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Songs For The Lonely Generation

Rival Kings’ new single «Drown» is here, and it’s a pumping, raging beast. The band turn their earthy songwriting into modern pop music like it’s nobody’s business.

The six-piece band’s new single «Drown», heralds their second album «WAR», the successor to their acclaimed debut «Citizens» (2014). «WAR» is a commentary on the inner struggle of a generation full of doubt and enforced individuality. It’s an ode to the lack of orientation of the so-called Generation Y, full to the brim with medication, captives of their own freedom, and in many ways more narrow-minded than the generations they deplore. A lonely generation.

«Drown» is a logical next step after Rival Kings’ 2015 airplay-hit «25»: Pumping dancefloor beats, mixed with new wave and pop influences, but still retaining a core fragility.

The song reflects what the Rival Kings do best: Perform music with an energy that has managed to thrill and fascinate crowds at countless festivals und club shows (Zurich Open Air, Gurten-Festival, M4Music Festival, Stimmen Festival).

Let us be angry together! Let us burn, let us live, even if we perish in the flames.

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