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Ras Paulo is a trustful singer song writer, Reggae Artist from Cape Verde Islands.
His Music is a kind of mystic Reggae world that will have your mind and soul in trance and on the beach, you will love Ras Paulo music and you will play his songs again and again. Everyone talk about his songs.
Ras Paulo is an original and motivated
He started his career in Lisbon, singing education at music academy in Lisbon,
Actual residence, twisting around Europe
Always making progress in the music writing Lovely songs and loving performances
Singing , developing his music activity and attention from People in his Circle and the feel of the cool breeze of the Atlantic

Ras Paulo is a fountain of inspirational for newcomers. Exactly sound we're waiting for, Music healing for many of us.
His music is a voice that speaks spiritually to the soul of all on the planet earth.

I would say when listening to the album Microphone prepare your self for a journey through the passt to the future here and now. Singer songwriter and stage performer with right message, right arguments, world heritage taking in protection
His fanbase is growing up more and more massive followers .
Always sorounded by friends, never Alone .

Born with musical spirit kicking off his music remarkable songs, to be taken for movies, TV and reports and online streaming and never bad critics.
Brilliant and unique art of interpreting music
Pretending to be in his childhood Athletic, Football player, Marathon runner or any other kind of sport
But since the time he found music in
His head but the lost of his relatives left him in a critical situation till today,
That's a reason, or a fountain to such kind of stuffs because of the living in him

Since Years his music is well streamed easy to play, very nice art of interpretation and easy listening.
Songs with strong motivation, for example Microphone, Persona non Grata, Top of the Hill, Lonely Road, Good Morning, Everytime Inna Berlin.
Change the world in 3.30 song.Ras Paulo is very proud to present his 9th released and you never forget to write & arrange a song, can take 5 min a Year or more till the song is ready for the media.

His Lyrics are decent and clear. Songs which is never out of fashion in English Crioul Portuguese, Slang or rasta language.You never get tired of listening Ras Paulo songs.

Every bar is well analysed by musicians all what it takes till the song is listenable.
Style: Reggae Roots World, my roots deep in me. Ras can write many kinds of songs with different kinds of arguments.
Songs which has a story to tell and rhythm strong. Steady like heart beat, stady bassline, sweet guitar rhythms, Piano keyboard or percussion sound atmosphere and the heart beat bass drum kick. I'm telling you.
Listen to the songs and discover more arguments for your self.
Joining a lot of concerts in his music history Since many Years, Festivals and Private Concerts.
Whether Electric or Acoustic .
His performances are never dulled.
Full of energy and very convincingly. Live I'm another kind of creature.
Band support
Ras Paulo & Family.
Very Profissional band and experienced on stage.

From small Boy he was the entertainer at home enfluenced by his father which could play guitar and sing too. Without thinking of to be where he is in the music business totay in this overload music we have a lot of kinds of stars, Stars super stars and mega stars, but if make good music you can find listeners.
Exist people who support you
You should never forget that you can do better.

The history moment.
for the very first time oo stage live and direct. Ras went to a party with friends a band was playing a song in my sense the singer wasn't singing the song right, ras climbing up on stage asking the band to rewind and play the same rhythm because want to take advantage to perform the same song on my own, for the first time singing on electric and with a band, that was a kind of excitement highlight for me my friends and about 50 persons in the Club.

After the performance feeling like a man of the match, fall off aplaus and repeat it again, from that moment on I said to I self
Music is my life and i don't let this feeling go away from me.
Following thru an announcement a Portuguese cover band by the name "Orient " was looking for a front man and i started to join the band as a singer for a while.
Achieving access to music scene getting known around as a singer shooting out as a singer within a open
space in music scene because of the power in his voice.
Deeper, middle and higher.
Getting invitation from other bands performing all around in Town and Country side salient and councencious.
Showing professional in the scene well tuned as the stage is his living room gaining respect and consideration taking steps forward, with other teenagers dread locks brethrens they grounded a reggae band by the name ( The Numbers ) the first reggae band in Luso Africa Countries.
One of the first Lyric I wrote in my life was Front Line.
We started to show out joining respectable stage doing well feeling like the kings of Town brand new style with bob Marleys help, new day is born feelings Irie, lerning about the culture, better concept writing own songs Flashing around as a band with skills but the band stopped they wrnt apart because of personal reasons.

repatriation. Because we were all from different countries. Music speak the same language.
Music from the heart straight to your soul.

Many of his songs are linked International
surprisingly and emotional feelings soft voice and melodic as always strong sound and passion.

