• The Delightful 65 of the 90's! (Best Albums 1990-1999)

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    1 Radiohead - OK Computer
    Using the textured soundscapes of The Bends as a launching pad, Radiohead delivered another startlingly accomplished set of modern guitar rock with OK Computer. The anthemic guitar heroics present on Pablo Honey and even The Bends are nowhere to be heard here. Radiohead have stripped away many of the obvious elements of guitar rock, creating music that is subtle and textured yet still has the feeling of rock & roll. Even at its most adventurous -- such as the complex, multi-segmented "Paranoid Android" -- the band is tight, melodic, and muscular, and Thom Yorke's voice effortlessly shifts from a sweet falsetto to vicious snarls. It's a thoroughly astonishing demonstration of musical virtuosity and becomes even more impressive with repeated listens, which reveal subtleties like electronica rhythms, eerie keyboards, odd time signatures, and complex syncopations. …
  • Songs that Make Me Hard

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  • Recommended Songs -- new tool discovery! Part II

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    Recommended Songs (sorted by most recommended songs)

    Over Our Heads : Zero 7 (Score = 139.92)
    It Could Be Sweet : Portishead (Score = 120.54)
    Let It Go : Boney James (Score = 111.77)
    Hypnotic : Boney James (Score = 105.25)
    Infinite Regression : Quantic (Score = 97.47)
    The Dream : David Sanborn (Score = 95.34)
    Schmaltz Herring : Shpongle (Score = 94.11)
    The Total Experience : Boney James (Score = 87.8)
    Levitation Nation : Shpongle (Score = 85.95)
    Angels : Wax Poetic (Score = 85.64)
    Frozen Angels : Zoë Keating (Score = 83.41)
    Long Road Ahead : Quantic (Score = 83.27)
    Ramblin' Man : Lemon Jelly (Score = 79.51)
    Part II b : Keith Jarrett (Score = 78.12)
    Let Go : Kosheen (Score = 77.34)
    Sunset Spirals Take 2 : Xploding Plastix (Score = 76.55)
    White : Naomi (Score = 76.26)
    Part II a : Keith Jarrett (Score = 76.01)
    Likufanele : Zero 7 (Score = 72.22)
    Flying Away : Smoke City (Score = 71.43)
  • My Personal Best Albums Ever + Reviews & Highlights (1)

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    Score 7,000 - 5,751

    This is the section of the 'My Personal Best Albums Ever'-journal where I discuss the albums with a score between 7,000 and 5,751. You'll find some information about these albums, including my personal highlights. I'll try to eventually review every album in this list. I hope you will enjoy reading this all, but first I'll give you some links to the other parts of this journal.

    The main article: My Personal Best Albums Ever + Reviews & Highlights
    Score 5,750 - 5,001: My Personal Best Albums Ever + Reviews & Highlights (2)
    Score 5,000 - 4,701: My Personal Best Albums Ever + Reviews & Highlights (3)
    Score 4,700 - 4,401: My Personal Best Albums Ever + Reviews & Highlights (4)
    Score 4,400 - 4,201: My Personal Best Albums Ever + Reviews & Highlights (5)
    Score 4,200 - 4,000: My Personal Best Albums Ever + Reviews & Highlights (6)

    Reviews & Highlights

    Bonobo - One Offs... Remixes & B-Sides (2002)
  • Heat Haze & Last.fm Song Recommender

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    Next time I am in exploration mode, I will be investigating the song recommendations below, which have been produced by the Heat Haze Song Recommendation Tool and The Last.fm Song Recommender generator. Here is the list of song recommendations which have been produced by the Heat Haze Song Recommendation Tool. Heat Haze generates song recommendations based on the tracks I have listened to the most in my last.fm library. [url=http://lastfm.heathaze.org][size=10][b]Recommended Songs (sorted by most recommended songs)[/b][/size][/url] [track artist=I Monster]Daydream in Blue[/track] : [artist]I Monster[/artist] (Score = 3.39) [track artist=Aim]Cold Water Music[/track] : [artist]Aim[/artist] (Score = 3.36) [track artist=Waldeck]Memories[/track] : [artist]Waldeck[/artist] (Score = 3.21) [track artist=Kaiser Chiefs]I Predict A Riot[/track] : [artist]Kaiser Chiefs[/artist] (Score = 3.12) [track artist=Cold War Kids]Hang Me Up To Dry[/track] : [artist]Cold War Kids[/artist] (Score = 3.1) [track artist=Stone Sour]Hell & Consequences[/track] : [artist]Stone Sour[/artist] (Score = 2.97) [track artist=Bent]Swollen[/track] : [artist]Bent[/artist] (Score = 2.89) [track artist=The Fratellis]Chelsea Dagger[/track] : [artist]The Fratellis[/artist] (Score = 2.89) [track artist=Kid Loco]Relaxin' With Cherry[/track] : [artist]Kid Loco[/artist] (Score = 2.87) [track artist=Elsiane]Vaporous[/track] : [artist]Elsiane[/artist] (Score = 2.57) [track artist=Editors]Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors[/track] : [artist]Editors[/artist] (Score = 2.46) [track artist=Wax Tailor]How I Feel[/track] : [artist]Wax Tailor[/artist] (Score = 2.45) [track artist=Hird]Getting Closer[/track] : [artist]Hird[/artist] (Score = 2.4) [track artist=A Perfect Circle]Judith[/track] : [artist]A Perfect Circle[/artist] (Score = 2.39) [track artist=Boards of Canada]Dayvan Cowboy[/track] : [artist]Boards of Canada[/artist] (Score = 2.38) [track artist=Little Dragon]Twice[/track] : [artist]Little Dragon[/artist] (Score = 2.37) [track artist=Wax Poetic]Angels[/track] : [artist]Wax Poetic[/artist] (Score = 2.34) [track artist=Sofa Surfers]Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister remix)[/track] : [artist]Sofa Surfers[/artist] (Score = 2.33) [track artist=Tosca]Suzuki[/track] : [artist]Tosca[/artist] (Score = 2.32) [track artist=Moby]Porcelain[/track] : [artist]Moby[/artist] (Score = 2.3) [track artist=Chevelle]Send the Pain Below[/track] : [artist]Chevelle[/artist] (Score = 2.24) [track artist=Thunderball]Solar[/track] : [artist]Thunderball[/artist] (Score = 2.24) [track artist=Mandalay]Beautiful[/track] : [artist]Mandalay[/artist] (Score = 2.23) [track artist=Dead by Sunrise]Crawl Back In[/track] : [artist]Dead by Sunrise[/artist] (Score = 2.19) [track artist=Audioslave]Show Me How to Live[/track] : [artist]Audioslave[/artist] (Score = 2.13) [track artist=Alphawezen]Speed of Light[/track] : [artist]Alphawezen[/artist] (Score = 2.1) [track artist=The Fratellis]Flathead[/track] : [artist]The Fratellis[/artist] (Score = 2.08) [track artist=Finger Eleven]Paralyzer[/track] : [artist]Finger Eleven[/artist] (Score = 2.06) [track artist=Ambulance LTD]Heavy Lifting[/track] : [artist]Ambulance LTD[/artist] (Score = 2.06) [track artist=The Smashing Pumpkins]Bullet With Butterfly Wings[/track] : [artist]The Smashing Pumpkins[/artist] (Score = 2.06) [track artist=The Cinematic Orchestra]Channel 1 Suite[/track] : [artist]The Cinematic Orchestra[/artist] (Score = 2.06) [track artist=Editors]Munich[/track] : [artist]Editors[/artist] (Score = 2.04) [track artist=Blockhead]Insomniac Olympics[/track] : [artist]Blockhead[/artist] (Score = 2.02) [track artist=Nitin Sawhney]Sunset[/track] : [artist]Nitin Sawhney[/artist] (Score = 2.02) [track artist=Elbow]Grounds For Divorce[/track] : [artist]Elbow[/artist] (Score = 2.01) [track artist=Eels]Novocaine For The Soul[/track] : [artist]Eels[/artist] (Score = 2) [track artist=Koop]Koop Island Blues[/track] : [artist]Koop[/artist] (Score = 2) [track artist=Blue States]Your Girl[/track] : [artist]Blue States[/artist] (Score = 1.99) [track artist=Boards of Canada]Roygbiv[/track] : [artist]Boards of Canada[/artist] (Score = 1.96) [track artist=DJ Shadow]Midnight In A Perfect World[/track] : [artist]DJ Shadow[/artist] (Score = 1.96) [track artist=Kaiser Chiefs]Ruby[/track] : [artist]Kaiser Chiefs[/artist] (Score = 1.95) [track artist=Massive Attack]Black Milk[/track] : [artist]Massive Attack[/artist] (Score = 1.95) [track artist=Travis]Sing[/track] : [artist]Travis[/artist] (Score = 1.95) [track artist=Unwritten Law]How You Feel[/track] : [artist]Unwritten Law[/artist] (Score = 1.94) [url=http://songrecommender.co.cc/][size=10][b]Last.Fm Song Recommendations Based On Loved Tracks[/b][/size][/url] Below is a list of songs recommendations produced by the Last.FM Recommender Tool. The Last.fm Recommender Tool generates song recommendations based on songs in my lasft.fm library I have "loved". My Generation The Who 11.55166 My Sweet Lord George Harrison 10.03085 Sunshine Of Your Love Cream 9.899009 Light My Fire The Doors 8.745591 You Really Got Me The Kinks 8.117195 Like A Rolling Stone Bob Dylan 6.834482 Maybe I'm Amazed Paul McCartney 6.730191 Doctor Robert The Beatles 6.05659 Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin 5.411385 What Is Life George Harrison 5.410717 Lola The Kinks 4.696004 Mrs. Robinson Simon & Garfunkel 4.423134 God Only Knows The Beach Boys 4.366268 Paranoid Android Radiohead 4.182698 Brown Sugar The Rolling Stones 4.153531 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction The Rolling Stones 4.134568 Dazed and Confused Led Zeppelin 4.111725 People Are Strange The Doors 4.061943 I Can't Explain The Who 3.97585 Come Running Van Morrison 3.952622 Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf 3.914886 Can't Buy Me Love The Beatles 3.91378 Wouldn't It Be Nice The Beach Boys 3.886086 Paint It Black The Rolling Stones 3.832229 Behind Blue Eyes The Who 3.720166 Parklife Blur 3.486648 White Room Cream 3.476297 Good Vibrations The Beach Boys 3.355815 Radio Song Jet 3.284521 Lucky Man The Verve 3.240776 Won't Get Fooled Again The Who 3.234709 Band on the Run Paul McCartney & Wings 3.164155 Seven Nation Army The White Stripes 3.120265 Pinball Wizard The Who 3.098425 Gotta Get Away The Offspring 3.069295 Money Pink Floyd 3.039229 Fat Lip Sum 41 3.004143 Hoodoo Muse 2.988952 Inertia The Exies 2.96143 All The Small Things blink-182 2.953218 Rudy Supertramp 2.950903 Cast No Shadow Oasis 2.946473 Rocket Balloon The Exies 2.927266 My Opinion The Exies 2.923297 Aqualung Jethro Tull 2.915815 Maxwell's Silver Hammer The Beatles 2.869682 Somebody To Love Jefferson Airplane 2.840383 Dakota Stereophonics 2.83471 Factory The Vines 2.788752 Highway Star Deep Purple 2.78441 Married With Children Noel Gallagher 2.672029 Sing Travis 2.656079 Everybody Wants To Rule The World Tears for Fears 2.637552 Fire Jimi Hendrix 2.618053 Club Foot Kasabian 2.61528 White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane 2.608871 Destiny Zero 7 2.499611 Sonnet The Verve 2.411071 Pasture Of Muppets Fenix TX 2.38464 Who'll Stop The Rain Creedence Clearwater Revival 2.372644 House Of The Rising Sun The Animals 2.368922 Bad Moon Rising Creedence Clearwater Revival 2.347716 It Don't Come Easy Ringo Starr 2.308233 Want You Bad The Offspring 2.295584 Photograph Ringo Starr 2.286569 Are You Gonna Be My Girl Jet 2.272878 Citizen Erased Muse 2.223486 Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand 2.217107 She Bangs the Drums The Stone Roses 2.212905 The Killing Moon Echo & The Bunnymen 2.2051 Gimme Shelter The Rolling Stones 2.181525 Shout Tears for Fears 2.177473 Highly Evolved The Vines 2.159632 Red Flag Billy Talent 2.149557 Talisman Air 2.147108 All Day And All Of The Night The Kinks 2.146405 Shadowtricks Bonobo 2.14056 Jet Paul McCartney 2.116776 Scar Tissue Red Hot Chili Peppers 2.111937 In Bloom Nirvana 2.09269 What's My Age Again? blink-182 2.087931 Red Dust Zero 7 2.072621 The Anthem Good Charlotte 2.061934 Any Road George Harrison 2.038575 Common People Pulp 2.025536 Hungry Like The Wolf Duran Duran 2.021427 Too Many Times Mental as Anything 2.016221 Behind That Locked Door George Harrison 2.015614 Evil Town The Vines 2 Sisters Of Mercy Leonard Cohen 2 Ruled By Secrecy Muse 2 Touch