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The times of Chicago and Disco may have started
a long time ago, but there are still some
artists, who carry on with the vibe. Murphy Jax
is one of them. A true believer of multiple
layer synth melodies, grooving basslines and
vocals. Sure, ?it didnt come out of nowhere?
he is already doing music since 8 years,
released some limited pressed underground
vinyls under several names, and finally found
his homebase with the top dog and electronic
cornerstone Clone Records from Netherlands.
With the first vinyl release on Clone Jack For Daze
at the end of 2010, he already had Mike Dunn,
one of the true cofounders of the real chicago vibe,
in his boat. Nobody else than Alden Tyrell and
Legowelt did lay their hands on "It´s themusic"
as remixers. And it grooved many floors and was
directly voted on place 12 into the top 50 of 2010
by Groove Magazine.
In 2011 he will come up with his second Clone
Release, a smooth groving chicago styled one,
with a discoid flavour in the foreground. Following
up with a vinyl release on My Favourite Robot
Recordings from Canada, where he shows
his true love to 80s Synth sounds and
cheerful melodys. And on the top of that,
Jori Hulkonnen, who was one of the lovers of his
first clone release is doing a special remix for the MFR36.
Its summer 2011 and it was time for the first Turbo Release,
featuring some melodic chi-town flavoured tracks
+ remixes of Matt Walsh and Populette.
One month later his second Clone Release showed of.
A smooth groving chicago styled one, with a discoid flavour
in the foreground.

Early 2012, in march , one of this years most upcoming labels,
Hypercolour signed some special tracks, featuring rap
vocals in combination with straight house beats.
In memory of the short hiphouse period.

On top of that, Murphy is already working on his second
track with Mike Dunn, which will come out in summer 2012.
So keep your eyes open, and it will make you to groove.

Oct2010 - Clone Records - 12inch +mp3
It´s the music (feat. Mike Dunn) + Alden Tyrell and Legowelt Remixs

Mai2011 - My Favorite Robot Records - 12 inch + mp3
Masters of Meta Space + Jori Hulkkonen and Dance Disorder Remixes

July 2011 - Turbo Records - 12inch +mp3
We Dance + Freak7 and Populette Remixes

August2011 - Clone Records - 12inch +mp3
Kevin Spacy + 2 Orgue Electronique Remixes

December 2011 - Hypercolor Records - 12inch
Acid Housekeeper 4 Track EP

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