade Hardware and Architecture.

After his initial success Shaun took a step back from the limelight and began to reassess his sound and the message he wanted to put across. Music was still being made but he felt a change was needed. The change came by a new pseudonym being put in place and thus SB81 was born. It was not long after this that Metalheadz came knocking at his door- a pivotal label in Shaun’s electronic music upbringing it made complete sense that Headz should be SB81’s home, much support has followed from the crew and of course Goldie.

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