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“Point Valaine“ is a German Indie-Pop band formed in Heidelberg by Pete Bird (guitars/synths) and Bjoern Schifferdecker (bass/keyboards).
Pete and Bjoern have know each other since they were kids and shared the stage from time to time when touring with their former bands “Brand New Jersey“ and “Mellow“. After both had a long break from playing in a band they reunited to form “Point Valaine“ in 2016. They named themselves after a play by Noël Coward which was considered by critics to be a new attempt at experimenting with moods and feelings on stage.
After writing and recording a couple of songs they looked to recruit a singer. Jonas Gaertner, vocalist of the Indie-Folk band “Atlas“, joined the band after responding to an ad on facebook in autumn 2016. He helped complete the songs and wrote lyrics that gave the initial pop attitude a more melancholy and profound touch.
Within a month of Jonas’ arrival they completed the recordings of the debut EP “Resist“ in Peter’s home studio and mixed the songs at Audiodrive Studios in Sinsheim along with Producer and Ex-Liquido-Member Bonassis around New Year’s Eve. The EP was mastered at Original Mastering in Hamburg by Philipp Welsing, a former Visions Magazine journalist, who had already worked together with Hundreds and Maeckes.
The completed songs of "Resist“ sound like a mix somewhere between Snow Patrol, Coldplay and Radiohead at the turn of the millennium, accompanied with Matt Berninger-ish vocals. The EP was released digitally and on CD on 24th of May 2017 and is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Deezer, Google Play, Napster, Apple Music and Tidal. Since May the band also grew into a gang of four, completed by hiring orchestral drummer Frank Feßler. At present “Point Valaine“ are rehearsing for live shows in autumn 2017. Artists and venues are welcome to get in contact for bookings or other enquiries via pointvalaineband@gmail.com.

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