• MPAA Joins RIAA in “Monstrous” Jammie Thomas Appeal

    7. Jan. 2012, 8:16 von Milkshake8

    In its appeal against the file-sharing Mom Jammie Thomas, the RIAA has asked the court to reinstate a massive fine which U.S. District Judge Michael Davis previously slashed because it was “monstrous and shocking.” The music group argues that awards as high as $1.5 million for sharing 24 songs are appropriate and constitutional. In their appeal, the RIAA is joined by the MPAA who also want to overthrow the standing verdict.


    The battle between the RIAA and the file-sharing mother of four Jammie Thomas has turned into a numbers game.

    It all started in 2007 when a jury hit Thomas with a $222,000 verdict when she was found guilty of sharing 24 Songs using the file-sharing client kazaa. In 2008 Thomas appealed this verdict and a mistrial was declared, with the judge ruling that the fines were “disproportionate to the damages suffered.”

    The case went up for re-trial before a new jury in 2009 where Thomas lost and was ordered to pay $1.92 million in fines. …