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  • Geboren in

    Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Mor Elian never “discovered” electronic music. Growing up in in Tel Aviv, a city where teenagers can get into nightclubs and electronic music is an intrinsic part of the culture, she simply did what all young people there do: she danced the night away to house, techno, and drum & bass.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2005, Elian took up DJing. Although her initial excursions were more focused on what she describes as “worldy” and “synthy” sounds, the call of the dance- floor eventually proved to be too strong, and she began digging for house, disco, and techno records to complement her new wave and world music selections.

Over the past few years, Elian has become a regular in LA’s burgeoning house and techno un- derground. She hosts a weekly radio program on Dublab, has been featured on Boiler Room, and has shared the stage with a variety of top-line DJs, including Matthew Dear, Jamie xx, Claude Young, Roy Davis Jr., Delroy Edwards, Oneman, Ikonika, and Cosmin TRG.

Of all the artists she’s played with, however, it’s perhaps Trus’me who is the most important, as the veteran Manchester DJ/producer signed Elian to his Prime Numbers imprint. The label just released her debut 12″, 323 to Plaza, which comes backed with a remix from Detroit upstart OB Ignitt.

More releases are on the way, but in the meantime, Elian has begun splitting time between Los Angeles and Berlin, a move that’s sure to sharpen her skills even further.

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