and Go The Cars 2 John Tomes Tosca 2 Kings Steely Dan 2 La Goutte D'Or St. Germain 2 Heavy Lifting Ambulance LTD 2 Wait The Beatles 2 Invincible Muse 2 From Now On Supertramp 2 Any Colour You Like Pink Floyd 1.997114 Little Red Corvette Prince 1.994591 Racecars Allister 1.994556 Caravan Van Morrison 1.993981 On the Run Pink Floyd 1.988401 Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin 1.987578 Latin Note St. Germain 1.987432 Fillip Muse 1.986437 The Unknown Soldier The Doors 1.98483 Paperback Writer The Beatles 1.978783 Nowhere Man The Beatles 1.9744 Little Child The Beatles 1.974158 Shakermaker Oasis 1.97186 Cheeky Mr. Scruff 1.971625 I Need You The Beatles 1.966064 3 Legs Paul McCartney 1.961605 Fade In-Out Oasis 1.956705 Turn It On Franz Ferdinand 1.955613 Until the End of the World U2 1.953223 Don't Look Back In Anger Oasis 1.950487 Brand New Day Van Morrison 1.94743 Your God Stone Sour 1.94474 Cars Hiss by My Window The Doors 1.943483 Shiver Maroon 5 1.940333 Whatever's Left Snow Patrol 1.936241 All Things Must Pass George Harrison 1.934382 Vlad The Impaler Kasabian 1.933109 No Matter What Badfinger 1.930406 Boys The Beatles 1.929161 Taste It INXS 1.924976 Longview Green Day 1.921942 Riders on the Storm The Doors 1.921461 Bring It on Down Oasis 1.919938 Crawling King Snake The Doors 1.91988 Beetlebum Blur 1.919148 A Pillow of Winds Pink Floyd 1.913028 Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles 1.911803 Manhattan Kings of Leon 1.91102 Everyday Is A Winding Road Sheryl Crow 1.909166 Out of the Blue Ash 1.901814 Blame It On Me Unwritten Law 1.896946 On an Island David Gilmour 1.879226 The Bends Radiohead 1.879139 Have A Nice Day Stereophonics 1.876231 Penny Lane The Beatles 1.866578 One Thing Leads To Another The Fixx 1.855164 She Drives Me Crazy Fine Young Cannibals 1.811594 Hey Joe The Jimi Hendrix Experience 1.805761 Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds The Beatles 1.795028 Child In Time Deep Purple 1.781311 Cocaine Eric Clapton 1.774424 Rose Darling Steely Dan 1.771797 Sunday Morning The Velvet Underground 1.767211 Waltz of The Flowers Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 1.749542 Get Back The Beatles 1.728014 Reptilia The Strokes 1.719441 Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd 1.713444 Down On The Corner Creedence Clearwater Revival 1.712344 Don't You (Forget About Me) Simple Minds 1.708808 Drive The Cars 1.701257 Ramble On Led Zeppelin 1.693706 How's It Going to Be Third Eye Blind 1.690586 In A Big Country Big Country 1.690505 Basket Case Green Day 1.674376 She Blinded Me With Science Thomas Dolby 1.663164 Don't Stop Fleetwood Mac 1.643867 Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) The Offspring 1.631961 Let Me Roll It Paul McCartney 1.63042 Missionary Man Eurythmics 1.628823 Call Me Blondie 1.628551 Angie The Rolling Stones 1.628366 I Talk to the Wind King Crimson 1.614864 Alive And Kicking Simple Minds 1.61421 Jet Paul McCartney & Wings 1.612466 One After 909 The Beatles 1.609125 The Sea Morcheeba 1.606969 Ruby Kaiser Chiefs 1.599885 Whip It Devo 1.595616 Anna Molly Incubus 1.592197 Iron Man Black Sabbath 1.590265 Dance Of The Mirlitons Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 1.581979 The Nightfly Donald Fagen 1.578538 Midnight Rambler (Live) The Rolling Stones 1.568722 Summertime Janis Joplin 1.557773 Hand In My Pocket Alanis Morissette 1.547963 Country House Blur 1.537402 Rock You Like A Hurricane Scorpions 1.533755 Disco 2000 Pulp 1.53257 Alive Pearl Jam 1.532082 Pardon Me Incubus 1.531344 Fallen Leaves Billy Talent 1.527333 Interstate Love Song Stone Temple Pilots 1.521053 Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen 1.50369 Arrival of the Queen of Sheba Georg Friedrich Händel 1.490563 All Right Now Free 1.484943 Neon Tiger The Killers 1.482703 Hunger Strike Temple of the Dog 1.473284 Let It Be The Beatles 1.472583 Black Dog Led Zeppelin 1.472143 Inside Out Eve 6 1.472013 We Can Work It Out Paul McCartney 1.46008 Down Under Men at Work 1.458835 China Grove The Doobie Brothers 1.454017 Black Hole Sun Soundgarden 1.449602 Mother Mary Foxboro Hot Tubs 1.445422 Brianstorm Arctic Monkeys 1.429276 Wild Horses The Rolling Stones 1.41504 Good Times Bad Times Led Zeppelin 1.410797 I Feel For You Chaka Khan 1.409776 Hotel California Eagles 1.407801 Hold On John Lennon 1.406053 Blowin' In The Wind Bob Dylan 1.405543 Do You Want To Franz Ferdinand 1.400517 War Pigs Black Sabbath 1.391338 Juicebox The Strokes 1.387154 Walk Like An Egyptian The Bangles 1.383186 Ocean Avenue Yellowcard 1.376657 Minuet Luigi Boccherini 1.375934 Just Like a Woman Bob Dylan 1.375807 Roadhouse Blues The Doors 1.375704 At The River Groove Armada 1.363305 Indra Thievery Corporation 1.361706 All Those Years Ago George Harrison 1.360711 Running on Empty Jackson Browne 1.349396 Eclipse Pink Floyd 1.338714 Roundabout Yes 1.326205 I Melt With You Modern English 1.320792 The Weight The Band 1.318797 American Woman The Guess Who 1.315982 Something So Strong Crowded House 1.315618 Ave Maria Franz Schubert 1.314407 Mr. Jones Counting Crows 1.312611 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night John Lennon 1.311404 25 Or 6 To 4 Chicago 1.298573 Evil Woman Electric Light Orchestra 1.297157 Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) The Hollies 1.287223 Life In Technicolor II Coldplay 1.286078 Head Over Heels Tears for Fears 1.284565 I Will Buy You A New Life Everclear 1.283803 Green Flower Street Donald Fagen 1.281274 Waterfall The Stone Roses 1.276764 Stellar Incubus 1.271442 Layla Eric Clapton 1.268954 Heart of Gold Neil Young 1.266698 She's Nineteen Years Old Buddy Guy 1.266427 Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel 1.265909 Für Elise Ludwig van Beethoven 1.265327 Kyrie Mr. Mister 1.260277 Great Southern Land Icehouse 1.257734 Welcome to the Machine Pink Floyd 1.254147 The Hell Song Sum 41 1.245059 Chocolate Snow Patrol 1.244997 The Bitter End Placebo 1.241464 Spirit In The Sky Norman Greenbaum 1.240841 Supermodel Robots The Network 1.238398 Sultans Of Swing Dire Straits 1.237607 When Your Heart Stops Beating +44 1.237036 I'd Have You Anytime George Harrison 1.234477 Obsession Animotion 1.234387 Julien Placebo 1.234242 Pennyroyal Tea Nirvana 1.229163 School's Out Alice Cooper 1.220575 I Will The Beatles 1.218624 The Good Left Undone Rise Against 1.218011 More Than A Feeling Boston 1.212497 Tom Sawyer Rush 1.21097 Something About You Level 42 1.208102 Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve 1.203786 Bohemian Rhapsody Queen 1.201439 Spike The Network 1.200396 River of Deceit Mad Season 1.19425 For What It's Worth Buffalo Springfield 1.189856 No Excuses Alice in Chains 1.185367 Hey You Pink Floyd 1.183312 Alright Supergrass 1.182279 It's So Hard John Lennon 1.181324 New Born Muse 1.176099 Stuck In The Middle With You Stealers Wheel 1.17448 My Friend Groove Armada 1.174154 Sister Golden Hair America 1.17093 La Grange ZZ Top 1.166853 Let Me Roll It Paul McCartney & Wings 1.166545 Moonlight Sonata Ludwig van Beethoven 1.164871 Dumb Nirvana 1.163314 Les Nuits Nightmares on Wax 1.152026 Hey Jealousy Gin Blossoms 1.146964 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Elton John 1.146725 Bliss Muse 1.145726 Hold Me Now Thompson Twins 1.144186 Dance Hall Days Wang Chung 1.140021 Plush Stone Temple Pilots 1.138647 Always Something There To Remind Me Naked Eyes 1.13846 Even Flow Pearl Jam 1.135768 Give It Away Red Hot Chili Peppers 1.133385 Stay Oingo Boingo 1.132303 There She Goes The La's 1.13138 Maggie May Rod Stewart 1.128777 Spin Spin Sugar Sneaker Pimps 1.128438 Symphony 99 In Eb/Vivace Franz Joseph Haydn 1.125481 Paradise City Guns N' Roses 1.124946 Milestones Bill Evans Trio 1.123879 She Loves You The Beatles 1.118972 Cumbersome Seven Mary Three 1.115887 Let's Spend The Night Together The Rolling Stones 1.115823 Harvest Neil Young 1.115136 Darts of Pleasure Franz Ferdinand 1.115118 Still Waiting Sum 41 1.111466 The Joker Steve Miller Band 1.110963 Say You Love Me Fleetwood Mac 1.1106 Strangers Portishead 1.10744 Blue Minor Sonny Clark 1.106639 Crazy On You Heart 1.10646 The Kill 30 Seconds to Mars 1.104081 Megalomania Muse 1.098817 Change Down Bonobo 1.095849 Micro Cuts Muse 1.093951 Mickey Toni Basil 1.092023 Roll Over Beethoven The Beatles 1.091478 Hate To Say I Told You So The Hives 1.091423 Give It All Rise Against 1.09109 Street Fighting Man The Rolling Stones 1.089453 A Good Heart Feargal Sharkey 1.088275 Man In The Box Alice in Chains 1.086274 Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison 1.083866 We Can Work It Out The Beatles 1.083214 Icky Thump The White Stripes 1.079911 Good Better Than Ezra 1.073042 Crippled Inside John Lennon 1.072283 Get What You Need Jet 1.071768 Motivation Sum 41 1.071125 Adagio in G minor Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni 1.068979 The Wind Cries Mary Jimi Hendrix 1.068731 My Friends Over You New Found Glory 1.067329 Dogs Pink Floyd 1.067198 Proud Mary Creedence Clearwater Revival 1.065801 Mean Mr. Mustard The Beatles 1.060049 Borrowed Time John Lennon 1.049946 Too Shy Kajagoogoo 1.048079 Hungarian Dance No. 5 Johannes Brahms 1.047579 Losing My Religion R.E.M. 1.047169 Cry Baby Janis Joplin 1.046852 Cadillac Mest 1.039816 Just Another Nervous Wreck Supertramp 1.035391 Bittersweet Fuel 1.032479 No Questions Asked Fleetwood Mac 1.028688 Baby's in Black The Beatles 1.025898 Trains Porcupine Tree 1.018981 Talk Tonight Noel Gallagher 1.017637 Listen To The Music The Doobie Brothers 1.012847 Planet Earth Eskimo Joe 1.005562 Fell in Love With a Girl The White Stripes 1.00014 We Built This City Starship 1.000112 Good Life 2Pac 1 Low Rise Car Stereo Wars 1 The Window Leonard Cohen 1 Got the Life KoЯn 1 Ways & Means Snow Patrol 1 1st Person Stone Sour 1 Love List Eskimo Joe 1 Shelf In The Room Days of the New 1 Adagio Sostenuto Ludwig van Beethoven 1 House Of Fire Alice Cooper 1 Straight Girl Of The Universe The Exies 1 Blue Turk Alice Cooper 1 Summerland Everclear 1 All I Want The Offspring 1 Go Pearl Jam 1 Escape Artists Never Die Funeral For A Friend 1 This Red Book Pinback 1 My Friends Red Hot Chili Peppers 1 Rockin' Down the Highway The Doobie Brothers 1 Papercut Linkin Park 1 There Goes The Neighborhood Sheryl Crow 1 Double Click На Одной Волне 1 Resistance Muse 1 Way Down Now World Party 1 BERSERKER TUNE ストレイテナー 1 Spanish Caravan The Doors 1 Troublesome 96' 2Pac 1 Digsy's Dinner Oasis 1 Sweet Hitch-Hiker Creedence Clearwater Revival 1 Kaini Industries Boards of Canada 1 Candy Cameo 1 Two Against Nature Steely Dan 1 Acquiesce Oasis 1 Suck My Kiss Red Hot Chili Peppers 1 Blue Jay Way The Beatles 1 Aja Steely Dan 1 Minimum Wage Fenix TX 1 Prog Pinback 1 Hey Nineteen Steely Dan 1 Californication Red Hot Chili Peppers 1 Becoming X Sneaker Pimps 1 Three to Get Ready The Dave Brubeck Quartet 1 Hello Oasis 1 Warm Valley Paul Desmond 1 Losing A Whole Year Third Eye Blind 1 Beyond the Surface Kutless 1 Remember When (Side A) The Black Keys 1 Democracy Leonard Cohen 1 Chemistry UNKLE 1 Capricorn Dancer Richard Clapton 1 Rousseau Pinback 1 Stories Of The Street Leonard Cohen 1 I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) Oscar Peterson Trio 1 Take It or Leave It Jet 1 Changes 2Pac 1 Miss Ida B Buddy Guy 1 Allegro Assai Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1 Bad Sneakers Steely Dan 1 Stereo 99 Blue States 1 I Don't Believe Anyone Ambulance LTD 1 Carey Joni Mitchell 1 Getting Better The Beatles 1 Think for Yourself The Beatles 1 Yesterday Went Too Soon Feeder 1 Evil Eye Ash 1 All You Need Is Love The Beatles 1 Yellow Submarine The Beatles 1 Jeffrey Goes to Leicester Square Jethro Tull 1 No Pride Green