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  • Geburtstag

    27. Juni 1962 (56 Jahre alt)

Although Paul Chain is defunct now, Paul keeps creating new music since 2003 under a new name, Paul Cat (and new band name is P.C. Translate - changed name to simply Translate in 2009).

Paul Chain uses an entirely phonetic language for vocals which may or may not resemble real speech, and so the songs have no lyrics unless guest performers write their own, like Lee Dorrian did on the album Alkahest.

Scott "Wino" Weinrich performed guest vocals on two songs that appear on the Unreleased Vol. 2 compilation.

Paul Chain is simply an artist name (the translation into English of his real name, Paolo Catena) that stretches over six different bands, one of them which exists today.
- Paul Chain Violet Theatre: the original name of all Paul Chain's workings until the name change in 1987. Fifty different musicians worked together with him during this project.
- Paul Chain: is the name for Paul Chain's main band. Here he plays his primary style of traditional doom.
- Paul Chain - The Improviser: Paul Chain's live act. It is done together with the poet Paolo Silvestri. It is here that he shows his skills in improvising songs.
- Paul Chain - Experimental Information: not a doom act as such and often isn't even metal. This truly is Paul Chains experimental corner where he can do exactly what he wants to.
- P.C. Translate: new name since 2003. Mostly psychedelic/stoner rock.
- Translate: new name of P.C. Translate project in 2009.
- Paul Cat: pseudonym used for solo works from 2009 to 2012.
- Paolo Catena: pseudonym (real name) using for all solo works from 2012.

The container system: Some of Paul Chain's albums have a circle with a number on it. The number states the albums number in Paul Chain's container list. All numbers in his container list are meant to differ between the different experiences, styles and moments in Paul Chain's life. A container is created when an album creates undisclosed video or audio recordings.

Compilation Appearances
- "My Hills" on 0721 Manicomio (CSM, 1989)
- "Sand Glass" on Dark Passages Vol. II (Rise Above Records, 1996)

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