• Great Albums of 2014

    27. Jan. 2015, 11:14 von sabberworm

    I have a new rating system I should explain. It has mostly arisen because I’ve felt the need to have more playing field when it comes to good ratings while I don’t need that many variations of “bad” for songs I don’t like. This leads to the ratings being lower than usual and, more importantly, more clumped together at about three stars. I tried to compensate for this by revealing the true average values instead of rounding to the nearest half-star as I used to do. Maybe next year I’ll find a representation that exposes more granularity without sacrificing presentation.

    Songs without any music are excluded from the average.The top and bottom 10% of songs are excluded from the average.20 (★): Unlistenable40 (★★): Average60 (★★★): Good80 (★★★★): Very good100 (★★★★★): Excellent

    “Weird Al” YankovicMandatory Fun

    Who doesn’t love Weird Al cranking out funny lines and making fun of the pop industry at the same time?

    Rating: 59/100
  • Live Music List

    18. Feb. 2007, 5:15 von juliet_a

    Live shows I've been to, with opening acts (the ones I remember, at any rate) listed in parentheses.

    Backstreet Boys - January 3, 1998
    Toronto, Ontario - SkyDome

    Savage Garden - The Future of Earthly Delites (a.k.a. To the Moon and Back) Tour, August 5, 1998
    Toronto, Ontario - Molson Amphitheatre
    (Billie Myers)

    Shania Twain - Come On Over Tour, March 23, 1999
    Toronto, Ontario - Air Canada Centre

    Monica - September 19, 1999
    Toronto, Ontario - Kingswood Music Theatre
    (McMaster & James) (Distinct Nature) (Temperance)

    Christina Aguilera - September 22, 1999
    (Not a concert; it was a performance and autograph session at a mall, and I got to go because my friend won a contest)
    Toronto, Ontario - Erin Mills Town Centre

    Backstreet Boys - Into the Millennium Tour, March 15, 2000
    Toronto, Ontario - SkyDome
    (Mandy Moore) (EYC)
    Hmm, I don't remember Mandy Moore being there, but apparently she was.

    Savage Garden - Affirmation Tour, August 1, 2000
    Toronto, Ontario - Molson Amphitheatre