Day 1 Waiting Green Day 1 Baby Lee John Lee Hooker 1 Far And Gone Day of Fire 1 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes Paul Desmond 1 Channel Z The B-52's 1 Don't Cry Baby Etta James 1 Overdue Muse 1 Vanishing A Perfect Circle 1 Deep Dark Dungeon J.J. Cale 1 Full Force Gale Van Morrison 1 Tell All Your Friends Feeder 1 Allegro Moderato Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1 The Bookhouse Boys Angelo Badalamenti 1 Rock The Casbah The Clash 1 Little By Little Oasis 1 Spy In The House Of Love Was (Not Was) 1 Supersonic Oasis 1 Allemande Johann Sebastian Bach 1 Rape Me Nirvana 1 I See Red Split Enz 1 Midnight to Midnight Chevelle 1 I'm Destroying the World Guttermouth 1 Sunburn Muse 1 Fashion Victim Green Day 1 Fossils Camille Saint-Saëns 1 Maybe I'm a Leo Deep Purple 1 Family System Chevelle 1 Don't Sell It The Cruel Sea 1 Leave It Behind The Offspring 1 Finale Camille Saint-Saëns 1 Into the Great Wide Open Tom Petty 1 Letterbomb Green Day 1 Suffocate Feeder 1 Don't Let Go Wang Chung 1 Another Girl The Beatles 1 Tell Me Why The Beatles 1 It Won't Be Long The Beatles 1 No Reply The Beatles 1 I'll Cry Instead The Beatles 1 Time Day of Fire 1 Big Head The Exies 1 I Walk Alone Oleander 1 I Hope, I Think, I Know Oasis 1 Oh, Lonesome Me Neil Young 1 Misery The Beatles 1 6th Avenue Heartache The Wallflowers 1 Lurgee Radiohead 1 Raspberry Beret Prince 1 Grind Alice in Chains 1 From Me To You The Beatles 1 Sun King The Beatles 1 Ask Me Why The Beatles 1 Little Lies Fleetwood Mac 1 Numbskull Ash 1 Travelin' Band Creedence Clearwater Revival 1 I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light Brand New 1 Power to the People John Lennon 1 Commotion Creedence Clearwater Revival 1 #9 Dream John Lennon 1 The Handshake Bad Religion 1 This is Only a Test Pennywise 1 Mother Nature's Son The Beatles 1 My Own Way Pennywise 1 Magic Carpet Ride Bedlam 1 Twilight Zone Golden Earring 1 Naschkatze Tosca 1 Brass in Pocket The Pretenders 1 She Says Unwritten Law 1 Static Aparition Govinda 1 Maori Blues The Dave Brubeck Quartet 1 Set Me Free Pennywise 1 Remember John Lennon 1 Waiting The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 1 On a Wave Ash 1 Don't Pass Me By The Beatles 1 Black Bush 16 Horsepower 1 You Don't Care About Us Placebo 1 She Came In Trough The Bathroo The Beatles 1 Something The Beatles 1 Polythene Pam The Beatles 1 Savoy Truffle The Beatles 1 Forget It Rodriguez 1 Everyday Formula Regurgitator 1 Goodbye 28 Days 1 This Is Love George Harrison 1 Y.O.K. Çilekeş 1 Till the Heart Caves In k.d. lang 1 Listen To What The Man Said Paul McCartney 1 Can We Still Be Friends Todd Rundgren 1 Little Something Mojada 1 Get Off The Dandy Warhols 1 Jolly Green Dumbass Fenix TX 1 Isn't She Lovely Stevie Wonder 1 Free Me Foo Fighters 1 Oh, George Foo Fighters 1 Hell Foo Fighters 1 Higher Ground Stevie Wonder 1 Sir Duke Stevie Wonder 1 Speak to Me Pink Floyd 1 Moonlight Drive The Doors 1 There Must Be A Better World Somewhere B.B. King 1 If I Found Out Athlete 1 Excentrifugal Forz Frank Zappa 1 Gymnopedie No.1 Erik Satie 1 Do It The Doors 1 At The Mercy Paul McCartney 1 Day Dreamer Donavon Frankenreiter 1 Alabama Song The Doors 1 Blackout Muse 1 The Last Time The Rolling Stones 1 17 Kings of Leon 1 Good Luck Charm Elvis Presley 1 Hiding Out thenewno2 1 Comfort In Sound Feeder 1 Birthday The Beatles 1 Devil Mood Smoke City 1 All Together Now The Beatles 1 Perfect World Talking Heads 1 Gommorah (A Nursery Rhyme) Rodriguez 1 Sing For Absolution Muse 1 Still The Same Bob Seger 1 Don't Go Away Oasis 1 As Long as You Follow Fleetwood Mac 1 Years Ago Alice Cooper 1 The Game End of Fashion 1 Bubble Gum Years Gomez 1 You Learn Alanis Morissette 1 My Best Friend's Girl The Cars 1 How You Feel Unwritten Law 1 Pure Massacre Silverchair 1 Moving Forward Bitter:Sweet 1 I Need You America 1 Bodhisattva Steely Dan 1 Fascination Street The Cure 1 Scar American Hi-Fi 1 I Have Seen Zero 7 1 Gimme Stitches Foo Fighters 1 Blues At Sunrise Albert King 1 Dog Bone Curve 1 Pisces Fish George Harrison 1 Subterranean Homesick Blues Bob Dylan 1 Silicone Mono 1 Anthem Part Two (Live In Chicago) blink-182 1 Alone Together Miles Davis 1 Josie blink-182 1 Boys In Town Divinyls 1 Hunter Dido 1 Bad Habit The Offspring 1 The Crunge Led Zeppelin 1 Man We Was Lonely Paul McCartney 1 The Walk The Cure 1 The Song We Were Singing Paul McCartney 1 Blood Money The Church 1 Run So Far George Harrison 1 Blind Talking Heads 1 Isn't It a Pity (version two) George Harrison 1 Damn Regret The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 0.999864 The Awakening Alice Cooper 0.999134 Wild Child The Doors 0.998984 Falling Down Muse 0.998733 Hell & Consequences Stone Sour 0.998577 Killboy Powerhead The Offspring 0.998478 Church on Sunday Green Day 0.998155 Lies The Black Keys 0.997991 I Smell Trouble Buddy Guy 0.997945 Teachers Leonard Cohen 0.997747 You Make It Easy Air 0.997655 Adagio For Strings Samuel Barber 0.997352 Show Biz Kids Steely Dan 0.997078 I Like To Live The Love B.B. King 0.996949 Mean To Me Paul Desmond 0.996388 Charles Matthew Hallelujah The Dave Brubeck Quartet 0.996138 Horror Movie Skyhooks 0.996133 She's Leaving Home The Beatles 0.995968 Not Fade Away The Rolling Stones 0.9955046 Love Has Been Gone J.J. Cale 0.994599 Don't Dream It's Over Crowded House 0.994488 Face Of The Earth Days of the New 0.993816 Zoo Station U2 0.993783 Yoga Means Union Ambulance LTD 0.993715 Bocuma Boards of Canada 0.993229 Let's Go To Bed The Cure 0.992078 I Can't Radiohead 0.991894 Floaty Foo Fighters 0.99184 Sunshinin The Vines 0.991753 Irreversible The Exies 0.991658 Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd 0.991381 Stand By Me John Lennon 0.991173 Dreams Fleetwood Mac 0.9910634 Spoonman Soundgarden 0.991025 Curacao Doloroso Paul Desmond 0.99101 (Just Like) Starting Over John Lennon 0.990294 Love Her Madly The Doors 0.99029 Father O'blivion Frank Zappa 0.989862 Anthem Leonard Cohen 0.989392 Yer Blues The Beatles 0.989218 Long Haired Lady Paul McCartney 0.989131 Ruthie Lingle 16 Horsepower 0.988142 Temperamental Divinyls 0.988095 Butterfly Donavon Frankenreiter 0.987342 Don't Pick It Up The Offspring 0.987324 Map of the Problematique Muse 0.987241 Super Freak Rick James 0.9866951 Hurley Pinback 0.985553 One Voice Pennywise 0.985393 Listen Like Thieves INXS 0.985313 Incomplete Bad Religion 0.985258 Simple Things Zero 7 0.985159 Superrob Tosca 0.984911 Night Life in Twin Peaks Angelo Badalamenti 0.984853 Are We the Waiting Green Day 0.984616 Give You Love thenewno2 0.984277 Let's Dance David Bowie 0.9841236 As The Years Go Passing By Albert King 0.983638 Panic Song Green Day 0.983455 This Flight Tonight Joni Mitchell 0.98339 Sender Pinback 0.983185 Looking for My Life George Harrison 0.982873 Devil in Her Heart The Beatles 0.982564 Highway to Hell AC/DC 0.982426 The Song Remains the Same Led Zeppelin 0.98236 Sugar Pill Ambulance LTD 0.981741 Better Late Than Forever Allister 0.981364 I'm Happy Just to Dance With You The Beatles 0.979818 Chains The Beatles 0.979674 Moments Musicaux, D780 N 3 en Fa Mineur Franz Schubert 0.979387 Flying The Beatles 0.979162 Falling Away With You Muse 0.978808 It's Now Or Never Elvis Presley 0.978715 Focus On Sight Thievery Corporation 0.978664 Only A Fool Would Say That Steely Dan 0.977462 Mother (single edit) John Lennon 0.97746 Cigarettes & Alcohol Oasis 0.977182 Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine The Killers 0.9765469 No Cigar Millencolin 0.9763097 Your Sickness Pinback 0.976138 Hearts Of The Innocent Kutless 0.975947 Apocalypse Please Muse 0.975862 1985 Bowling for Soup 0.975736 Cut Me Free The Exies 0.975695 The Word The Beatles 0.974845 Reptile The Church 0.974693 Escape Muse 0.974273 Stop The Wedding Etta James 0.973736 Endlessly Muse 0.97257 Back to the Family Jethro Tull 0.972466 Relax Frankie Goes to Hollywood 0.972192 Out of Town Zero 7 0.972099 Senses Working Overtime XTC 0.971836 It's My Life Talk Talk 0.97151 Good Morning Good Morning The Beatles 0.97111 Harvest Moon Bedlam 0.970761 You're All I've Got Tonight The Cars 0.969979 Cleaning Windows Van Morrison 0.969899 Ballad Of A Dead Soulja 2Pac 0.969816 Israel's Son Silverchair 0.969448 No One Is to Blame Howard Jones 0.9694279 Mainstreet Bob Seger 0.968317 Let 'Em In Paul McCartney 0.967987 Hold Me Tight The Beatles 0.966976 Some Other Time Bill Evans Trio 0.966808 Sugar Rhyme Bonobo 0.965886 Humanoid Chevelle 0.965594 Lovesong The Cure 0.965197 Wayward Bob Bonobo 0.965047 TRAVELING GARGOYLE ストレイテナー 0.964167 Points of Authority Linkin Park 0.96368 Change My Mind Pennywise 0.963186 Deadbeat Club The B-52's 0.962584 Tourist Athlete 0.962542 1969 The Vines 0.961552 It's All Too Much The Beatles 0.961483 Honey Pie The Beatles 0.960827 A Stranger A Perfect Circle 0.960616 The Fantasy 30 Seconds to Mars 0.9605671 Run Like Hell Pink Floyd 0.959981 C Jam Blues Oscar Peterson Trio 0.959434 Song for Jasmine 28 Days 0.958993 Pictures of Home Deep Purple 0.958991 Thanks A Lot Third Eye Blind 0.957528 Kathy's Waltz The Dave Brubeck Quartet 0.956886 Here With Me Dido 0.95686 I Didn't Mean to be Mean Mental as Anything 0.956077 The Last Song Foo Fighters 0.955976 Spark In The Dark Alice Cooper 0.955898 Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone Gomez 0.953703 Blue Day American Hi-Fi 0.953008 Bug Feeder 0.952794 Courante Johann Sebastian Bach 0.952782 Two of Us The Beatles 0.951823 Give Me Back My Name Talking Heads 0.951529 Remember Air 0.951476 Casual Conversations Supertramp 0.951292 When I Get Home The Beatles 0.951073 Mysterons Portishead 0.950942 My God Jethro Tull 0.950859 Tangled Maroon 5 0.949967 Allegro Vivace Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 0.949636 Everyone's Gone To The Movies Steely Dan 0.948818 Lodi Creedence Clearwater Revival 0.947412 Dig a Pony The Beatles 0.946991 Stuck Inside a Cloud George Harrison 0.946657 Red Is the New Black Funeral For A Friend 0.945853 Surf Song Fenix TX 0.945567 December Collective Soul 0.9455611 Price You Pay UNKLE 0.945561 Junk Paul McCartney 0.945022 Live-In Skin Foo Fighters 0.944516 Cool Scene The Dandy Warhols 0.944378 Symphony 103 In Eb 'drum Roll'/Andante Piu Tosto Allegretto Franz Joseph Haydn 0.943677 The Deepest Blues Are Black Foo Fighters 0.942965 Run for Your Life The Beatles 0.94246 The Outsider Mono 0.941115 Inner City Blues Rodriguez 0.940177 Joy To The World Three Dog Night 0.940147 Beautiful Ones Suede 0.9400809 Visions Stevie Wonder 0.939646 Overdue Bitter:Sweet 0.939285 No Rain Blind Melon 0.939187 Asylum Supertramp 0.93873 Fall to the Ground Bodyjar 0.937229 Smoke Rings k.d. lang 0.9372 Mother John Lennon 0.936505 Baby Blue Badfinger 0.935959 Exo-Politics Muse 0.935808 Magic Man Heart 0.935013 Can't Stand Me Now The Libertines 0.934462 Analyse Thom Yorke 0.933611 Air on a G String Johann Sebastian Bach 0.933229 Uprising Muse 0.9318 My Stars Alice Cooper 0.930834 Birds Neil Young 0.930569 I Just Called To Say I Love You Stevie Wonder 0.930337 Forget About Tomorrow Feeder 0.930219 Me Against The World 2Pac 0.930149 Refugee Tom Petty 0.929778 Okay I Believe You, but My Tommy Gun Don't Brand New 0.92886 Monkey Wrench Foo Fighters 0.9288326 Closure Chevelle 0.928571 All Apologies Nirvana 0.928407 Minority Green Day 0.928145 The Key Tosca 0.928051 A Change Would Do You Good Sheryl Crow 0.927566 WTO Pennywise 0.927297 Mean Mr Mustard The Beatles 0.927155 The Pedestrian Foxboro Hot Tubs 0.926976 Everlong Foo Fighters 0.926684 I Got The News Steely Dan 0.926288 All Around The World Oasis 0.926204 Punk Rock Song Bad Religion 0.9257314 L'America The Doors 0.925257 Sheep Pink Floyd 0.924966 How Kind Of You Paul McCartney 0.924212 I'm Only