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The Russian duo are among the most striking acts on Nina Kraviz's Трип label. The story of PTU began with experiments with second-hand synthesizers and bass guitars, driven by a burning need to make "something different." It could have ended with homemade CDs and local gigs alongside other amateur bands at local concerts in Kazan, a remote autonomous area in the south of Russia, where the same musicians would often form new bands by swapping positions behind keyboards or drum machines, or maybe adding a guitarist. At one point, PTU was reconfigured to become Acid Monkey Temple or an industrial band called Potnie Yaponki ("Sweaty Japanese"). For a couple of years, they released field recordings and ambient tracks on a DIY label called Kak Tak ("How Come"), until most of the members grew up, moved to bigger cities and got "real jobs."

That would have been the end of PTU, had two of its members, Alina Izolenta and Kamil Ea, not challenged themselves to grow out the bedroom mindset and get to the front of what they call "techno's stranger sector." Today they are an essential part of Nina Kraviz's Трип label, which will release their next album, Am I Who I Am, in June 2018. An anxious trip through acid, jungle and eerie labyrinths of noise, the album could be a soundtrack to a remake of Tarkovsky's Stalker, one in which the stalker not only walks and crawls but runs and dances in the zone—a rave in the room that grants one's innermost desires.

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