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Qnete from Leipzig, Germany, if you like, is the real person Marvin Uhde, not behind but adjacent to this applied persona (and peeking out more fully than before).

Time spent growing in Bremen (essential) leads to Leipzig (a choice) - aka here now for the time being.
Early releases - thank you Drowned Records, ZCKR, Lobster Theremin, 777 Recordings, Wake Up - set a tone. Not the tone, but still one that said something worth listening to (up to you of course). “Play-Doh Stories” - back to 777 (thank you Ron), out to the world in 2018 — closer to where it wants to be, closer to the tone (the closest yet), produced with similar means though adjusted. The album glistens, pooled whirls of color work around staccato drum tracks, plangent synths and smirking rhythm. Neither hi or lo-fi, just what suits.

Also — closer to the music of others, the music he plays, the choices made with the people, is where the album finds itself, but also where Qnete exists as a DJ. House is the source from which he pulls most extensively, its seemingly limitless permutations across themes of love and sadness and good vibes are all valid at the right time. It’s ok, Qnete has a watch. Something never wanted much more than this.

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