Sleeping The Beatles 0.923244 Sara Fleetwood Mac 0.922419 Can't Repeat The Offspring 0.922286 Carousel blink-182 0.921578 Arion Blue States 0.921248 The Difference The Wallflowers 0.91815 Writing To Reach You Travis 0.9169186 Pork And Beans Weezer 0.9165113 Dark Walk Smoke City 0.915773 I Predict a Riot Kaiser Chiefs 0.91568 First Date blink-182 0.9141274 Dissident Pearl Jam 0.912864 I Ain't Mad At Cha 2Pac 0.91264 1999 Prince 0.911775 Falling Away From Me KoЯn 0.910903 Rotten Apple Alice in Chains 0.909699 Funky Monks Red Hot Chili Peppers 0.909679 Miss You The Rolling Stones 0.909394 Don't Cross the River America 0.90898 I Can't Quit You Baby Led Zeppelin 0.9087395 Gas Panic! Oasis 0.908441 Gaslighting Abbie Steely Dan 0.908342 Burn The Bridges Feeder 0.907507 Someday Never Comes Creedence Clearwater Revival 0.905215 Kid The Pretenders 0.90359 Fire In The Hole Steely Dan 0.902535 Things Can Only Get Better Howard Jones 0.902303 Third World Man Steely Dan 0.902244 Reap And Sow Day of Fire 0.902185 A Man Needs a Maid Neil Young 0.902006 I. Menuet I - Menuet II Georg Philipp Telemann 0.901971 Sunny Afternoon The Kinks 0.9019151 Young Boy Paul McCartney 0.899924 Glory Box Portishead 0.898768 Counting Blue Cars Dishwalla 0.8967201 Island In The Sun Weezer 0.8959451 Rhythm Of The Night DeBarge 0.89585 Allegro Georg Friedrich Händel 0.892387 The Politics Of Dancing Re-Flex 0.892221 Only Good for Conversation Rodriguez 0.891784 She's A Beauty The Tubes 0.891681 Yetmiyor Çilekeş 0.891411 Breathing Yellowcard 0.8876979 Ashtray Heart Placebo 0.8872601 I Fought The Law The Clash 0.887193 Ballad of the Absent Mare Leonard Cohen 0.886496 Slow Ride Foghat 0.885306 Under My Thumb The Rolling Stones 0.8835468 Coconut Harry Nilsson 0.883402 No Quarter Led Zeppelin 0.8830951 Taste in Men Placebo 0.881732 Addicted To Love Robert Palmer 0.880812 Come Around Mental as Anything 0.879772 March Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 0.875637 I Saw the Light Todd Rundgren 0.8744993 Jeremy Pearl Jam 0.8740719 Linger The Cranberries 0.8729627 Slide Away Oasis 0.870484 No Surprises Radiohead 0.869606 Money For Nothing Dire Straits 0.8695415 Hey Now! Oasis 0.869533 Always Where I Need to Be The Kooks 0.869067 Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now Starship 0.865706 Dirty High Curve 0.864004 Side Travis 0.863848 Uncle Pat Ash 0.862641 Dance of the Blessed Spirits Christoph Willibald Gluck 0.859073 Don't Speak No Doubt 0.8583739 Seven Wonders Fleetwood Mac 0.85534 Torn Natalie Imbruglia 0.85491 Hold Your Head Up Argent 0.8538859 Eple Röyksopp 0.8525269 Middlename MxPx 0.850673 Walk This Way Aerosmith 0.850064 Glycerine Bush 0.847559 Bolero Maurice Ravel 0.8474851 Empire Kasabian 0.8467865 Presto Georg Philipp Telemann 0.846446 Somebody Told Me The Killers 0.8460556 Maybe Tomorrow Stereophonics 0.8451979 Morning Edvard Grieg 0.84515 Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Creedence Clearwater Revival 0.843431 Space Truckin' Deep Purple 0.842546 Sowing The Seeds Of Love Tears for Fears 0.8404284 When Doves Cry Prince 0.839658 You Wear It Well Rod Stewart 0.837647 Walk Of Life Dire Straits 0.8370649 Kashmir Led Zeppelin 0.834617 Welcome To The Jungle Guns N' Roses 0.8338772 High Feeder 0.833853 Hooked On A Feeling Blue Swede 0.831589 She's Love End of Fashion 0.830888 Head Creeps Alice in Chains 0.82924 EMOTION- X radiobandit 0.827044 When the Lady Smiles Golden Earring 0.8242 Frustrated Day of Fire 0.818757 I Got You Split Enz 0.81747 Gabriel Lamb 0.817315 Mad About You Hooverphonic 0.8153754 Burning Down the House Talking Heads 0.81408 Say It Ain't So Weezer 0.8102537 The Pretender Foo Fighters 0.8058556 I Alone Live 0.805191 I've Got a Feeling The Beatles 0.8015577 Presto Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 0.799386 Back in Black AC/DC 0.798754 Fell On Black Days Soundgarden 0.7981811 Closing Time Semisonic 0.79524 Celebration Song Unwritten Law 0.794939 The Safety Dance Men Without Hats 0.792975 Pastime Paradise Stevie Wonder 0.781565 Ain't Nobody Chaka Khan 0.781514 Rooster Alice in Chains 0.77906 Push Matchbox Twenty 0.7781 Stretch Transportation in Canberra 0.77723 When it's over Loverboy 0.775259 Almost Bowling for Soup 0.7743599 What's So Bad About Feeling Good? Wang Chung 0.773849 21st Century Schizoid Man King Crimson 0.7717207 Mad World Tears for Fears 0.771526 The Hardest Button to Button The White Stripes 0.770282 The Warrior Patty Smyth 0.768008 From the Sea Eskimo Joe 0.7679061 Fade Away Noel Gallagher 0.76544 You Only Live Once The Strokes 0.7646099 Tiny Dancer Elton John 0.7615799 Wouldn't It Be Good Nik Kershaw 0.759225 Eyes Without A Face Billy Idol 0.7557203 Epitaph King Crimson 0.7543437 I Me Mine The Beatles 0.7510983 Solo (El Solo) On Wave 0.750611 China In Your Hand T'Pau 0.749834 Purple Haze The Jimi Hendrix Experience 0.7466213 Sparks Röyksopp 0.7464655 Show Me The Way Peter Frampton 0.74612 Nearly Lost You Screaming Trees 0.7441109 Hello It's Me Todd Rundgren 0.7409912 From Yesterday 30 Seconds to Mars 0.740765 No One Knows Queens of the Stone Age 0.7396363 Fly Away Lenny Kravitz 0.7382339 Modern Love David Bowie 0.7377567 Sally Mae John Lee Hooker 0.736551 You're My Best Friend Queen 0.7349671 Clair de Lune Claude Debussy 0.730956 Carry On Wayward Son Kansas 0.728178 When All Else Fails Transportation in Canberra 0.728055 Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton 0.7276117 Remerciement de Corelli François Couperin 0.727014 Ventura Highway America 0.7259312 Midnight in a Perfect World DJ Shadow 0.7253981 The End The Doors 0.7247832 In Between Days The Cure 0.7245651 Sugar Walls Sheena Easton 0.723743 Protection Massive Attack 0.7210513 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' Michael Jackson 0.72042 Sunglasses At Night Corey Hart 0.719752 Mr. Brightside The Killers 0.718552 Here Comes the Rain Again Eurythmics 0.717011 Tick Tick Boom The Hives 0.715975 My Own Worst Enemy Lit 0.714605 Hey Little Girl Icehouse 0.714421 Chelsea Dagger The Fratellis 0.713184 High Noon Kruder & Dorfmeister 0.7131256 Where Is My Mind? Pixies 0.7125497 Loser Beck 0.7102172 This Heart Attack Faker 0.708514 Grave Arcangelo Corelli 0.705838 Blue Orchid The White Stripes 0.7043027 There Is Box Car Racer 0.704298 Doctor My Eyes Jackson Browne 0.704289 Change John Waite 0.703633 Keyboard Sonata in G major, K.169/L.331/P.247: Allegro Domenico Scarlatti 0.702731 155 +44 0.701918 A Midsummer Night's Dream: Intermezzo Felix Mendelssohn 0.700128 Come On Come On Little Birdy 0.6998711 1979 The Smashing Pumpkins 0.6994382 Confusion Electric Light Orchestra 0.696145 Overcome Tricky 0.695228 Night of the Hunter 30 Seconds to Mars 0.694762 You're The Voice John Farnham 0.690963 Everybody's Changing Keane 0.6904801 Lovefool The Cardigans 0.688995 Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne 0.686623 Shine Collective Soul 0.686056 The Boy Who Destroyed the World AFI 0.685584 Adagio Cantabile Ludwig van Beethoven 0.683606 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic The Police 0.682142 Down in the Lucky Country Richard Clapton 0.681757 I Wanna Be Adored The Stone Roses 0.681491 Gimme Some Lovin' The Spencer Davis Group 0.680731 The Art Of Losing American Hi-Fi 0.67946 Human Touch Rick Springfield 0.679023 Waterloo Sunset The Kinks 0.6789544 Some Kind of Wonderful Grand Funk Railroad 0.678142 Chemical Heart Grinspoon 0.677318 Steady As She Goes The Raconteurs 0.676919 Solveig's Song Edvard Grieg 0.674663 This Fire Franz Ferdinand 0.674243 Rock Lobster The B-52's 0.6724714 Coming Up Paul McCartney 0.6673219 See Emily Play Pink Floyd 0.6651912 American Jesus Bad Religion 0.6651387 Pavane Gabriel Fauré 0.663291 My Father's Gun Elton John 0.662055 It Was A Good Day Ice Cube 0.661283 Mama Told Me Not To Come Three Dog Night 0.659462 Canon Johann Pachelbel 0.657815 Karma Chameleon Culture Club 0.657357 Mr. Telephone Man New Edition 0.656845 Die vier Jahreszeiten Antonio Vivaldi 0.656653 Rooftops Mest 0.655256 Wake Up Mad Season 0.654527 My Happiness Powderfinger 0.654479 Intro Bonobo 0.6542233 Celebrity Skin Hole 0.6539251 Far Behind Candlebox 0.646393 Rock & Roll Queen The Subways 0.646366 Run Snow Patrol 0.645936 Damper Norman Greenbaum 0.645831 20th Century Man The Kinks 0.644421 Celluloid Heroes The Kinks 0.641872 Cradle Song Johannes Brahms 0.6383458 Pastorale Arcangelo Corelli 0.638098 X Xzibit 0.637851 Black Fingernails, Red Wine Eskimo Joe 0.637625 Kids In America Kim Wilde 0.637375 Beast Of Burden The Rolling Stones 0.635303 Bullet With Butterfly Wings The Smashing Pumpkins 0.6345928 Fourth Time Around Bob Dylan 0.63223 Detroit Rock City KISS 0.632138 Toccata in D minor Johann Sebastian Bach 0.629888 Blinded by the Light Manfred Mann 0.628125 The Next Episode Dr. Dre 0.626449 Paparazzi Xzibit 0.626166 Hyperactive Robert Palmer 0.625788 No Sugar Tonight The Guess Who 0.625685 Kiss Me Sixpence None the Richer 0.625667 Keyboard Sonata in F Major, K.446/L.433/P.177: Allegrissimo Domenico Scarlatti 0.625201 Bones The Killers 0.625155 Breathe Télépopmusik 0.624433 In the Hall of the Mountain King Edvard Grieg 0.623764 Show Me How to Live Audioslave 0.6224273 Girls Just Want To Have Fun Cyndi Lauper 0.621865 Blackest Eyes Porcupine Tree 0.6211421 Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division 0.619764 Marmelade Mary The Manic Rampage 0.616159 Don't Bring Me Down Electric Light Orchestra 0.6160723 Just Ace Grinspoon 0.615855 Beds Are Burning Midnight Oil 0.615665 Heavy Metal Winner Consumed 0.615413 Mustang Sally Buddy Guy 0.614044 Them Bones Alice in Chains 0.611025 Animal Nitrate Suede 0.6093073 Working Class Man Jimmy Barnes 0.608935 Saturday in the Park Chicago 0.6085591 Les Barricades Mysterieuses François Couperin 0.608553 Only the Good Die Young Billy Joel 0.608323 We Close Our Eyes Go West 0.607475 The Logical Song Supertramp 0.6063117 Outshined Soundgarden 0.604436 G VII Johannes Brahms 0.603109 Prayer of the Refugee Rise Against 0.603047 All This Time Tiffany 0.602999 I Can Dream About You Dan Hartman 0.601572 Ceremony New Order 0.600999 La Campanella Franz Liszt 0.600664 Only Mama Knows Paul McCartney 0.5993873 Break My Stride Matthew Wilder 0.599189 My List The Killers 0.598426 Yes Coldplay 0.5977292 Allegro ma non troppo Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 0.597247 Cold Crossfade 0.5970213 The Boxer Simon & Garfunkel 0.5963787 Love Of The Common People Paul Young 0.596225 Teardrop Massive Attack 0.59417 Love My Way The Psychedelic Furs 0.5939353 Track On Wave 0.593296 Bitch Meredith Brooks 0.59309 You Were Meant For Me Jewel 0.592412 Gin And Juice Snoop Dogg 0.590382 Pick Up The Pieces Average White Band 0.588747 Building A Mystery Sarah McLachlan 0.588069 Another Brick in the Wall Pink Floyd 0.58792 The Press Corpse Anti-Flag 0.5870287 Somewhere Only We Know Keane 0.586277 42 Coldplay 0.5854876 L'entretien des Muses Jean-Philippe Rameau 0.581256 California Dreamin' The Mamas & The Papas 0.580606 Burn Baby Burn Ash 0.5803566 Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous Good Charlotte 0.578719 Deny Default 0.5783586 Age of Consent New Order 0.577028 Machinehead Bush 0.576893 This Is the Day The The 0.575431 Love Changes (Everything) Climie Fisher 0.575222 Jeans Best The Manic Rampage 0.574349 Aliens Exist (Live) blink-182 0.573575 Impromptu No. 3 In G Flat Major Franz Schubert 0.572627 Flake ...arrived at ten 0.571305 Rocky Mountain Way Joe Walsh 0.570616 Thunder Road Bruce Springsteen 0.5697694 Violet Hole 0.567052 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood The Animals 0.565643 Check Zebrahead 0.565238 Never You Done That General Public 0.564382 Shimmer Fuel 0.564137 Possum Kingdom