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Rhythm-ites are a 'free festival' band from the city of Bath, UK, that started off playing a loose blend of punk/reggae music, but later formed in to a fully fledged roots/reggae band. In the late 1980's they played all over the UK and parts of Europe. In 1989 they recorded their first album Integration, which was recorded on the label Bluurg! - who predominantly produced music by vehemently independent anarcho-punk artists such as Subhumans, Culture Shock and Citizen Fish. Due to the fairly limited number of copies pressed the album has become highly sought after since it's release. After Integration, they carried on performing and playing festivals as much as before, but didn't go on to record any more music, the band effectively stopped working in 2000, but reformed in 2007 where they performed together at a number of festivals. This steadily developed over the next few years and in May 2009 they started writing and then recorded the album Stand Strong it was released in May 2010, which received warm reviews from critics, and as well as their original fans, found a new generation of listeners to their music.

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