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Midwest Pen Pals were an American emo band from South Bend, Indiana. The group formed in June 2009, and released one EP titled Inside Jokes EP before breaking up in September of the same year. Garret was 15 throughout the duration of the band, and Nick was 16. They had a few different bassists, rotating based on availability, as Midwest Pen Pals was formed and recorded as a 3 piece (singer, drummer, and guitarist). They played many shows throughout the summer of 2009, some of which were filmed and are available online. They played two reunion shows in 2010 and one final show in 2011, the first show of 2010 in Grand Rapids, MI at the house venue Turtle Den, and the second in South Bend, IN at the house venue Cabana House. The 2011 show was in downtown South Bend, IN at Generic, a now closed thrift store. Members went on to reunite as Merchant Ships.

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