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Rami is a Japanese heavy metal singer and lyricist. She first rose to prominence as vocalist and co-founder of the all-female power metal band Aldious from 2008 to 2012. She is currently vocalist of the group Raglaia and has a solo career.

Rami started singing at five years old. She became interested in heavy metal music after being invited to session with musicians as a teenager. Her first band was called Area. Rami co-founded Aldious in Osaka with guitarist Yoshi in June 2008. She is the one who came up with the band name by shortening the phrase "Ultimate Melodious," and wrote almost all the lyrics during her time with them. Aldious released their debut EP Dear Slave in November 2009, and their first album Deep Exceed in October 2010. The album topped Oricon's independent music chart while reaching number 15 on its main one. Their second, October 2011's Determination which reached number 13, would be Rami's last with them. On June 29, 2012, it was announced that she was leaving the band due to health concerns. Aldious are now cited as pioneers of the Girls Metal Band Boom that began in Japan in the 2010s.

Rami resumed musical activities in January 2015 as vocalist and lyricist of the heavy metal "project band" Raglaia (ラグライア, Raguraia). It was formed after Sads guitarist K-A-Z came across her demos in 2014. Its name comes from the Greek goddess Aglaia, with a letter "R" taken from Rami's name added to the beginning. The group also includes Aion support drummer Youth-K and KillsKills bassist and backing vocalist Ery. They released their debut single "Breaking Dawn" on April 8, and it reached the number 20 position on the Oricon. It was supported by a short tour that began with their first concert on June 12. A second single titled "Promises" followed on August 12, and peaked at number 38. Raglaia released their first album Creation on November 11, and it reached number 22. Recording of the singles and album began before Ery joined with Hitoki from Kuroyume providing bass on several songs. The album also features contributions by Kiyoharu, Outrage bassist Yoshihiro Yasui and former Bow Wow member Shotaro Mitsuzono.

In 2016, Rami began a solo career releasing the album Aspiration on September 7, which reached number 16. It features contributions from veteran metal musicians such as Syu, Yuhki and Fumiya of Galneryus, Katsuji and Kentaro of Gargoyle, and Saber Tiger bassist Hibiki. Her live band for its tour included Cyntia members Yui and Azu, and TSP drummer Hina. Rami's second album, Reloaded, was released on January 31, 2018, and peaked at number 31.

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