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Munich based producer Matthias Springer has been producing music since 2003.
His compositions have been released on different labels such as Eintakt Records(Rauhphaser), Pantamuzik, Punkt vor Strich Recordings, Hypnotic Room, Dreiton.net, DarkNet, Energie Records, MFSound, auflegware, Gynoid Audio, Bullet:Dodge, Labyrinth Music, Freitag Ltd, Blaq Records and then some.
He records primarily as Matthias Springer, aka DimbiDub and Plasmic Shape.
, , , , , , experimental and industrial sounds are the main inspirations that appear in most of his music, but also downtempo and lounge tracks using the alias Aksutique are around occasionally.
His music always possesses a quality and signature that make him what he is today, a versatile producer with a unique flavour from raw edged and evolving techno beats to groovy and fluffy dub sounds, deep bass-scapes and high glaced chords, or slow sounds and downtempo atmospheres moving through deep and dark gaps, finally finding yourself in an old and smoky jazzbar.
Beside his own works he runs his label Diametral Records together with his mate Oliver Roos including the well known subs DimbiDeep Music, Cromosom, Wohnzimmermusik and Logism.
Up to the present time Matthias released in total 4 albums, 21 EPs and more than 30 tracks on different compilations!!! RESPECT!!!

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