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Short for Programming The Psychodrill, a phrase from a J.G. Ballard collage, P.T.P. was originally simply Al Jourgensen. When asked to do a song for the film Robocop, he started work on a track entitled "Show Me Your Spine", when Ogre of Skinny Puppy walked into Chicago Trax. He asked Ogre to sing on the track, and they performed it live in the studio. Afterwards, the project continued onward as simply another Al/Paul/Connelly collaboration. They released only one single.

The first PTP track, "Show Me Your Spine," was recorded in 1987. Written by Jourgensen, Paul Barker and Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy, it marked the first collaboration between the three. The track appeared briefly during the club scene in the first RoboCop movie (1987) but did not appear on the soundtrack. The song was not commercially released until 2004 when it appeared on Ministry's Side Trax compilation. Musically, it is representative of the early Wax Trax sound, featuring arpeggio melodies, loud drums, sampled orchestral hits and Ogre's heavily distorted vocals.

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