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ROTOR from Berlin (Germany) plays instrumental rockmusic since 1998. Four albums and some E.P.s earns them the status of an innovative, instrumetal rock-band. In more than ten years with a constant line-up ROTOR became an amazing exciting and dynamic liveband. A lot of touring through Europe and the USA and support shows for Motorpsycho, Clutch, The Hidden Hand, Nebula, Anathema and Smoke Blow declare a lot about ROTOR´s unique position in the german underground scene.
It doesn’t matter how fierce and surprising the break, how elaborate the beat, how mighty and propulsive the riff, how jazzy the bass is, it all stays authentic and thrilling. It grooves like hell and simply makes fun to listen to… Unbelievable that there are just three guys in this band!

2001 Release of the first LP
2003 Germany Tour with Drive By Shooting and Stonedudes
2004 Germany Tour with Darediablo
2005 Release of the second LP
2005 Germany Tour with Drive By Shooting and Stonedudes
2006 Europe Tour with Hypnos 69
2006 Germany Tour with Marble Sheep
2007 Release of the third LP
2008 Germany Tour with Coogans Bluff
2009 USA Tour with Stinking Lizaveta
2010 Release of the fourth LP
2011 Europe Tour with Colour Haze and Sungrazer
2011 Europe Tour with Seven That Spells and Neume
2011 Release of the first Live-LP

Homepage: www.rotorotor.de
Myspace: www.myspace.com/rotorberlin
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Rotor/218887615762

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