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Rojin Sharafi is a sound artist and composer of acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic music based in Vienna.

She has been working on different multimedia art projects and has been collaborated with different musicians, Ensembles, filmmakers, video-artists and performers.

Her music passes the borders of genre, while borrowing some elements from different epoch and classes such as Noise, Folk, Ambient, Metal and contemporary music. Fusion texture, narrative layers and formalistic approaches are her musical trademarks.

Her creation process and pre-production include: studies on concept, searching and collecting sound material, improvising with instruments in a group or in solo, working on the texture, experimenting with form and sketching the structural process, recording in studio and realizing the final production.

She focuses on cinema, theatre and music studies in order to make interdisciplinary dialogues between music and different mediums. She borrows concepts or argues discourses like narrating methods, structural-montage, flashback/flashforward, role-play, architecture in cinema, collage, MacGuffin, etc. in her works.

This approach shows itself especially in her experiments with form and structures, where the different time qualities come into play.

Her musical language in each piece has been designed both vertical and horizontal in each layer, stem or instrument. In that context she elaborate different colors of sound, break and silence and defines her ton-material, which could vary from project to project. Microtonal systems and polyrhythmic motifs are common components of her works.

In her pieces, the process of characterization of the music instruments, their gestures, actions and interactions to each other and to their own past and future go parallel to their quality of sound and the musical language they go with.

She often talks about an interdisciplinary genre aesthetic. This concept opens new windows to a synesthetic world, where different aesthetic languages in different mediums merge and mingle and build up a new aesthetic.

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