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  • Dauer


A crucial year for the world as a whole, 1989 was twelve months of fire, which, as history has taught us and continues to rebuild with considerable coldness, culminated on 9 November with the destruction of the symbol that for 30 years or more had relegated the world to a grip of frost and perennial cold, the Berlin Wall. That damned building became the symbol of the post-war period of the Second World War, and especially of the subsequent Cold War, was knocked down by the citizens of the flourishing Germanic metropolis themselves, with pickaxes, bare hands and with everything they could use. The symbol of a divided city that became over time the symbol of a whole world split in half, with on the one hand the U.S. and their social democratic way of behaving, always ready to defend their rights and obligations to their possessions, but also to their marital status. On the other hand, beyond the Iron Curtain, the bogeyman of the USSR, a huge and desolating jumble of ideals that were initially thought of in a very different way, but soon found themselves caught in the unfortunate trap of power, becoming in fact a hegemonic dictatorship that lasted until 1990. The world watched this horrifying spectacle with fear in its soul, the fear of a nuclear winter, of missiles launched and never really started, but which had caught the whole globe in a huge and nebulous heath of fear. In all this we, as we've been telling for months now, find ourselves in the company of Negazione, a band from Turin that has had the great privilege of giving birth and contributing heavily to the movement that magazines and fanzines around the world, including titles of a certain caliber such as Maximumrockandroll, called "Italian Punk Hardcore" or IHC if you want to use a shorter abbreviation. In 1989 the band was just fresh from their last work, Little Dreamer, a concept as always deep and never banal, with which the band had definitely opened the doors of the Italian borders. If Lo Spirito Continua in fact allowed Zazzo and his partners to enter the Italian history and to a lesser but important extent, also European, Little Dreamer was greatly appreciated also abroad, thanks to the choice to sing the lyrics (not all) in English. A moment of great ferment, therefore, like the agitation that raised the world, and helped by the great Theo Van Rock and We Bite Records, the band comes to this year in a state of grace, remembering at all times where they started and where they wanted to get. Their minds in turmoil were producing the most material I can, the lyrics in English abounded, as well as concerts around Europe. Let's remember that the Negation will never cross the borders of the United States until 1990, because of their desertion to military service. They will therefore only go where an identity card was enough to pass through customs. In all this ideological ferment, textual and composition, the band puts together other material, which exactly a year later will see the light in their latest work, entitled 100%. Before reaching the full lenght that then sadly will be their legacy, Negazione will print, even under the advice of We Bite, two very fast and very short EPs, the first of which we present in the next lines. From the iconic cover as many others of their discography, simple but brilliant, sees a simple red door half ajar, above which stands out in blue the logo of the band and the title. The title is inspired by a famous silent film of 1919, and also gives the title to the title track inside. Behind the Door consists of only four tracks, but enough to tell us about this historical moment so important for the band. Inside the cardboard in which there is the glossy 45 rpm, we find the lyrics as always beaten thanks to an old cyclostyle borrowed from newspapers, photos of the band and so on. This EP also features a CD version, which was also printed by We Bite. Characteristic of this version is the presence of two additional tracks, which will not appear in today's review because part of the second EP recorded that year, and for historical justice deserve a separate review. Welcome as always to the heath of chaos.

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