• Playlist for Owen Spencer - Progressive Breaks 1 Mix

    24. Sep. 2006, 12:05 von hawkeye71

    Here's the playlist of this great mix:

    1. Way Out West - Intensify (PMT remix)
    2. PMT - Gyromancer (False Prophet mix)
    3. Dub Pistols - Problem Is (Soul of Man mix)
    4. Precision - Nightmare Breaks
    5. Albino Allstars - Rumbleweed
    6. Creative - Invasion Collective-CO-Nun-Drum
    7. Chris Coco Feat Peter Green - Albertros (Christian J remix)
    8. Evil Nine - Cakehole
    9. Exile - Neuroscan
    10. Synaptic Gap - Sick
  • My 12 Favorite Songs of All-Time

    15. Jun. 2006, 2:33 von number11baller

    12. louis logic – Best Friends (f. Apathy)
    …wtf? Let’s just say I wanted to start my list with a little fun. Sure, Louis Logic won’t come to mind when you think “all-time greats”, neither will Apathy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make one hell of a back-and-forth style story song. Over an Avid Record Collector beat (never heard of him either), Louis sets the track off on a good mood asking his good friend Apathy to hold Lou’s chick down while he’s on tour (“Word I knew there was a reason you my brother yo!”) Some time passes and Lou calls back to check on his chick to find that Apathy gets the girlfriend drunk while at his house. Paranoid of what’s going on while he’s not home, Lou drops out tour upon finding that Apathy and his girlfriend have hooked up. Lou is furious spitting, “Smack the curls off my ladies head and kill you for your treachery, you said you were my best friend, instead you got the best of me.” Apathy drives Logic to tears with the final lines of the rap…