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With influences like Crippled Black Phoenix, Tool, Pink Floyd and Mono, Oneirism blends elements of post-rock, progressive, ambient and even sludge to create a cornucopia of sounds that transcends the musical terrain in search for the right balance of length, fury and melody. What the ‘zine Metal Recusants once classified as ‘dream metal’ when reviewing Oneirism’s ‘Conquering the Waves’ EP has now evolved even further its own solid identity. More dream-like than before, with less metal but with the same level of aggressiveness, the band aims for the immersive post-rock experience in a meaningful and compact way.

The six tracks on the album, Anxiety, Like Wildfire, The Silence Resonates, Bermuda Chants, Render Real, and Comfortable and Static, have been in production for over 20 months, with the band constantly improving on each one until the required sound and vision has been achieved. Recording the drums in the AV Playroom and the rest of the tracks in Oneirism Studios with equipment to rival that of international releases, Oneirism have sought a crystal-clear production to showcase the full breadth of their creativity and talent.

This year also finds the band with a new-line as the rhythm section welcomes Achilleas Vasdekis (Rust) on drums and Chris Ioannou (Arkhon) on bass, along with the inclusion of Miguel Trapezaris (Winter’s Verge) on the double bass and strings. With this fresh backbone to support the exploding guitar riffs and the tantalizing vocals of George Eracleous the band is set to appear in a number of venues across Cyprus for some truly remarkable appearances.

‘Like Wildfire’ will be presented at a local venue and will hit online stores in the summer of 2016. Tunecore will handle the distribution on Spotify, iTunes, Amazonmusic, Googleplay and Youtube.

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