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Nick Höppner has a lot of obvious credentials—for starters, he's a Panorama Bar resident and celebrated producer on the club's label, Ostgut Ton, which he managed for years. But the thing that really makes him extraordinary is harder to define. For lack of a better term, it has to do with sincerity. As a DJ and a producer, Höppner's sound is defined by an emotional honesty that's rare in dance music. You can hear it in the soaring, bittersweet melodies of his new album, Folk. And you can sense it on the dance floor when he pulls out something like, say, Underworld's "Two Months Off"—this is a man expressing himself fully and unabashedly through music. And that's what you get on RA.463, a mix Höppner says was made to showcase his club DJ style as accurately as possible.

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