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ason C. Medeiros (born September 9, 1977) better known as Mr.J.Medeiros (Mr.J) , is an American M.C., producer, feminist, song writer, and social activist. He is responsible for forming the Hip Hop group The Procussions, Thousand Pound Gorilla, the IAmConstance campaign, and the cofounder of I.N.R. (Im No Rotter) spearheaded by himself and brother Seth Medeiros. He has released 3 albums with his group The Procussions; “As Iron Sharpens Iron” and “Up All Night” both on Basementalism Records and “5 Sparrows for 2 Cents” which was Rawkus Records first release on their reemergence in 2006. Mr.J.Medeiros started his solo career in 2007 and released his first album “Of gods and girls” on Rawkus Records/Hydef that year. His new album “Friends Enemies Apples Apples” is set for release in summer of 2009. Mr.J. has performed, been on tour, and shared the stage around the world with a long list of Hip Hop artists including Run-D.M.C., De La Soul, Common, The Roots, Digable Planets, Blackalicious, Mos Def, and was invited by Ali Shaheed Muhammad as one of two acts on the Tribe Called Quest first reunion tour. Mr.J. has written, recorded, and/or produced music with/for such artists as Randy Jackson, Talib Kweli Ahmad Jones, Afrobots, Marty James of One Block Radius, Tera Ellis, Benny Cassette, Joe Beats, 20Syl and French hip hop group Hocus Pocus, Strange Fruit Project, Ohmega Watts, Pigeon John, Illmind of G-Unit, Crown City Rockers, Stro the 89th key and more.
Mr.J.Medeiros social activism includes his service with AmeriCorps NCCC his volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, Good Will, The Special Olympics, and his work with persons with developmental disabilities (Community Outreach). He also ran a campaign against sexual abuse and human trafficking called which partnered with and to raise awareness about such issues. The was prompted by his anti-human trafficking song/video “Constance” released on Mr.J’s album “Of gods and girls” which became popular in the non-profit community landing itself a spot in an expose on CBS Evening News. The video “Constance” is still being used today in aid to groups and organizations concerned with this social issue . Mr.J.Medeiros appeared on Miami Ink in support of "Constance" and his song "American Fado" a true story based on Renee Altsons book "Stumbling Towards Faith" which was recorded with Altson on The Procussions album “5 Sparrows for 2 Cents”) On the show (Miami Ink) Mr.J.Medeiros is seen talking about the songs meaning while getting a tattoo on his back which reads “Forgive Us”. Beyond social activism Mr. J has also gotten involved with the environments needs by volunteering time to build nature trails, working with endangered species, and becoming a Red Carded forest firefighter.

Mr.J.Medeiros' hip hop involvement started in 1995 through winning M.C. battles, B-Boying with the T.S.F. crew, and being the opening D.J. for acts touring through his hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado. However, Mr.J’s rap career started in 1998 when he met up with the members that would become The Procussions, helped form the Radio Show Basementalism 1190 and its record label with the same name. Mr.J.Medeiros credits Run-D.M.C. for having one of the biggest impacts on his career after The Procussions opened up for them making this their first ever live performance. In 2000-2001, Mr.J.Medeiros took a break from the group to serve in the Americorps NCCC program. In 2003, Mr.J.Medeiros relocated himself and the group The Procussions to Los Angeles. That year The Procussions released their first album “As Iron Sharpens Iron” on their label Basementalism and in 2004 released a Japan only E.P. called “Up All Night” which was a collection of the impromptu live Jazz performances they recorded for use in between songs on their first album. The Procussions toured heavily around the world in support of their albums and in 2006 The Procussions signed with Rawkus Records and released their sophomore album “5 Sparrows for 2 Cents”. This album included their single “Miss January” feat. a collaboration with Mr.J.Medeiors and Talib Kweli as well as “Fight Here” feat. a collaboration with Mr.J.Medeiros, Afrobots and Ahmad Jones. The Procussions and Mr.J.Medeiros toured heavily for this release as well and in 2007 The Procussions disbanded and Mr.J.Medeiros went on to form his solo career. Later that year Mr.J.Medeiros released his freshman album “Of gods and girls”on Rawkus Records/Hydef which featured the singles “Constance” and “Keep Pace” two songs in which he wrote and produced.
In 2009 he released EP entitled "The Art of Broken Glass". It was critically acclaimed.

Mr.J.Medeiros was born Jason Christopher Medeiros in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His father is an ex-Marine and a second generation U.S. Citizen who’s family came from the Azores islands of Portugal. His mother is of Scottish descent. His father ran and owned a pizza parlor and his mother works at a the local piano pub as a waitress. Both parents were born in New England and met in Rhode Island. Having all but his Mother, Father, and siblings living on the East Coast Mr.J.Medeiros spent a good portion of his life traveling between Rhode Island and Colorado. It was in New England where he was first introduced to Hip Hop music. His love for the genre/culture came with a boombox his grandmother bought him and a Run-D.M.C. tape his mother had given him. “At age 7… (Mr.J. was) living in West Warwick, Rhode Island dressed in fat laces, pumas and lee’s while learning to windmill (continuous backspin)”. Mr.J.’s first musical performance however was not a Hip Hop one, it happened when he was living in Colorado singing Christmas songs on the local radio at age 10. Mr.J. comes from a musical family, his father playing in rock and roll bands in the late 70’s, his sister in musical theatre, and his younger brother who plays in a band. It was during highschool alongside of being in the choir and on Wasson High School’s improv team that Mr. J started to D.J., M.C., B-Boy, and for a number of years write Graffiti with his crew T.S.F.K. Mr. J has always been immersed in all aspects of the hip hop culture as a fan and as a contributor however it was the years after high-school where he focused on producing music and writing lyrics.

Mr.J.Medeiros has been known to state a wide variety of musical influences when in conversation about his lyrical content. Having a humanitarian view with non-religious Christian “like” under tones and a hint of feminism in a number of songs, Mr. J has stated being influenced by such artists as Laura Veirs (an artist from his home town of Colorado Springs), Tori Amos, Vanessa Carlton, Regina Spektor, Nichole Norderman (another artist from his home town of Colorado Springs), and claims to look up heavily to Bjork and Imogen Heap. Although these influences do not come out musically in his composition you can hear in Mr.J’s lyrics a type of poeticism these artists also possess. There is a type of spiritual message that bares a resemblance to Stevie Wonder, Bono from U2, and Donny Hathaway along with an out for justice energy, power to the people vibe similar to Public Enemy or Rage Against The Machine. Mr.J.Medeiros has both a story telling element and a song writing ability that makes many of his songs versatile and unlike the other, shifting styles from heavy metaphor and complex patterns of poetry to story line narratives.

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