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P:ano is a Canadian indie pop band formed in 1999 from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The band's members consist of Larissa Loyva, Justin Kellam, Julia Chirka, and Nick Krgovich. P:ano's style is a diversity of musical and thematic interests as the band members play several instruments.

Nick Krgovich and Larissa Loyva originally started playing together in 1999, and were later joined by Justin Kellam and Julia Chirka to form a cohesive foursome. P:ano side-projects include Burquitlam Plaza, Duplex!, BORING, No Kids, Gigi, and To Bad Catholics.

Their debut release, When It's Dark and It's Summer (zum014/hfr001) was recorded at and co-released by Hive Studios. The band has worked with many prominent Vancouver musicians including Veda Hille, Ida Nilsen, Torston Muller and members of The Beans, Black Mountain, Jerk With a Bomb, Gaze and Standing Wave.

Their second album entitled The Den was recorded over five months in 2003 by Colin Stewart (Destroyer, Hot Hot Heat, Radio Berlin) at The Western Front and The Hive studios. Arranged with keyboards, horns, strings and back-up vocals, the quartet's orchestral lo-fi pop is reminiscent of Rufus Wainwright.

P:ano's third album Brigadoon was released in April 2005 and their fourth album Ghost Pirates Without Heads following in October of the same year.

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