• New Music

    27. Feb. 2007, 18:35 von emelewashere

    See I like this place already. I've just discoverd Tegan and Sara and I'm loving them. I think the one girls voice reminds me a little bit of Nelly Furtado.

    I love their lyrics. Its fresh to hear girls just sing and play guitar. Real music!

    Tegan and SaraYou Wouldn't Like MeWalking With a GhostI Know I Know I Know
    Nelly FurtadoI'm Like a BirdLegendTurn Off The Lights
  • Nelly Furtado

    17. Jun. 2006, 17:13 von coobymx

    Here's a short journal that I wanted to write about Nelly Furtado...

    She means a lot for me... she's one of my favorite heroes... ever, her music inspires me to become a better person each day, the art in each track is amazing... from I'm Like a Bird to All Good Things (Come to an end)

    Everytime I'm sad... there's a song that can make me fly again... songs like I'm Like a Bird, In God's Hands, Turn Off The Light, Hey Man, Força, Trynna Finda Way, Well well, Explode, Powerless, One-Trick Pony, Picture Perfect, Fresh Off The Boat, Maneater, No Hay Igual, Wait For You, I Am, Afraid... there are lots of great songs!

    Nelly has grown, as much as I have, many people is saying she's a sellout but I think she's not, she's a star and all the stars sell, I'd prefer to have talented sellouts than other ones that are just playbacks or they sit until musicians make their music... she's talented and she can do it in every music style she wants! Because she's versatile and skilled.