• solipsistic NATION No. 68: Elektrotribe Records

    14. Dez. 2007, 20:43 von solipsisticast


    Back in August I did an all tech house show on solipsistic NATION and most of the music came from elektrotribe records. Elektrotribe’s co-founder, Rom1 and I exchanged a few emails and after many months I’m pleased to have him as a guest on solipsistic NATION.

    Elektrotribe Records is a label and management company based on an international community of music producers, DJs, designers, VJs and video producers. While a lot of Elektrotribe’s releases focus on tech house they’re not limited to that genre. Soulkut, for example, specializes in a kind of abstract hip hop and Dark Machines tends to be more drum and bass oriented.

    Speaking of which, Nikolce Vasilevski of Dark Machines will release his latest album, Motion, on Elektrotribe December 17th. If you loved Prodigy’s THE FAT OF THE LAND then you’re really going to dig Motion!

    01. Dark Machines220
    02. Interview with Rom1 of Elektrotribe Records