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Miss Lauren Marie hails from Cape Cod, Massachusetts–a place that isn't really known for turning out rockabilly and honky tonk singers. But she's an exception.
She's influenced by Janis Martin, Elvis Presley, Kay Starr, Johnny Burnette, and Patsy Cline. And although she'd been singin' in the shower and around the house for years, she didn't really take it seriously until a couple of years ago when she met Eric Laufer from the Two Timin' Three–a rockabilly trio out of Boston. Once they found out that she could sing they invited her to sing with the band. Miss Lauren Marie started sitting in with the guys on a regular basis and–before long–was booking shows under her own name.
By mid-2005, the Two Timin' Three decided to relocate to the live music capital of the world–Austin, Texas. Miss Lauren Marie figured a change was in order for her as well and made the trip with them.
Inspired by the local Austin scene, Miss Lauren Marie set out to record her debut CD in early 2006. Produced by Billy Horton at Fort Horton Studios,
Introducing Miss Lauren Marie is out on Texas Jamboree Records. The CD features members of the Horton Brothers and the Two Timin' Three.
After the release of her first CD, she started making the rounds–opening up for Big Sandy at the Continental Club and playing with the Horton Brothers at their
Roots Tuesday shows at Ginny's Little Longhorn.
In 2008, she recorded her second release, "I'm No Good Without You", and celebrated its release with a performance at the Viva Las Vegas weekender. In the summer of 2008, she hit the road as a featured singer with the Horton Brothers opening for Mike Ness on his west coast tour.
She also has been playing ukulele and singing with Austin's only Hapa Haole Hawaiian Swing band, Combo Mahalo.
She played with many well-known musicians like:
The Horton Brothers (Bobby Horton, Billy Horton, Dave LeRoy Biller, T Jarrod Bonta, Buck Johnson), Bobby Trimble, Lisa Pankratz, Nick Curran, Patrick Morrow, Shaun Young…
After her trip to Germany in January 2011 and three concerts there she decided it was time for a change and moved to Northern Germany. There she plays with
The Halebops (www.halebops.de) as Miss Lauren Marie & The Halebops.

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