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O’Flynn is a young producer from London who has been hailed by Boiler Room as “one of dance music’s most prosperous newcomers”.

One of the standout 12 inches of 2015 came in the form of O’Flynn’s debut release; two tracks of percussive and powerful, African-influenced house music. ‘Tyrion’ became a tool for Four Tet that was rarely left out of his sets, while the anthemic ‘Desmond’s Empire’ won support from Gilles Peterson and was used to devastating effect across festivals in the summer.

His follow up ‘Oberyn/Spyglass’ featured more clattering percussion and upfront energy and garnered Radio 1 and Rinse airtime from James Blake and Hessle Audio respectively, while his most recent release ‘Glow Worm/Aloha Ice Jam’ was championed by Bonobo and named by Phonica as one of their ‘Best Singles of 2016’.

With a remix for FaltyDL just announced and his next 12” about to go into production, 2017 shows no sign of O’Flynn slowing down the pace as he continues to develop as an exciting new name in the electronic dance music scene.

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