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A1 Götterfunken:

This Song is a Tribute to Oeler´s first Band Götterfunken. It starts with a solid groove construction put together of a merged accoustic and electronic Bassline and a non-traditional latin Percussion figure that will build a complex harmonic part with the orchestral sounds in the second part of the Track. Cymbals, Chimes and Gongs are a melodic and athmospheric part during the hole arrengement. Whereas the first part of the Song introduces the lots of pecussive elements and create a funky drive more and more, the breakpart in the middle changes the mood into a deep harmonic Song. Orchestral Chords and classic House Violins transport this feeling to an extasy feeling in combination with the funky percussive mood during the second part.

Produced, arrenged and mixed by Oeler between October 2008 and Mai 2009 at Springborn Studios

B1 Frühstücksbuffet:

The second Track Frühstücksbuffet is a purely Live Production based on Jazz-Sample Clarinet Loop. This main Theme is transported by the structure of a traditional latin Percussion figure, athmospheric percussive-elements and the deeply Bassline into a funky drivin base. Another melodic and wooden Percussion figure build the second Theme and Pole in the Arrengement. While the two Themes walk through several Effects and let fall the consumer into a merged world of positive energy and timeless dreaming, the Arrengement is rounded by several athmospheric Chimes and a small but very wide Saxophon Melody.

Produced, live recorded and mixed by Oeler between October 2008 and Mai 2009 at Springborn Studios.

Digital Bonus Track:

Kurorcheter Schlebusch is a purely Live Production and a very athmospheric Track After a short Intro it starts to build up a solid House Groove with it´s forward moving Bassline and a melodic deep ercussion Loop. This elements merge the athmospheric Trumpet Theme, the wooden Percussion elements and Indian Classic elements ( Sitar and Tabla ) to a positive feeling and prepare the Arrengement for the live recorded and handplayed Tabla Solo. In the second part the Song skips into a moore dry, oblique and funky style by introducing more brass and synthy chords and finally ends again in his athmospheric structure of the beginning.The arrengement is rounded by some effect vocal Samples that appear sometimes during the hole Song.

Produced, live recorded and mixed by Oeler between October 2008 and Mai 2009 at Springborn Studios.
Tablas Add on Percussions played by Oeler.

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