• Rebecca Black My Moment (Single) Review

    19. Jul. 2011, 2:00 von PegasusGX


    Those who said Rebecca Black would never make it in the music scene were sorely mistaken. After the release of the terribly catchy, autotuned-to-hell, debut song Friday, on February 10th, 2011, it only took roughly 1 month for her to make worldwide headlines. Parodied, mocked at, joked about - this girl knows the word "hate". After all, she had the whole world go mental with the release of such a charismatic song. Laugh all you like, but the truth is that it still is one of the most played, if not the #1 played song on Fridays. And considering they come around once a week, after Thursday and before Saturday (if Rebecca taught me the days right, that should be correct), it is a big deal.

    Rebecca was only 13 when Ark Music Factory released Friday, but her sophomore single release has her a year older, stripped down, with a better record label. And thus My Moment makes its debut in the shadows of Friday.