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"Without much of an delay, our much respected Ruxpin project now presents their new overwhelming album Avalon"" (Mikrolux, 2002) shortly after their superior ""Magrather"" double album. Being only 21 years of age, producer Jonas Thor Gudmundsson is one of the real youngsters of the GEM family – yet with every further step in his career, he manages to prove that his huge potential is not to be underestimated. Having performed on the side of pop stars like Björk and Alex Paterson (The Orb), Jonas Thor has been keeping track of the pop business for some time now, and maybe with talents like him we are already seeing the dawn of a new generation in Skandinavian electronic music like Sigur Ros, Mùm or Royskopp. Today, the incredible talent of Ruxpin, to compose beautiful songs out of dreamy melodies and electronic grooves, can already only be witnessed with great admiration in each of the 14 tracks on ""Avalon"" – sensitive melanchony and fragile romance in it's purest form. Music to savor.

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