• Era, E.S. Posthumus and Moby's New Albums!

    1. Apr. 2008, 17:30 von Richardgm

    Oh yes, my #5 most played artist Era (2,934), #8 E.S. Posthumus (1954), and Moby, who now sits at #23 with 802 plays have all released new album recently, and I got a hold of them.

    Firstly, I was ecstatic to learn (via E.S Posthumus' page on last.fm of course) that they released a new album (Cartographer) months ago! So I quickly downloaded, and got listening. First impressions? First CD with that lady singing is very unlike the E.S. I loved. Second CD was more like it, but to date only 4 songs I consider good. They are Oraanu Pi, Mosane Pi, Isunova Pi, and Raptamei Pi.

    Fyi, E.S made it to my #1 spot for the week ending Mar 30, with 136 plays.

    Era's album Reborn is slated for release soon is again another New Age album I think has too much pop influences. Previous Era works (Era and Era 2) were a great mix of dance, and Gregorian vocals, this release is more pop with a smaller dose of the above mentioned. The few favourites are Sinfoni deo, Reborn, Come Into My World, and finally Last Song.