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The Mundanes were an early-1980s Rhode Island-based New Wave band featuring future They Might Be Giants member John Linnell. They released one single called Make it the Same, featuring three songs, "Make it the Same," "Funnier Than Love," and "Empty Boulevards."

The band had six members: John Andrews, Marsha Armitage, Jonathan Gregg, John Linnell, Dean Lozow, and Kevin Tooley. Marsha Armitage was the lead vocalist. The band was initially based in Providence (several of the band members attended Brown University) and played locally in the Boston-Providence area. The band generated tremendous energy and had a devoted following.

In 1981 the band relocated to New York City. Drummer Kevin Tooley was replaced by Peter Clemente, and Jim Gillson replaced John Linnell on keyboards following Linnell's departure to form "They Might Be Giants." The band continued to gig in New England and played frequently in New York City venues, including CBGB. David Hemmings, who had previously managed Pat Travers and Ozzy Osbourne, took on the band's management. They recorded a demo at RCA Studios, produced by Mick Ronson, that attracted record label attention, but the band remained unsigned and ultimately broke up in mid-1983.

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