Toadies 0.563509 Let It Whip Dazz Band 0.563125 My Song Jerry Cantrell 0.562874 Teenagers My Chemical Romance 0.5625988 Blurry Puddle of Mudd 0.5608608 Big Poppa Notorious B.I.G. 0.56041 Playmate of the Year Zebrahead 0.56011 The Long and Winding Road The Beatles 0.560043 San Dimas High School Football Rules The Ataris 0.559801 On the Dark Side John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band 0.559323 Get Down On It Kool & The Gang 0.55672 Juicy Notorious B.I.G. 0.556133 Never Had So Much Fun Frenzal Rhomb 0.554253 Lady In Black Uriah Heep 0.552623 I Just Wanna Live Good Charlotte 0.552277 Rocket 2 U The Jets 0.551318 Only The Rain (LP Version) The Escape Club 0.550776 Stuck in America Sugarcult 0.549709 Ride of the Valkyries Richard Wagner 0.549114 Gunman Them Crooked Vultures 0.548041 Hold The Line Toto 0.547137 Don't Call Me White NOFX 0.546378 Fly Like An Eagle Steve Miller Band 0.5451866 Take the L The Motels 0.544249 Golden Touch Razorlight 0.543636 Stand Back Stevie Nicks 0.543554 Brick House Commodores 0.543232 Inertia Creeps Massive Attack 0.542367 Crack The Shutters Snow Patrol 0.5418348 Night Train (Alternate Take) Oscar Peterson 0.540327 In Da Club 50 Cent 0.538338 Cold Hard Bitch Jet 0.537871 Right Now SR-71 0.537139 Threesome Fenix TX 0.536339 Time Is The Enemy Quantic 0.5358338 How Soon Is Now? The Smiths 0.535787 Satisfied Richard Marx 0.535623 Wild World Cat Stevens 0.5317523 Wicked Garden Stone Temple Pilots 0.531115 Slide Goo Goo Dolls 0.529019 Call Me A Dog Temple of the Dog 0.528235 Kiss Prince 0.526728 Take The Money And Run Steve Miller Band 0.526643 Lose Yourself Eminem 0.525695 Sippin' At Bells Sonny Clark 0.524157 Salute Your Solution The Raconteurs 0.524017 Suddenly I See KT Tunstall 0.523705 May 16 Lagwagon 0.523437 Who Can It Be Now? Men at Work 0.522776 The Boys Are Back In Town Thin Lizzy 0.5219622 Bright Lights Placebo 0.520979 The Past Recedes John Frusciante 0.52041 Affair Of The Heart Rick Springfield 0.51983 Weapon Of Choice Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 0.519372 Dreams The Game 0.518831 Buy Me A Pony Spiderbait 0.518757 Night Over Manaus Boozoo Bajou 0.5183293 Rocket Man Elton John 0.5166615 Feed It Bodyjar 0.516117 Beachy Head [Bonobo Mix] Mechanical Me 0.515886 It Won't Last The Cruel Sea 0.515409 Down When I'm Loaded Oleander 0.514787 Auf Achse Franz Ferdinand 0.51421 Just What I Needed The Cars 0.513915 Everything Zen Bush 0.5136449 Sand & Stones & Bricks & Rocks Aromabar 0.513353 No Time The Guess Who 0.51312 The Adventure Angels & Airwaves 0.5128006 Iris Goo Goo Dolls 0.512771 fearless holly valley 0.512688 Until the Day I Die Story of the Year 0.512675 These Days Powderfinger 0.512558 Breakfast In America Supertramp 0.5116466 Happy Hour The Housemartins 0.510604 Reach for the Sky Social Distortion 0.5105664 Girl All the Bad Guys Want Bowling for Soup 0.510215 Way Away Yellowcard 0.51009 Close To Me The Cure 0.50992 The Crystal Ship The Doors 0.5096364 Blue Monday New Order 0.508484 My Heroine Silverstein 0.507669 Munich Editors 0.507614 I Feel So Box Car Racer 0.507088 Turn to Stone Electric Light Orchestra 0.5065338 Last Night Stéphane Pompougnac 0.506525 Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) Sheena Easton 0.506376 Brand New Delhi The Tao of Groove 0.505451 Take a Breath David Gilmour 0.504493 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down The Band 0.5043912 Humoresque Antonín Dvořák 0.504005 Hurricane Faker 0.503437 Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) John Lennon 0.503019 Euro-Barge The Vandals 0.502701 Two Tickets To Paradise Eddie Money 0.502002 Pretty In Pink The Psychedelic Furs 0.5010374 The Scientist Coldplay 0.500952 Simple Song Avail 0.500161 Love Burns Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 0.4989652 Insane In The Brain Cypress Hill 0.498392 Edge of Seventeen Stevie Nicks 0.498342 Five Lessons Learned Swingin' Utters 0.4972 End of the Line Traveling Wilburys 0.4964548 Turtle [Bonobo Mix] Pilote 0.496167 Dreams The Cranberries 0.4955667 The Boys Of Summer Don Henley 0.495473 Pearl In the Shell Howard Jones 0.495444 Smile In Your Sleep Silverstein 0.494016 After the Gold Rush Neil Young 0.4937769 Ruby Soho Rancid 0.4934273 Knockin' On Heaven's Door Bob Dylan 0.4927551 Easy Muffin Amon Tobin 0.4917616 Cinnamon Girl Neil Young & Crazy Horse 0.4909116 Here It Goes Again OK Go 0.490269 The Unguarded Moment The Church 0.488633 The Way Fastball 0.48843 American Idiot Green Day 0.488263 Wishing Well Terence Trent D'Arby 0.48763 D2 Allister 0.4875404 No Myth Michael Penn 0.485743 Mississippi Queen Mountain 0.485408 Other Side Of The World KT Tunstall 0.4847499 Give It To Me Baby Rick James 0.484179 Ketto Bonobo 0.483715 Voices of Babylon The Outfield 0.483112 Solar Thunderball 0.4828632 Fire Ohio Players 0.48249 Take It or Leave It The Strokes 0.4813681 The Reflex Duran Duran 0.480929 Every Breath You Take The Police 0.480478 Dream On Aerosmith 0.479916 Livin' Thing Electric Light Orchestra 0.4796303 Jazz Music De-Phazz 0.4789234 Slowly Amon Tobin 0.4787123 Leaving Home Jebediah 0.478656 Purple Sneakers You Am I 0.47781 Black Betty Ram Jam 0.477617 You're All I Have Snow Patrol 0.4771688 Once in a Lifetime Talking Heads 0.474449 You Make Loving Fun Fleetwood Mac 0.4742521 Walk On The Wild Side Lou Reed 0.4729424 One Way Or Another Blondie 0.472159 Only A Memory The Smithereens 0.471545 Zombie The Cranberries 0.469901 Single Life Cameo 0.46974 Heaven Is A Place On Earth Belinda Carlisle 0.469554 Notorious Duran Duran 0.468951 No Words Paul McCartney & Wings 0.467404 The Ex Billy Talent 0.4640858 A Whisper Coldplay 0.463822 Love Rollercoaster Ohio Players 0.463627 So Far Away Crossfade 0.462801 Deep Water Richard Clapton 0.462767 Smokin' Boston 0.462418 Spokesman Goldfinger 0.461697 Molly's Chambers Kings of Leon 0.4612807 Like A Stone Audioslave 0.461209 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet Bachman-Turner Overdrive 0.460858 Anthem of Our Dying Day Story of the Year 0.460819 You Dropped A Bomb On Me The Gap Band 0.459791 She's Lost Control Joy Division 0.459276 A Long December Counting Crows 0.459089 Time After Time Cyndi Lauper 0.458048 Crying Lightning Arctic Monkeys 0.457927 Ramblin' Man The Allman Brothers Band 0.457517 On the local newspaper (demo) Dirtyfake 0.45716 3 AM Matchbox Twenty 0.456588 Adjustments Smile Empty Soul 0.4564879 Infected The The 0.456195 On the local newspaper Dirtyfake 0.455232 Let 'Em In Wings 0.4548472 Andante Con Moto Ludwig van Beethoven 0.454464 Into the Nothing Breaking Benjamin 0.454334 When You Were Young The Killers 0.454163 Flutter Bonobo 0.453962 Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon & Garfunkel 0.453675 America Razorlight 0.4529714 Hit Me With Your Best Shot Pat Benatar 0.45211 Cars Gary Numan 0.451859 The Captain Biffy Clyro 0.4513124 Electricity Something for Kate 0.450096 Bluebird Paul McCartney & Wings 0.4492608 Fall On Me R.E.M. 0.448763 Tenderness General Public 0.44805 All Along The Watchtower Jimi Hendrix 0.447793 Bodies Drowning Pool 0.4464599 Strangelove Depeche Mode 0.4463864 Teach Your Children Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 0.4447437 All of a Sudden (It's Too Late) XTC 0.444462 You Shook Me Led Zeppelin 0.4442461 Situations Escape the Fate 0.443401 Man On The Moon R.E.M. 0.4421092 Jungle Boogie Kool & The Gang 0.441217 What's Going On Marvin Gaye 0.441033 Spread Your Love Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 0.440989 You're Not Alone Home Grown 0.440903 Touch Me I'm Sick Mudhoney 0.4402932 Cochise Audioslave 0.440206 Ohio Is for Lovers Hawthorne Heights 0.439309 Death on the Marquee In The Wake 0.438631 Anthem Zebrahead 0.4384374 You're Not Alone Saosin 0.438387 The Age Of The Understatement The Last Shadow Puppets 0.4372713 Lightning Crashes Live 0.43712 E-Pro Beck 0.4366695 The Goodbye Look Donald Fagen 0.436243 American Pie Don McLean 0.435974 Sledgehammer Peter Gabriel 0.435527 Breed Nirvana 0.4352845 One Said to the Other The Living End 0.43379 Black Coffee In Bed Squeeze 0.433367 Headstrong Trapt 0.4331141 I'm So Tired The Beatles 0.433065 Personal Jesus Depeche Mode 0.4315274 Over You Echo & The Bunnymen 0.431227 Bulls on Parade Rage Against the Machine 0.431179 Air Johann Sebastian Bach 0.430595 Fantastic Voyage Lakeside 0.430007 So Easy Röyksopp 0.4297801 Prisoner of Society The Living End 0.428828 Insomniac Olympics Blockhead 0.4282088 You Bad Religion 0.428009 Volare Oscar Peterson 0.427997 We're Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister 0.427367 Forget Me Nots Patrice Rushen 0.42724 Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) George Harrison 0.426491 This Is Shangrila Mother Love Bone 0.426491 Astral Weeks Van Morrison 0.4262745 All Night Long Lionel Richie 0.425476 Sex And Candy Marcy Playground 0.425064 Easy Living Miles Davis 0.4248 Tempted Squeeze 0.424732 Me And Bobby McGee Janis Joplin 0.424049 Big Me Foo Fighters 0.4237783 I Was Wrong Social Distortion 0.422164 Failed to Realize Portrait of Mary 0.421933 Do That Thing Mojada 0.421416 All in Your Mind Echo & The Bunnymen 0.421181 Shine On The House of Love 0.420695 Butcher Blues Kasabian 0.4203268 All These Things That I've Done The Killers 0.419637 Dignity Deacon Blue 0.418769 Nuthin' But A "G" Thang Dr. Dre 0.41807 Midas Touch Midnight Star 0.417894 Just Be Good to Me S.O.S. Band 0.417324 Faith George Michael 0.417299 Berlin Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 0.416644 Adia Sarah McLachlan 0.416101 Come Inside Karuan 0.414928 stars holly valley 0.414637 Quarter Fuel 0.4146166 Hurts So Good John Mellencamp 0.414141 Turtle (Bonobo Mix) Pilote 0.4140168 Canon in D major Johann Pachelbel 0.413603 18 And Life Skid Row 0.413032 Here I Go Again Whitesnake 0.412623 The Whole Of The Moon The Waterboys 0.412428 Stardog Champion Mother Love Bone 0.411276 For What It's Worth Placebo 0.411001 Voices Saosin 0.410709 My Apocalypse Escape the Fate 0.410155 I Was Made For Lovin' You KISS 0.409171 Blue Sky Mine Midnight Oil 0.407846 Woman In The Wall The Beautiful South 0.406489 Ordinary World Duran Duran 0.404004 I Wanna Rock Twisted Sister 0.403351 Yellow Coldplay 0.402835 Flathead The Fratellis 0.402388 Just A Girl No Doubt 0.4019692 my life Stereoside 0.4018602 This Time The Homes 0.401677 Channel 1 Suite The Cinematic Orchestra 0.4010677 Bigmouth Strikes Again The Smiths 0.400458 Paper Wings Rise Against 0.399892 The Final Countdown Europe 0.39938 The Seeker The Who 0.399098 Elephant Portrait of Mary 0.39789 Rock And Roll All Nite KISS 0.397433 Angry Chair Alice in Chains 0.396507 Lights And Sounds Yellowcard 0.3964786 Regret New Order 0.396068 I Heard It Through The Grapevine Marvin Gaye 0.395865 Dissolved Girl Massive Attack 0.394983 Sweet Child O' Mine Guns N' Roses 0.394209 Underclass Hero Sum 41 0.394121 Sexual Healing Marvin Gaye 0.393969 Jump Van Halen 0.393754 All You Wanted Michelle Branch 0.393533 Colors Crossfade 0.3930963 Magic Carpet Ride Steppenwolf 0.392459 Hash Pipe Weezer 0.3914912 I Piss Alone Regurgitator 0.390202 We Are The Champions Queen 0.390156 Never Miss a Beat Kaiser Chiefs 0.390034 Streets of Philadelphia Bruce Springsteen 0.3897573 Sulfur Slipknot 0.389737 Time for Heroes The Libertines 0.389735 Drawing Board Mest 0.389478 Fine Again Seether 0.3884763 Dead Memories Slipknot 0.388404 Born Under A Bad Sign Albert King 0.387833 I Want To Know What Love Is Foreigner 0.38711 Chasing Cars Snow Patrol 0.387073 Cherub Rock The Smashing Pumpkins 0.3868735 Crocodile Rock Elton John 0.386512 Hush Deep Purple 0.3864375 So Cold Breaking Benjamin 0.386275 Born to Run Bruce Springsteen 0.3860278 Keep Your Eyes Ahead The Helio Sequence 