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Stereo Spy now under known Pit Pain. Based in Germany .
is a Dark Techno / Ambient and Hardstyle Producer. Artist who has been Active Since 1995
Pain is a professional Artist who started spinning since 1995 and till 2018 on Vinyl.

1995, Pain starts his Career in small Clubs, with Hard Trance Music, Within only a few years, Pain has slowly worked his way up through the German Hard Trance scene.

Pain Change. in 2000. to be his music style to Hardstyle and Plays in Many Clubs and Festivals Hardstyle Music As a Artist and live Performer Pain has travelled the Europe,

In the end of 2007 Pain began building a small studio to produce his own music,
Now he Could in his individual and selected music tracks unfold and the lifestyle of Electronic Music for Themselves to Express.
in the studio, Pain draws from many musical influences and merges them into his own unique sound,

2011 Pain starts under his former name stereospy an Ambient Music Project. and Published his Album Nature in the City in 2014

2014/2017 Pain Took a break for a while and and came back in 2017. he comes back with a new Music Style Dark Techno

Pain. Deals with the Digital World.
He Produces some Techno Tracks.
as Shadow, The DNA Control, Miles, Rising Dark, Addicted..
Pain is the main performer of The Dark Journey on Mixcloud.
He brings the bass, the beats and the emotion into each of his sets.
His communicative DJ style makes him a true behind the turntables, an artist whose sets are passionate, powerful and never committed to one sub genre or style.
His fingertips are like sensors on the Richter scale, and anticipating and triggering eruptions on the floor. pain. is on Mixcloud Select-creator. as with hearthis.at provided with blue hoes

Pain is a Guest in some Radio Stations
Guest at 2017/2019

STROM:KRAFT Radio Out Of The Ordinary Radioshow
Deep In The Dark on MeerRadio 105.5 FM
He has guest appearances radio station like 2007/2019
➤BBC Radio
➤QDance Radio
➤WGOT 100.1 FM
➤MeerRadio 105,5 FM
➤and many others Radio Stations

Discography (Albums)

➤Valete incipiens (2010)
➤ Quidam mali (2012)
➤ Nature in the City (2013)
➤Revolution (2014)

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