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Monokle, a producer from St. Petersburg, Russia has been making music since the mid 00s and has a massive creative output. As he says, he takes his inspiration from silence and Eric Satie is one of his biggest idols. His favorite label is Warp, so it’s no wonder that some of his tracks do have reminiscences with the British label. But instead of quoting the sound of his big idols, he give’s it an individual touch and continues the evolution of that certain kind of sound. His main influences were IDM and Glitch, before he got more in touch with Ambient and Drone. All these different influences can be heard as sound fragments in his tracks. Like in a caleidoskope, these fragments unite, get torn apart and in the end melt together again. Monokle says that “Music with simple rhythms and catchy beats gets me bored pretty quick”. So he got rid of static listening and producing structures, to go his own way when creating music.

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