0.385932 Purple Rain Prince 0.385646 Back on the Chain Gang The Pretenders 0.385394 You Candlebox 0.385032 Gimme All Your Lovin' ZZ Top 0.384609 Strutter KISS 0.384006 Lay My Burdens Disciple 0.383438 Lucky Man Emerson, Lake & Palmer 0.3832218 Graceland Paul Simon 0.3831675 Gangsta's Paradise Coolio 0.383079 Helen Wheels Paul McCartney & Wings 0.38285 Sign Your Name Terence Trent D'Arby 0.382325 Don't Fight It The Panics 0.381668 Rock and Roll Led Zeppelin 0.381365 Wind Of Change Scorpions 0.381173 My Favourite Game The Cardigans 0.380676 Moving to New York The Wombats 0.37991 There She Goes Again The Velvet Underground 0.379246 Dindi Charlie Byrd 0.3788 Suzanne Leonard Cohen 0.3784265 Lowdown Boz Scaggs 0.3781811 Werewolves Of London Warren Zevon 0.378059 Dressed To Kill New Found Glory 0.37799 Closer to Julie Stéphane Pompougnac 0.3779159 Easy Livin' Uriah Heep 0.3776832 Waiting For A Girl Like You Foreigner 0.377308 Passion Nightmares on Wax 0.3761668 Porpoise Song The Monkees 0.375741 We Are So High The Homes 0.375593 When Doves Cry Prince & The Revolution 0.375515 Every You Every Me Placebo 0.375481 Use Me Bill Withers 0.374109 Wish You Well Bernard Fanning 0.373354 Break Me Out Edgewater 0.3729852 Feels Like The First Time Foreigner 0.372061 Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head") The Monkees 0.371919 All Night Long (All Night) Lionel Richie 0.371051 II. Poco adagio Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 0.3701234 Bottom of a Bottle Smile Empty Soul 0.3696616 Recurring Bonobo 0.3692312 You Give Love A Bad Name Bon Jovi 0.368396 Eagle Rock Daddy Cool 0.368101 Move On Up Curtis Mayfield 0.367626 Paradise By The Dashboard Light Meat Loaf 0.367423 15 Step Radiohead 0.3671095 Read My Mind The Killers 0.366624 The Middle Jimmy Eat World 0.3659138 Bat Out Of Hell Meat Loaf 0.364949 Hard Act To Follow Grinspoon 0.364093 Standing Next To Me The Last Shadow Puppets 0.363668 Elevator Jaffa 0.363321 Youth Gone Wild Skid Row 0.362589 Hands The Raconteurs 0.3625172 If You Could Only See Tonic 0.361461 Livin' on a Prayer Bon Jovi 0.361438 Say Goodbye Theory of a Deadman 0.361389 Same Old Song and Dance Aerosmith 0.360987 Back in the U.S.S.R. The Beatles 0.360844 Everything You Want Vertical Horizon 0.360809 Tales Of Brave Ulysses Cream 0.3590422 Heroin The Velvet Underground 0.3589756 Die Fledermaus Overture Johann Strauss II 0.358808 World Where You Live Crowded House 0.3587214 Eminence Front The Who 0.358117 Limelight Rush 0.3578984 Blindfold Morcheeba 0.3576472 Freak Silverchair 0.3573163 Nightshift Commodores 0.357274 God Save The Queen Sex Pistols 0.356985 Spaceman The Killers 0.35644 Until the Morning Thievery Corporation 0.3561406 Sex Type Thing Stone Temple Pilots 0.355361 Pour Some Sugar on Me Def Leppard 0.355315 Square One Here I Come The Hives 0.3544441 Take The Long Way Home Supertramp 0.3541354 Heartbreaker Pat Benatar 0.353956 Through The Iris 10 Years 0.3537083 Papa Was A Rollin' Stone The Temptations 0.35332 Cold As Ice Foreigner 0.353275 Girls On Film Duran Duran 0.353267 A Beautiful Lie 30 Seconds to Mars 0.3530599 If You Were There, Beware Arctic Monkeys 0.352873 Solid Rock Goanna 0.3513658 Follow You Down Gin Blossoms 0.351268 The Freshmen The Verve Pipe 0.350975 Buck Rogers Feeder 0.350366 Material Girl Madonna 0.350356 Sirine Karuan 0.350169 Hang Me Up To Dry Cold War Kids 0.348931 Farewell Rocketship Children Collide 0.348624 Naive The Kooks 0.34854 Buddy Holly Weezer 0.3483985 Geek Stink Breath Green Day 0.347001 The Clock Thom Yorke 0.346975 The World I Know Collective Soul 0.346742 Lovely Day Bill Withers 0.346088 Tired Of Being Alone Al Green 0.345583 Ego Is Not A Dirty Word Skyhooks 0.345445 Maiden Voyage Herbie Hancock 0.3453614 You Still Believe in Me The Beach Boys 0.345134 What A Fool Believes The Doobie Brothers 0.344926 Looks Like Chaplin Stereophonics 0.3447571 This Heaven David Gilmour 0.344737 Shoot The Runner Kasabian 0.3444313 Back to Life Soul II Soul 0.344375 Got My Mind Set on You George Harrison 0.3441703 Never Too Much Luther Vandross 0.34369 It's A Sin Pet Shop Boys 0.342486 LAX Files The Game 0.342362 (Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Öyster Cult 0.341426 Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights Aqueduct 0.340882 Rock The Night Europe 0.340684 Ram On Paul McCartney 0.3406337 When the Sun Goes Down Arctic Monkeys 0.340542 Bow River Cold Chisel 0.3404776 Fire Kasabian 0.340457 Trouble Coldplay 0.339638 Bhopal Kinema 0.33959 Reason Is Treason Kasabian 0.3383101 Flavor Of The Weak American Hi-Fi 0.338195 West End Girls Pet Shop Boys 0.338058 Stir It Up Patti LaBelle 0.337353 Listen To What The Man Said Wings 0.3369766 This Boy Franz Ferdinand 0.3364788 Heart Of Glass Blondie 0.335983 Memory Sugarcult 0.33573 Eclipsed Evans Blue 0.3351578 Learn to Fly Foo Fighters 0.334768 All Downhill From Here New Found Glory 0.333725 Don't Stand So Close To Me The Police 0.3335594 Creep Stone Temple Pilots 0.332958 Let's Dance to Joy Division The Wombats 0.332639 Meet Virginia Train 0.331785 So Long, Astoria The Ataris 0.331288 Nasty Girl Vanity 6 0.331157 Torture The Jacksons 0.330785 For Your Love The Yardbirds 0.3304 Above Me Rufio 0.330366 Peace Train Cat Stevens 0.3302293 Hide Away Freddie King 0.330173 Makes Me Feel Afterlife 0.329655 Rollercoaster Machine Gun Fellatio 0.3290139 Sway The Kooks 0.327996 All For You Sister Hazel 0.327716 Work That Body Rodney Hunter 0.327485 99 Problems Jay-Z 0.327022 Dead! My Chemical Romance 0.326755 White Wedding Billy Idol 0.3258878 Do What You Do Jermaine Jackson 0.325221 Jungle Love The Time 0.325075 Angel Eyes Jerry Cantrell 0.324667 Happy? Mudvayne 0.3230582 Finale: Presto Muzio Clementi 0.322594 Carnivores Unite Blockhead 0.3223891 The Sun Always Shines on TV a-ha 0.322194 Kota Bonobo 0.321865 Solid Ashford & Simpson 0.32186 Become What You Hate Midtown 0.321837 You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had Muddy Waters 0.321718 Allegro Molto Moderato Edvard Grieg 0.3213842 Ship Of Beers Frenzal Rhomb 0.320875 Holiday in Cambodia Dead Kennedys 0.320722 Take On Me a-ha 0.320622 The Young Prince and Princess from Scheherazade Николай Римский-Корсаков 0.319619 Today The Smashing Pumpkins 0.31958 Are You Gonna Go My Way Lenny Kravitz 0.3195118 Song For My Father Horace Silver 0.3192017 Ombra mai fu Georg Friedrich Händel 0.318756 Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me) Paul McCartney & Wings 0.318497 Apple Scruffs George Harrison 0.318395 Downhearted Australian Crawl 0.317936 不時着 椿屋四重奏 0.317807 Going to California Led Zeppelin 0.3176062 Never Let You Go Third Eye Blind 0.31716 Going Away To College blink-182 0.3167184 3. Scherzo (Sehr rasch und markiert) Martha Argerich 0.316701 Happiness Is a Warm Gun The Beatles 0.316643 The Glamorous Life Sheila E. 0.316607 Guilty Conscience Eminem 0.316566 Flowers On The Wall The Statler Brothers 0.316422 The Sound Of Silence Simon & Garfunkel 0.316195 Hello Tomorrow Zebrahead 0.3159382 Instant Karma! John Lennon 0.3142156 Lips Like Sugar Echo & The Bunnymen 0.313758 I Want You Bob Dylan 0.3133204 Caught in the Moment Edgewater 0.3133023 Out Of My Head Fastball 0.312721 Breathe The Cinematic Orchestra 0.3126374 Familiar Ground The Cinematic Orchestra 0.3124479 Pavane pour orchestre Gabriel Fauré 0.31237 Breaking The Law Judas Priest 0.31228 Golden Brown The Stranglers 0.312202 Monsters Something for Kate 0.311451 Run To The Hills Iron Maiden 0.311215 My Will Be A Dead Man Project 86 0.311145 SHE IS BACK Base Ball Bear 0.310631 Animal Jebediah 0.310536 I Want You Back The Jackson 5 0.310508 Everyday People Sly & The Family Stone 0.310121 Aftermath Tricky 0.309985 Run To You Bryan Adams 0.3091804 Lifeless Dead Mad Season 0.308735 Mind Eraser, No Chaser Them Crooked Vultures 0.308555 Roxanne The Police 0.308346 In the Midnight Hour Wilson Pickett 0.307948 Soma The Strokes 0.3077349 The Rock Show blink-182 0.306803 Stop And Stare OneRepublic 0.306638 Use Me Junior Wells 0.306258 Cherish Kool & The Gang 0.306128 Live And Let Die Paul McCartney 0.305437 Psycho Killer Talking Heads 0.305343 Fingers Crossed Millencolin 0.3048994 Killing In The Name Rage Against the Machine 0.304162 Adagio Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni 0.304141 I Don't Know Anything Mad Season 0.303908 Sarışınlar Boktur Zardanadam 0.303691 Name Dropping Lagwagon 0.303507 All In On One Gyroscope 0.30269 Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) All Time Low 0.302348 10. Lugubre Carl Nielsen 0.302302 Bette Davis Eyes Kim Carnes 0.301769 My World Sick Puppies 0.3014357 Ask The Smiths 0.300875 All I Want Joni Mitchell 0.3008158 Manic Monday The Bangles 0.300604 On The Road Again Canned Heat 0.2994298 Good-Day Ray Powderfinger 0.298452 I Found Out John Lennon 0.298399 Getting Closer Hird 0.298354 Astronomy Domine Pink Floyd 0.297961 Gravity Embrace 0.297775 Midnight Rider The Allman Brothers Band 0.297502 Champagne Supernova Matt Pond PA 0.297412 Make Me Smile Chicago 0.2973927 Spring Antonio Vivaldi 0.297299 Going Down Freddie King 0.297129 Jackie Cane Hooverphonic 0.2968722 Bilmece Ogün Sanlısoy 0.296668 Do It Again Steely Dan 0.2964573 Tell Me Why Neil Young 0.296026 The Day I Tried To Live Soundgarden 0.2959881 Apnoea Kasabian 0.2956825 Silly Love Songs Wings 0.2955589 The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden 0.295384 Nothing to Lose Billy Talent 0.29503 A Thousand Trees Stereophonics 0.2947887 'Round Midnight Thelonious Monk 0.2944352 Venus Bananarama 0.294432 The Reason Hoobastank 0.294292 Further From Myself Pillar 0.293892 The Blue David Gilmour 0.293579 Black Ball The Offspring 0.293391 Anarchy In The UK Sex Pistols 0.293273 Regulate Warren G 0.292647 Minute Waltz Frédéric Chopin 0.2925331 Gel Gör Beni Dorian 0.292353 Sunrise on Fujiyama Lemongrass 0.292062 Across the Universe The Beatles 0.292004 Just Like Heaven The Cure 0.291651 Take A Long Line The Angels 0.29149 I Got 5 On It Luniz 0.291482 Double Rainbow Stan Getz 0.291404 On the Table A.C. Newman 0.290815 You Can Call Me Al Paul Simon 0.290336 Un Bal Hector Berlioz 0.290167 Chunky Chunky Air Guitar The Whitlams 0.290121 Oh Yeah The Subways 0.2900253 Dolly-Tendresse Gabriel Fauré 0.289993 Elalem Gripin 0.289894 21st Century (Digital Boy) Bad Religion 0.289666 Anymore End of Fashion 0.289603 Sweetness Jimmy Eat World 0.28911 Reverie Claude Debussy 0.288505 Symphonie #3 Op. 90: Poco Alle Johannes Brahms 0.28832 Rondo Ludwig van Beethoven 0.288217 Pictures Of You The Cure 0.288046 Making Plans For Nigel XTC 0.2872985 Gymnopedie No. 1 Erik Satie 0.287001 Say Goodbye Hunters & Collectors 0.286944 Fire and the Thud Arctic Monkeys 0.2866723 Kalpsiz Badem 0.286638 The Thrill Is Gone B.B. King 0.286376 Don't Let Me Down The Beatles 0.28632 The Great Escape Boys Like Girls 0.286285 Over Evans Blue 0.2861779 Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Bad Company 0.286118 Jesus Or A Gun Fuel 0.284737 Everlasting Love Howard Jones 0.284373 C.R.E.A.M. Wu-Tang Clan 0.283989 OUT OF THE WORLD 椿屋四重奏 0.28396 Changes David Bowie 0.283671 Porcelain Moby 0.283381 It Only Hurts Default 0.2829231 Volunteers Jefferson Airplane 0.282738 Let's Stay Together Al Green 0.282734 Flagpole Sitta Harvey Danger 0.282462 Blitzkrieg Bop Ramones 0.282217 The Blue Danube Johann Strauss II 0.282187 Yalan Manga 0.281815 Manthem The Bouncing Souls 0.281414 Crystal Ball Keane 0.28138 Owner Of A Lonely Heart Yes 0.2812447 Too Tired Albert Collins 0.280791 Daydream in Blue I Monster 0.28032 The Things That I Used To Do Guitar Slim 0.279759 Wasting My Time Default 0.279674 The Needle and the Damage Done Neil Young 0.2796697 Canzonetta - Andante Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 