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Ouri is an electronic producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist. Her training in piano, harp and cello are what primarily influence her shape-shifting relationships with melody and bass. Her 2015 release Maze is a provocative experience of vivid, entrancing dance music. Aggressive, refreshing and playful, her sound is bold and self-assured. Hailing from South America by way of France, Ouri currently studies and produces electronic music in Montreal. Her releases feature collaborations with CRi, Odile M, Mind Bath, Munya and Forever.

Her first album Superficial was released on May 26th, 2017 via Make It Rain Records. Superficial is a kind of laboratory where Ouri mixes her absolute with chaos. Her obsession with strong sensations, femininity and this same absolute makes up the heart of the project. She has produced melodies that are aggressive, meaty, and catchier than her first EP. The young DJ was influenced by dense soundscapes from ambient jungle music, recorded in the Guyana tropical forests, which she listened to during her childhood.

In collaboration with singer-songwriter Mind Bath, she surprised-drop an EP on November 10th, 2017 as well as a music video for their song Wild Mother. It includes three songs that perfectly blend together, creating a « pyramid » of electronic textures, layered synths and transcendent vocals. Ouri’s music is bold and self-assured while Mind Bath’s vocals are mesmerizing, guiding us through their unique universe. The artists, in their togetherness, produced an EP that is flush with sweetness and creative energy.

Ouri performed at many musical events such as MUTEK, Pop Montreal, Piknic Electronik, Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Montreal, Boiler Room and more.

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