• Vinyl Collection

    8. Jan. 2010, 9:21 von KrankyJoe

  • Grammy Nominations for 2010: An Americana-ish List

    3. Dez. 2009, 15:34 von jcshepard

    Selected nominations by the Recording Academy. Awards show airs 31 Jan 2010, on CBS.

    It's nice to see the Academy recognize Taylor Swift as a "POP" star--Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Good luck to her where she shines. Willie Nelson's American Classic in Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album? Brad Paisley in Best Rock Instrumental Performance? I don't know about that.

    Nice to see George Strait with a nod for Twang. Dierks Bentley & Patty Griffin for Beautiful World too. T. Bone Burnett get's a nomination for Production on Elvis Costello's Secret, Profane & Sugargane. And Neko Case has a bid for Best Recording Package--a good reason if you did the download thing to go find the real live CD. Look for more specifics below.

    Some interesting Categories:

    Category 40 - Best Country Instrumental Performance
    (For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances, without vocals. Singles or Tracks only.)

    • Under The (Five) Wire
  • JC’s Top Americana Music 2008

    1. Jan. 2009, 1:12 von jcshepard

    JC’s Top Americana Music 2008
    (the not-all-new-music edition)

    Most Top Albums lists concentrate on New Music released that year. I would, too, but I’m not. For one, I discovered a good bit of old music via lost.fm this year’s that’s still new to me. I also finished up my exercise to listen thru all the CDs in my music library. Again, a good deal of my old music is new to my digital ears. There’s also the fact that last.fm got the scrobble-thing to work to track iPod tracks on synch, so that more accurately reflects my listening habits for the year.

    Mostly, tho, is the fact I was broke and was more judicious in my new music purchases this year—part of that 20% decline in CD sales this year. Doing my part for fiscal discipline. Plus now four years gone from my DJ gig, the world goes on and they’re not sending me many comp CDs for me to review. Just saying.

    Top Artists Scrobbled thru Last.fm in 2008
    1. Alison Krauss / Alison Krauss & Union Station – Alison continues to rock my world…
  • Superbia – Pride Goes Before The Fall

    23. Mai. 2008, 0:02 von jcshepard

    Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. /
    Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.
    (Proverbs 16:18-19)

    Free at last, they took your life / They could not take your pride.
    -U2, Pride (in the Name of Love)

    My Sin Is Pride. Pride is the two edged sword of sin, and fit for the final of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    The list of definitions of “pride” in the American Heritage Dictionary at Bartleby.com follows the descent from what we might consider good to evil:
    1. self-respect;
    2. satisfaction taken,
    3. arrogant or disdainful conduct.

    Then there’s the group of lions, but I’m talking (writing, scrobbling) about music here.

    We tell our children to stand tall and proud, be our Pride and Joy; do great deeds, Be #1.

    And we tell our children to be good sports, to sit still and wait their turn. Remember Icarus reaching for the sun.
  • Meme: Soundtrack to your life

    25. Mär. 2008, 14:38 von jcshepard

    While there's no actual, literal commentary to this meme, the context provides insight for me. It's not about the songs, but the transitions...

    Soundtrack to your life survey
    (subject to change according to season and mood)

    Opening Credits:
    Merle Haggard – Big City

    Waking Up Scene:
    Waylon Jennings – Are You Sure Hank Done it this Way?

    Car Driving Scene:
    Jimmie Rodgers – Blue Yodel No. 1 (T for Texas)

    High School Flashback Scene:
    Violent Femmes – Blister in the Sun

    Nostalgic Scene:
    Anything by Hank Williams

    Bitter, Angry Scene:
    Audrey Auld – Alcohol and Pills

    Break-up Scene:
    Robert Johnson – 32/20 Blues
    or Graham Lindsey – Emma Rumble

    Regret Scene:
    Marty Robbins – El Paso
    or Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues

    Nightclub/Bar Scene:
    Carolyn Mark – After Bar Party

    Fight/Action Scene:
    Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley – Wasn’t that a Party

    Lawn Mowing Scene:
    Vince Gill – One More Last Chance

    Sad, breakdown scene: