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Born in Torino, Italy, Ramona devoted her life to music. At the early age of 5 she began playing the piano, which immediately became her first big passion.
She grew up as an artist firstly in Torino with her crew and party organizers called “ We Play The Music We Love”. The collective has been representing the underground music scene of the northern Italian city for the last 10 years and Ramona is definitely an important influence still nowadays.
Then she moved to Paris where she fully dedicated herself and her time producing music and grew artistically, starting to gain recognition also from outside France. From “Output Club” New York, playing with artists like Seth Troxler and many more Ramona has proven talent and fine taste. In the words of the french “Trax Magazine” in early 2019 Ramona is «the Italian music expert».
Ramona has hit Paris playing “Concrete” and “Rex Club” as well as collaborating with the label and promotion agency “Crazyjack”.
She spends time in the studio between gigs and radio shows, where she is currently working on an EP with Aprapta.
Warm sounds does not allow us to confine her style under any music genre. Her music is not only for the dance floor but also for those ears who appreciate eclectic groove and refined rhythm coming from all Ramona´s endless musical influences.

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