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Mintz are Rami and Eden, 2 of the most talented minds from the northern pastoral part of Israel, began during their sound engineering studies in college. In their spare time outside college they used to meet in their studio located in Rami's place and started to create & produce together, and when they realized the vision each of them has adopted through the years of making music, synchronizes with the vision of the other, they decided to take the project one step forward and start publishing and playing their music in parties.

From the beginning of 2014 till this day, the two have put together numerous hours in their studio, in layering and bringing the project to a fresh sound picture that combines trippy and diverse elements from ambient and dub, atmospheric and hypnotising electronica, deep beats of techno and house, and nostalgic touches of the golden era of progressive house that we all remember and love. All of that combined together give birth to the collaborated principle of "Mintz" - a harmonic and breathtaking dance music.

Recently Mintz released their debut album, titled ‘Pulse of our Planet’, made in full length with analogue gear in the intention to bring to the audience a conceptual idea that will drift them off during the listening. ‘Pulse of our Planet’ supported by several major artists like - Dubspeeka, Colin McBean (Mr G), Luigi Madonna, Sam Paganini, Gameboyz, James Teej, Laurent Garnier, Simone Giudici, Martin and Voytek Korab.

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