Gaining progress as a singer developing his Singing culture, showing some skills upwards.
He's a good singer, writing nice songs and I'm his fan number one, from the first time that I get in touch with his first Album.
Ras 9th final work, doing his best to satisfy the community and voluntary, paying attention and consideration to all and specially those who listen this kind sound.
My fascination for music is irresistible, intolerable until today, I just can keep going on making music!

Ras Paulo is proud to present his
9th release as you know to produce an album is not easy

Ras Paulo's Discography:
From -1990 -2016- {Studio Releases}
9.Songs Collection - LP 15.
8. Freedom Deliver - LP 14
7.Lisboa Single 13
6.Musica - EP 10

5.A Little Boy - Sgl 13
4.Inna Berlin - EP 12
3.Where Happiness Lives - Maxi -11
2.Grata Persona - LP 00
1.Microphone - EP 96

ras music, US Record Label / compilations.
Direct available everywhere.
Best songs, actual.

1.Melody, Anangel
2.Lyrics of my Life
3.Mellow Mellow.

Excellent songs collection in-between top and stars, mostly every where you can find this music.

Actual Band skills, State Show
I ´ve joined in life so many bands, diverse musicians styles from all over the world and today solo program,
* Ras Paulo & The Family Band *

2. Refreshed Program
3. Great appearance on stage
4. Play quality, entertaining and accessible to wide audience.

No complication in my song
but emotions,
emotion is real
true feelings
Ras Paulo is an original and motivated singer songwriter and stage performer with right message, right arguments, world heritage taking in protection, mankind understanding.
On stage I'm another one
Environments motivations, freedom, right to live, nature protection, self protection, care about things achieving goods, helping people, progression, also different opinions acceptances, social understanding, trust, mistrust and crises if you you know that it means like living in the world as persona non grata . Because of being dread locks.
Hopping one of my song helps you to solve your problem.

all kinds of people.
As normal person

peoples show him much respect because of his coolest way of singing,
Style is unique untouchable, mystical art of expression valuable, truly reggae roots and decent lyrics, tropical feelings , very smooth reggae roots rhythms, to be a part of our day. A world to be discovered by you.

awesome musician as many artists from Cape Verde Islands to his native Country, speaking Crioul, Portuguese, English, slang dialect or Rasta Language.
The first contact with Live music since ever a band playing on electric instruments pretty loud the voice was good enough I felt in a kind of feeling I climb up on stage asking the musicians I have a song every was extremely loud

Today he is Kicking off his sound forward. He started  music experience  joining Bands, performing music arts with Jamaicans, musicians from allover the World, straggling in the music scene with success  as  a solo artist today.

His Music is a kind of mystic Reggae world hat will have your mind and soul in trance and on the beach, you will love Ras Paulo music and you will play his songs again and again. Integrated in a musicians friendship they opened the Microphone, Coming closer to the microphone, and blow in a tone deeper or higher on the Mic.
 They took him to Spain touring thru Spain in 80´s, performing cover version songs with  a band. As casting winner  Ras Paulo continually developing  his music culture, Getting deeper in the music world suddenly he found music in his head along the way into another music world called Reggae, Rasta Roots.

 A man  in the middle, very simple person, a man who pretend walking than driving a man who think Global, with massive followers, a man who to follow, a man who care for World Climate, Children in need and other matters and a party starter too.
Ras Paulo is an example and Idol for newcomers in the music scene, beloved by all kinds of people, specially by Young People. His message is very clear and positive, direct in the heart, very Cultural and pleasant to hear. His songs are very fine, soft voices and Melodic. His fans says your music is a kind of medicine to   my Soul.   relaxed atmosphere in it.
Melody in the voice, emotion and spiritual expressions.
Such as a heart beat. Effectively to fulfil the complete package for gladly listeners, You can find the magic, listening his songs
The man that in his childhood he wanted to be athletic, Marathon runner, Football player or any other kind of sports, and landed as a singer songwriter and stage performer.

New bright light, Interpreting his own songs inspired from his own environment, own life experience in the world as a multicultural.
Ras Paulo continually developing  his music culture, Getting deeper into the music world
As a casting winner  Ras Paulo continually developing  his music culture, Getting deeper into the music world suddenly he found music in his head along the way into another music world called Reggae,
Over 20 years in music scenes.
You might fall in love with his sound on the second bar.
A reflection of the most inner parts of the soul.
Sit back and get ready to feel the nature and the love of the  true pure energy.

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