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  • Jahre aktiv

    2003 – heute (14 Jahre)

Preschool Tea Party Massacre is a band coming from New Jersey/USA. Their kind of music is a mixture, Grind/Deathcore combinded with techno and trance rythms. Their own describtion of how to bring their music into a sentence is: "jesus getting anally raped in a spaceship." Mostly the songs aren´t longer than 2 min.. After 5 albums, their new album is called "Return To The Bone Concubine"
The band members are:
Concubine - Drum Programming, Keyboard Effects
Supreme Allah - Vocals
Easy Money - Guitar, Drum Programming, Mixing, Vocals
The Edge - Vocals, 0 For 4 Batting Average
Ted - Vocals, Discount at Dominos
I couldn´t find any dates, when they give a concert, but if you ever can hear this aweful sound, you will know ….

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