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"Sorrow" is one part of the album "Insanity & Sorrow", which is the second remix-album by the artist Maurice-Aurel. The artist dedicates this album to two girls, whose names will not be publicised, but their first names both begin with an "L".
By taking a look at the tracklist you will see the story, which happened not only to the artist, but many other people, too. The album "Sorrow" stands for the sadness and sorrow many people have to deal with in the time after a failed partnership, "Insanity" on the other side shows the anger and confusion the person may feel.

You sing the "Theme of Love" while being in love with your significant other, everything seems well, but the dream will end someday. This happens when you are hurt by your partner, may it be that (s)he does not love you anymore, has another partner or cheats on you. When the truth is revealed you are very sad and will cry in sorrow. By remembering the good old nostalgia your sadness gets even worse. Then you run away, flee into the "underworld" - the scene of drugs, parties, bad influence etc. Maybe you are drunken or have taken other drugs, but for sure you know "this is the loss of me!”. The one and only place where you can rest and order your mind is your sweet home. You take a break, think a lot and are sad. Time passes and, maybe by the help of your family and friends, you finally get a new hope: The day will come where I find my luck and happiness!
Equipped with the new hope you will be passing the sorrow. The final step is to go ahead on your way, which declares that you leave your (beloved) home and your normal lifestyle to find out about yourself. You have to desert everyone and everything that will stand in your way. Once you have reached your goal and have passed the sorrow completely, you will return to the place someday.

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