• 'Wub' is the new 'unce'

    28. Nov. 2011, 0:05 von threestarsmash

    And I really despise them both. It's so lazy and just inexcusable anymore. I can't stand that thudding, self-parodic 'unce unce unce' techno beat in fucking everything, mostly radio pop, or, in a genre I actually have interest in, NYC scene chiptune that was likely composed on a Gameboy with LSDJ or something else. 'Unce' is past simply being cliche. It's at least as high a musical crime as writing a song that goes Cmaj Gmaj Fmaj. You son of a bitch! I understand if you're learning to use a tracker, it's an easy framework to lay stuff down, but MY GOD, it is the antithesis of interesting 99.9999% of the time.

    And the dubstep 'wub'? Someone kill me. It was cool the first million times. Now it's reached the point where electronic musicians will plunk down some 3xOSC craziness just for the sake of snaring more vapid flunkies that will make "ohhhh man, filthier than Oedipus, bro!" or "That drop is dirtier than getting a hard-on changing your sister's diaper" the top YouTube comments. …