0.279216 Yellow Sun The Raconteurs 0.278546 Magic (LP Version) The Cars 0.278451 Symphony Fantastique Hector Berlioz 0.278372 Don't Stop Believin' Journey 0.278371 Zor Geliyor Gripin 0.278347 Tell Me How You Feel (Bonobo mix) Jon Kennedy 0.2781303 Halo SOiL 0.2775658 Holy Diver Dio 0.277552 Pump It Up Elvis Costello 0.277393 Shame The Motels 0.277381 Finding Myself Smile Empty Soul 0.27703 Ashes to Ashes David Bowie 0.27702 Down With the Sickness Disturbed 0.276628 Underdog Kasabian 0.276568 Do It Alone Sugarcult 0.2761849 Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (2001 Digital Remaster) Simple Minds 0.276183 Ace Of Spades Motörhead 0.276039 Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne 0.275963 Days Is Almost Gone The Derek Trucks Band 0.275652 Over My Head (Cable Car) The Fray 0.275642 Be Yourself Audioslave 0.275591 Dirty Jeans Magic Dirt 0.275125 The 5th Exotic Quantic 0.2751143 Bu Aşk Fazla Sana Şebnem Ferah 0.274853 The Drugs Don't Work The Verve 0.274723 Travelling Light The Fireman 0.2742646 Life's a Bitch Nas 0.274205 Allegro con brio Muzio Clementi 0.274043 Change (Extended Version) Tears for Fears 0.273897 Keep On Loving You REO Speedwagon 0.273385 That's When I Think Of You 1927 0.273105 Baby Blue Little Birdy 0.272917 Venus in Furs The Velvet Underground 0.272901 Spaceship Puddle of Mudd 0.272767 I WIll Be There Glass Tiger 0.272442 Move Along The All-American Rejects 0.272265 When Smokey Sings ABC 0.272228 Sanctus: Nelson Mass Haydn 0.272084 Into The Fire Thirteen Senses 0.271765 The Distance CAKE 0.271407 Soldiers You Am I 0.271247 Kaos Hayko Cepkin 0.270669 Hemorrhage (In My Hands) Fuel 0.270222 Together The Raconteurs 0.2699078 Bleed You Dry Grinspoon 0.269835 Kryptonite 3 Doors Down 0.269814 It Ends Tonight The All-American Rejects 0.269783 Are We Ourselves? The Fixx 0.269576 Domination Peace Orchestra 0.269413 Rondo: Presto Franz Joseph Haydn 0.269279 Which Will Nick Drake 0.2689917 Breathe Jeremy Camp 0.267945 Politik Coldplay 0.2678292 Drops Of Jupiter Train 0.26774 Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight The Fireman 0.2677166 Place To Be Nick Drake 0.2674689 Getting Away With Murder Papa Roach 0.2665012 Breakeven The Script 0.266452 Gol Malt 0.266346 Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley 0.2662703 Falling Apart Zebrahead 0.266029 Wild Thing The Troggs 0.265655 Strange Brew Cream 0.2655251 Snowblind Minus 8 0.265399 Waltz for Koop Koop 0.2650688 In the Meantime Spacehog 0.26504 Treat Me Like Your Mother The Dead Weather 0.264935 Cuba (Capricho) Isaac Albeniz 0.26436 Telephone Line Electric Light Orchestra 0.264353 Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From the Team) Taking Back Sunday 0.26417 Gorecki Lamb 0.2637209 Mrs. Vandebilt Paul McCartney & Wings 0.263616 Drag You Down Finger Eleven 0.2635696 Futatsu No Sekai Base Ball Bear 0.26343 Small Talk Scritti Politti 0.26316 Siren Hayko Cepkin 0.262678 Hareket Vakti Emre Aydın 0.262636 Hit That The Offspring 0.262564 Starlight Minus 8 0.26249 It's So Easy Willy DeVille 0.261517 Sen Ben Duman 0.261172 Lights Out Breaking Benjamin 0.2611 One Of Us Joan Osborne 0.260988 Latazz The Funky Lowlives 0.260726 Radio Silence Thomas Dolby 0.260478 Simple Twist of Fate Bob Dylan 0.2602594 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da The Police 0.260119 You Don't Love Me Baby Junior Wells 0.259921 Run to Paradise ChoirBoys 0.2598657 Kisskiss Parov Stelar 0.259758 Unwell Matchbox Twenty 0.259593 Symphony Nr.2 Sergei Rachmaninoff 0.259586 Ties That Bind Alter Bridge 0.2595065 Two Princes Spin Doctors 0.259214 Starlight Muse 0.259072 Still Loving You Scorpions 0.258982 The Other Side Of Liverpool Ringo Starr 0.2586302 Bohemian Sunset Jazzanova 0.2585656 Hit Or Miss New Found Glory 0.258557 Stiff Jazz dZihan & Kamien 0.2583611 Last Nite The Strokes 0.258095 Postcards from Hell Zebrahead 0.2579617 Here I Am The Explosion 0.257878 Vive Le Rock Adam Ant 0.257649 Can't You See The Marshall Tucker Band 0.257618 King for a Day Thompson Twins 0.257598 Get a Move On Mr. Scruff 0.2575725 Be A Man Socialburn 0.2575396 Black Pearl Jam 0.257527 Tell Me Jonah33 0.257442 Dayvan Cowboy Boards of Canada 0.257395 Made Of Stone The Stone Roses 0.257137 One Week Barenaked Ladies 0.257122 The Flame Arcadia 0.256826 Ruby Baby Donald Fagen 0.256785 Spellbound Siouxsie and the Banshees 0.256309 Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version) (2009 Digital Remaster) Duran Duran 0.256272 Arabesque in C major Robert Schumann 0.256237 Nocturne in C# minor Frédéric Chopin 0.256214 Paralyzer Finger Eleven 0.256045 The Man Who Can't Be Moved The Script 0.25588 Hold On Tight Electric Light Orchestra 0.2557289 Something We Can't Be Project 86 0.25551 All That I've Got The Used 0.254965 All Your Love Magic Sam 0.254772 I Don't Remember Powderfinger 0.254754 Polonaise No.6 in A flat, Op.53 -"Heroic" Maurizio Pollini 0.254723 We are Detective Thompson Twins 0.254437 Allegro Con Fuoco Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 0.254322 Closer To The Heart Rush 0.254311 Belle Alif Tree 0.254237 Violins Lagwagon 0.254152 Original Bedroom Rockers Kruder & Dorfmeister 0.253533 One Night In Bangkok Murray Head 0.253306 Alive P.O.D. 0.252846 No Lies Noiseworks 0.252763 We Got The Beat The Go-Go's 0.252653 I Want Some More Dan Auerbach 0.252617 I Found A New Love Magic Sam 0.252616 Armageddon Alkaline Trio 0.252256 Learning To Fly Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 0.2520495 Heartbroken, In Disrepair Dan Auerbach 0.251701 Y Not Ringo Starr 0.251625 Git Emre Aydın 0.25144 How Good It Can Be The 88 0.251236 Staggolee Pacific Gas & Electric 0.250978 William Tell Gioacchino Rossini 0.250818 赤橙 ACIDMAN 0.250784 Menuett I and II Georg Philipp Telemann 0.250779 The Bird And The Worm The Used 0.250372 Calling All Cars Senses Fail 0.250266 Sunny Came Home Shawn Colvin 0.25026 Strange Magic Electric Light Orchestra 0.2498473 Paint the Silence South 0.249677 So Easy Bodyjar 0.249622 Bustin' Surfboards The Tornadoes 0.24958 Red House Jimi Hendrix 0.2494342 Hanging By A Moment Lifehouse 0.2491595 Dursun Dünya Teoman 0.248946 Closer Travis 0.24882 2 A.M. Allister 0.248634 Beautiful People Australian Crawl 0.248487 Apologize OneRepublic 0.248252 Publish My Love Rogue Wave 0.248156 London In The Rain Variety Lab 0.248039 Letters To You Finch 0.247863 The Last Race Jack Nitzsche 0.247854 Girl U Want Devo 0.247751 Black And White Town Doves 0.247448 Starman David Bowie 0.247159 Lust For Life Iggy Pop 0.246847 Sharp Dressed Man ZZ Top 0.24684 Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night Kisschasy 0.24665 Cevapsiz Sorular Manga 0.246329 Tango Forte Dublex Inc. 0.24612 Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors Editors 0.2460591 Rainbow In The Dark Dio 0.245909 Unfinished Sympathy Massive Attack 0.245774 Absolutely (Story of a Girl) Nine Days 0.245667 Suedehead Morrissey 0.24516 Complicated Avril Lavigne 0.2448579 Saturday Night Bay City Rollers 0.244753 Without A Reason Forty Foot Echo 0.2443327 Gives You Hell The All-American Rejects 0.244278 Long Distance Runaround Yes 0.2442761 Hungarian Dance No.5 Johannes Brahms 0.24423 Great Romances of the 20th Century Taking Back Sunday 0.244057 Baby It's You Smith 0.244022 Cocaine Is A Sin The Strike Boys 0.243526 Touch Noiseworks 0.243274 The Way We Get By Spoon 0.242998 Noturno Heitor Villa-Lobos 0.242985 A Point Between Extremes This Beautiful Republic 0.242898 Up Rob Crow 0.242851 The View from the Afternoon Arctic Monkeys 0.2427618 The Passenger Iggy Pop 0.24271 Fireside Favourite Groove Armada 0.242465 Lonely Soul UNKLE 0.2418362 I'm Above Mad Season 0.2417274 This Is a Call Foo Fighters 0.241665 You Wanted More Tonic 0.241514 Going Mobile The Who 0.241412 Who Will Save Your Soul Jewel 0.241162 In The Morning Razorlight 0.2410118 Geçmiş Olsun Duman 0.240881 Living After Midnight Judas Priest 0.240753 I Still Remember Bloc Party 0.240569 My Wife The Who 0.240041 Every Morning Sugar Ray 0.240031 You Got Me All Wrong dios Malos 0.239947 Testify Rage Against the Machine 0.23949 Texas Flood Stevie Ray Vaughan 0.239471 Since I've Been Loving You Led Zeppelin 0.239451 Tomorrow Home Grown 0.2392251 Fun For Me Moloko 0.239051 Söz Ver Feridun Düzağaç 0.239025 Megalomaniac Incubus 0.2390016 Spirits In The Material World The Police 0.2387201 Wild Boys Duran Duran 0.238707 Famous Last Words My Chemical Romance 0.238524 Oh My God Kaiser Chiefs 0.238386 Boom Boom John Lee Hooker 0.2380399 Phantom Limb The Shins 0.2379837 867-5309/Jenny Tommy Tutone 0.237555 Saying Sorry Hawthorne Heights 0.237487 Yağmurlar Şebnem Ferah 0.237417 Against the Wind Bob Seger 0.237415 Go All The Way The Raspberries 0.237199 Brain Stew Green Day 0.237043 Welcome to the Black Parade My Chemical Romance 0.236884 The Pot Tool 0.235944 Caligulove Them Crooked Vultures 0.235843 Cuts You Up Peter Murphy 0.235767 Lateralus Tool 0.235601 We Called It America NOFX 0.235418 goes on 10-FEET 0.235188 Blue Train John Coltrane 0.235119 Stay Beautiful Manic Street Preachers 0.2350759 Total Control The Motels 0.234995 Drones Rise Against 0.2349659 In Space Röyksopp 0.234871 Plowed Sponge 0.234586 So What I Lied Sick Puppies 0.2344872 Popular Mechanics for Lovers Beulah 0.234343 naturally Slow Train 0.2341461 Save Me Tonight Goloka 0.234114 Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt We Are Scientists 0.234062 Enter Sandman Metallica 0.23386 I Wanna Be Sedated Ramones 0.233838 Lovers In The Wind Roger Hodgson 0.2337916 Valse Du Chocolat Aux Amandes. Valse Erik Satie 0.233328 Evil Interpol 0.233285 Gold Lion Yeah Yeah Yeahs 0.233256 No. 14 in F sharp minor, BWV 883 Johann Sebastian Bach 0.232914 Sweet Talkin' Woman Electric Light Orchestra 0.232853 I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You Tom Waits 0.2326554 Ambrosia A Reminiscent Drive 0.232586 Open Up Your Eyes Tonic 0.232499 Whisper So Loud Disciple 0.232375 Inside the Fire Disturbed 0.232152 Up Against The Wall Boys Like Girls 0.231982 Small Town John Mellencamp 0.231713 Warning Sign Coldplay 0.231514 Largo ma non tanto Johann Sebastian Bach 0.231045 The Saints Are Coming U2 and Green Day 0.2307329 Desperately Wanting Better Than Ezra 0.230691 Real World Matchbox Twenty 0.230687 Terrapin Bonobo 0.230603 A Design For Life Manic Street Preachers 0.230576 One Crowded Hour Augie March 0.230574 Allegro ma non tanto Sergei Rachmaninoff 0.230224 Adore I:Cube 0.229908 A Midsummer Night's Dream - Nocturne Felix Mendelssohn 0.229866 Can't Say No Jimmie Vaughan 0.229812 Shattered Dreams Johnny Hates Jazz 0.229697 Wherever You Will Go The Calling 0.2292296 Under My Sensi Boozoo Bajou 0.229222 Alone, Together The Strokes 0.229161 I Will Not Bow Breaking Benjamin 0.229096 One Day Like This Elbow 0.228823 Ashes Embrace 0.228538 Perfect World Billy Talent 0.228414 In the Summertime Thirsty Merc 0.228228 Riot Three Days Grace 0.227901 Superman's Dead Our Lady Peace 0.227675 I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You The Alan Parsons Project 0.2276626 I'd Rather Go Blind Koko Taylor 0.227545 Blues Makes Me Feel So Good Albert Cummings 0.227467 The Disease & The Cure Kutless 0.227385 Stargazer Rainbow 0.2271648 Rock With You Michael Jackson 0.22713 Cantando espressivo Martha Argerich 0.227087 Firth of Fifth Genesis 0.2268233 Vaporous Elsiane 0.226746 Band On The Run Wings 0.226679 Little Wing The Jimi Hendrix Experience 0.2266375 Selling The Drama Live 0.226444 Never Surrender Corey Hart 0.2264 I Dig Love George Harrison 0.225953 Intermezzo Georges Bizet 0.22552 Cash Machine Hard-Fi 0.225293 Hooch Sum 41 0.2248231 I Feel Free Cream 0.224805 Helicopter Bloc Party 0.2246597 