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“UK rock musician Rob Chapman knows almost as much about reaching an audience online as he does about shredding in the pentatonic scale.” – Forbes

The dedicated community who pushed his YouTube channel to over 280 million views and 730k subscribers affectionaly know him as “Chappers”.

But Rob Chapman is likely to become as recognized as leader of the dusty road blues rock trio Clockwork Wolf & Co. and the trippy Monkey Lord, as he is for his Chapman Guitars, his warm and charismatic instructional videos, and his two decades among the vibrant and passionate players of the worldwide guitar family.

As he’s described himself, he’s the founder and owner of Chapman Guitars; frontman and guitarist for Clockwork Wolf & Co, Dorje, and Monkey Lord; a demonstrator for Andertons Music and Thomann.
A husband and father, Chapman is as keen to talk Eastern philosophy, esoterism, and martial arts as he is studio indulgences like coffee and pizza and of course, guitar playing.

The instrumental Monkey Lord is an ambient soundscape exploration of Chapman’s mild form of synesthesia, or as he puts it, “me trying to sing through my hands.” Monkey Lord envisions a post-apocalyptic future devoid of human beings, where the natural world expands. The music puts the listener square in the middle of a naturalistic landscape.
Monkey Lord is a meditative journey.

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