The Night Disturbed 0.224637 Valerie The Zutons 0.224605 Ironic Alanis Morissette 0.2245849 Mr Tambourine Man The Byrds 0.224532 Mood Indigo Charlie Byrd 0.224502 Turncoat Anti-Flag 0.2244046 True Spandau Ballet 0.224385 Makes No Difference Sum 41 0.224266 My Society De-Phazz 0.224253 Cheese Cake Dexter Gordon 0.224066 Since U Been Gone Kelly Clarkson 0.2238947 Break The Night With Colour Richard Ashcroft 0.223262 Too Late Dead by Sunrise 0.223227 Pounding Doves 0.2231945 Layla Derek and the Dominos 0.222985 Banquet Bloc Party 0.2229691 Living Type Powderfinger 0.2229321 Messin' With The Kid Buddy Guy & Junior Wells 0.22292 Nowhere Without You Bob Evans 0.222813 The Chain Fleetwood Mac 0.2227516 III. Finale: Presto scherzando Felix Mendelssohn 0.222721 Broken Bones Birds of Tokyo 0.222705 Transmission Joy Division 0.222445 Consoler of the Lonely The Raconteurs 0.2222232 Ain't So Bad Stereoside 0.221698 Kind Hearted Woman Johnny Winter 0.22168 Shattered Life Seventh Day Slumber 0.221447 Little Black Backpack Stroke 9 0.221316 How? John Lennon 0.22112 Foxey Lady Jimi Hendrix 0.220929 Apple Shampoo blink-182 0.220661 Beautiful To Me Little Birdy 0.220118 Goody Two Shoes Adam Ant 0.219732 Medicate AFI 0.219684 Fluorescent Adolescent Arctic Monkeys 0.219572 Reconsider Baby Lonnie Brooks 0.219477 Poetically Pathetic Amber Pacific 0.219446 Same Jeans The View 0.219185 Also sprach Zarathustra Johann Strauss II 0.218918 Silence Is Easy Starsailor 0.218688 Wah Wah Blues Earl Hooker 0.218569 Come And Get Your Love Redbone 0.218404 Bedshaped Keane 0.218008 Watching You Disappear 32 Leaves 0.2178208 Young Fashioned Ways Koko Taylor 0.217689 Younger Than America Idlewild 0.2176439 Shooting Star Air Traffic 0.21746 The Night Chicago Died Paper Lace 0.217256 Beautiful Boy John Lennon 0.217241 It'll All Work Out Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 0.217209 Standing on the Outside Cold Chisel 0.216797 Overflow 32 Leaves 0.2167336 Femme Fatale The Velvet Underground 0.2166509 Hanging On The Telephone Blondie 0.2162011 You Get What You Give New Radicals 0.216183 What's Your Name Lynyrd Skynyrd 0.216105 君の街まで ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION 0.216093 Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies Biffy Clyro 0.21599 Eine kleine Nachtmusik Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 0.21546 The Last Tear Trapt 0.2154026 We're All In Love Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 0.2152841 No. 3 in D flat major, "Un sospiro" Franz Liszt 0.215187 III. Presto Maurice Ravel 0.215165 What Now My Love Lou Donaldson 0.215146 Out the Blue John Lennon 0.215027 Don't Make Me a Target Spoon 0.2148478 Baby Hold On Eddie Money 0.214798 Natural Blues Moby 0.2146392 Helpless Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 0.2145567 Just Like You Three Days Grace 0.214469 Life's What You Make It Talk Talk 0.21421 The View Modest Mouse 0.214101 Wicked Game Chris Isaak 0.213963 Pieces Sum 41 0.213906 Xxplosive Dr. Dre 0.213887 Gone So Young Amber Pacific 0.213307 Take Me To The River Al Green 0.21313 Searchlights Falling Up 0.212965 Wasteland 10 Years 0.21296 Heard That Sound MxPx 0.212867 Mannish Boy Muddy Waters 0.2126798 Another One Bites The Dust Queen 0.212597 Find Another Girl The Hives 0.2122926 Pathetic blink-182 0.21222 Undress Me Now Morcheeba 0.212164 Fire Dead by Sunrise 0.21196 Spray On Pants Kisschasy 0.211865 Keep Away Godsmack 0.211811 Traumerei Robert Schumann 0.211801 If You Leave Nada Surf 0.211428 Tin Man America 0.21141 Ponteio Astrud Gilberto 0.211403 Dream Weaver Gary Wright 0.211281 Unchained Melody The Righteous Brothers 0.211068 Hold Tight Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich 0.21088 Siberian Khatru Yes 0.2108247 Five Days - Five Nights, op.111a: The Liberation of Dresden Dmitri Shostakovich 0.21071 Baby, It's You Smith 0.210678 Take The Long Road And Walk It The Music 0.2106391 How Does It Feel Breaking Point 0.2106383 The Saints Are Coming U2 & Green Day 0.2105944 Talk To Me Seven Wiser 0.2105797 True Tears of Joy Hunters & Collectors 0.21056 Barely Breathing Duncan Sheik 0.210107 Happy You're Gone Placebo 0.209857 Do It For Me Now Angels & Airwaves 0.209523 Stuck In a Rut Stereophonics 0.209512 No.13 ELLEGARDEN 0.209456 Bob Is Not Your Uncle Anymore Walter Becker 0.2094224 Family Affair Sly & The Family Stone 0.208923 Tony The Tiger Manchester Orchestra 0.208854 Soul Kitchen The Doors 0.208685 Play Flunk 0.208523 Everywhere Michelle Branch 0.208174 Call Me Anytime The Cops 0.208167 Ever Present Past Paul McCartney 0.2080422 Last Train Home Lostprophets 0.2079634 Spinning Wheel Blood, Sweat & Tears 0.2076266 Cleopatra in New York Nickodemus 0.207308 Hands Open Snow Patrol 0.207261 Take Five Dave Brubeck 0.2071875 Numb Portishead 0.207176 Mama My Chemical Romance 0.2070798 Fast Fuse Kasabian 0.2067524 Greed Godsmack 0.206703 New Beginnings Finch 0.206684 Everything's Magic Angels & Airwaves 0.206415 Faceless Smile Empty Soul 0.2063516 振動覚 ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION 0.206146 Relaxin' With Cherry Kid Loco 0.206103 Heaven (Must Be There) Eurogliders 0.206076 We Gotta Get Out of This Place The Animals 0.205832 Jet Airliner Steve Miller Band 0.205705 On My Balcony Flunk 0.20561 The Tide Is High Blondie 0.205513 Make This Go On Forever Snow Patrol 0.2047066 Hocus Pocus Focus 0.2042159 Not This Time Fuel 0.204065 Lucky Radiohead 0.203917 Tumbling Dice The Rolling Stones 0.2038707 Plastic Fantastic Lover Jefferson Airplane 0.2038365 Pink Houses John Mellencamp 0.203811 Allegro Affettuoso Robert Schumann 0.203576 Baba O'Riley The Who 0.203567 Rewrite Sia 0.2028491 Our Lips Are Sealed The Go-Go's 0.202796 Paint Your Target Fightstar 0.202515 Be Near Me ABC 0.202245 Chick Magnet MxPx 0.201933 Karmacoma Massive Attack 0.201696 Take Me With U Prince & The Revolution 0.201615 I Ain't Drunk Albert Collins 0.2015135 Self Esteem Seven Wiser 0.200695 For Reasons Unknown The Killers 0.2004981 Had a Bad Day Fuel 0.2004043 Father And Son Cat Stevens 0.2003392 Awake Seventh Day Slumber 0.200277 Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac 0.200106 I'm Not Alright Sanctus Real 0.199911 Give Up The Grudge Gob 0.199572 Summer in the Studio Kinobe 0.199131 Welcome to My Life Simple Plan 0.199099 Send Me An Angel Real Life 0.198579 Break Me Seventh Day Slumber 0.197473 Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring Johann Sebastian Bach 0.197427 I'm The Only One Melissa Etheridge 0.19737 Note To Self From First to Last 0.197332 Little Green Bag George Baker 0.197111 The Pursuit Evans Blue 0.1970016 Superstition Stevie Wonder 0.196836 Bring Out Your Dead Strung Out 0.196454 We Can Get Together Icehouse 0.196403 Shut Up Simple Plan 0.19626 Tell Me Why Good Riddance 0.1962127 Today Strata 0.195934 Swollen Bent 0.1952473 Last Regret Seventh Day Slumber 0.194845 nakano kill you 凛として時雨 0.194805 Linoleum NOFX 0.1946983 Castellorizon David Gilmour 0.194335 Retrato En Branco E Prieto (Picture In Black And White) Stan Getz 0.19412 Chain Of Fools Aretha Franklin 0.193961 My Friend Marcus Manchester Orchestra 0.19392 Non Photo-Blue Pinback 0.1938421 Come To My Window Melissa Etheridge 0.193829 She's a Superstar Buddy Guy 0.1936912 The Day We Caught The Train Ocean Colour Scene 0.1934209 Little House of Savages The Walkmen 0.1933 Miss Sarajevo Passengers 0.1932425 Death of Me Red 0.1932031 Xtal Aphex Twin 0.192971 Sinner Drowning Pool 0.1929168 Recado Bossa Nova Hank Mobley 0.192811 Someone Who Cares Three Days Grace 0.1925069 ネイティブダンサー サカナクション 0.192085 Devotion and Desire Bayside 0.191911 Place Your Hands Reef 0.1918907 All The Things She Said Simple Minds 0.191591 Do You Wanna The Kooks 0.191375 Specialist Interpol 0.191349 Ballad of Bloody Run Strike Anywhere 0.1912233 Emily From First to Last 0.190905 Bully Three Days Grace 0.1907662 Dark Night The Blasters 0.190675 Ageispolis Aphex Twin 0.190664 Devour Shinedown 0.1904936 Summer Is Over Seven Mary Three 0.1904337 Let It Die Foo Fighters 0.190351 Bike Pink Floyd 0.1903301 The Legend Of Pegleg Sullivan Allister 0.190205 Carnival Natalie Merchant 0.189876 Mercy Me Alkaline Trio 0.1898696 Tempo di Menuetto Ludwig van Beethoven 0.189464 Supernova 9mm Parabellum Bullet 0.189328 Carve With The Sense ACIDMAN 0.189083 This Could Be Anywhere In The World Alexisonfire 0.188949 Still Frame Trapt 0.1889463 In The Sunshine detroit7 0.188813 69 Tea Seether 0.1887537 Flights Falling Up 0.188596 Walking Dead Decyfer Down 0.188502 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Chicago 0.1883246 Andante Molto Mosso Ludwig van Beethoven 0.188225 Salamander ELLEGARDEN 0.188106 Where Did All The Love Go? Kasabian 0.187953 My Way Limp Bizkit 0.187648 Simple Kind Of Life No Doubt 0.18761 Jailbreak Thin Lizzy 0.1871688 Why Don't You Get A Job? The Offspring 0.187015 Bigot Sunshine Tonic 0.1867649 For You Staind 0.186652 Oh, Pretty Woman Roy Orbison 0.186197 Mr Writer Stereophonics 0.1861506 Need You Tonight INXS 0.185941 Like a Virgin Madonna 0.185875 So Com Voce Thievery Corporation 0.1856768 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Santa Esmeralda 0.185534 Bring Me Down Pillar 0.185512 In Fear and Faith Circa Survive 0.184898 Wanderland 9mm Parabellum Bullet 0.184755 She's Not There The Zombies 0.184691 Think Aretha Franklin 0.184507 She Hates Me Puddle of Mudd 0.1843613 Do Better Say Anything 0.184158 Lie To Me 12 Stones 0.1841522 Anime Maurice Ravel 0.184073 People Get Ready The Impressions 0.184049 Life In The Fast Lane Eagles 0.183792 Blue Bossa Joe Henderson 0.183568 Infinite Regression Quantic 0.1834463 Ether Nas 0.183431 Charmer Kings of Leon 0.1833316 Breathe Me Sia 0.183292 Pink Moon Nick Drake 0.1832226 My Generation Limp Bizkit 0.183178 I.G.Y. Donald Fagen 0.183143 Breakdown Tom Petty 0.183036 COOL J 凛として時雨 0.182976 I Can See For Miles The Who 0.1828137 Please Send Me Someone To Love Red Garland 0.182393 The Man In Me Bob Dylan 0.182356 Fight Inside Red 0.1823313 Not Everyone Nine Black Alps 0.1823071 Change in Mood Kids in the Kitchen 0.182244 Last Resort Papa Roach 0.182243 Here's That Rainy Day Bill Evans 0.182126 One For Helen Bill Evans 0.182113 It's a heartache Rod Stewart 0.181999 Mudshovel Staind 0.1814678 Better Be Home Soon Crowded House 0.181438 Kodachrome Paul Simon 0.18143 Africa Toto 0.181376 Henrietta The Fratellis 0.181371 Act Appalled Circa Survive 0.180965 Wicked Gil Band of Horses 0.1809522 Green Alex Lloyd 0.18094 Steal The Show Ice Cube 0.180799 Take It to the Limit Eagles 0.180782 Runnin' With the Devil Van Halen 0.1806682 Vera Cruz Stanley Turrentine 0.180216 Bookends Theme Simon & Garfunkel 0.1796612 Age Of Reason John Farnham 0.179658 Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It Ice Cube 0.179609 Make A Sound Autopilot Off 0.179538 Errol Australian Crawl 0.1793225 Dear Boy Paul & Linda McCartney 0.179321 Moanin' Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers 0.179303 Why We Thugs Ice Cube 0.179259 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds The Beatles 0.1792064 All Of You (Take 2) Bill Evans Trio 0.179195 Elktooth Woven Hand 0.179106 The Real Slim Shady Eminem 0.178926 Moving In Stereo The Cars 0.178744 Half Life 10 Years 0.1786941 Hands Down Dashboard Confessional 0.178212 能動的三分間 東京事変 0.177978 Phantasmagoria in Two Tim Buckley 0.1779716 I Miss You blink-182 0.177882 You Must Believe In Spring Bill Evans 0.177816 It's All I Can Do The Cars 0.177767 飛べ Bugy Craxone 0.177552 Porch Pearl Jam 0.177189 Send the Pain Below Chevelle 0.177142 Let's Get High Dr. Dre 0.177053 Mothers Talk Tears for Fears 0.176941 Give Me Back My Man The B-52's 0.176894 Devil On My Shoulder Billy Talent 0.176791 If I Could 1927 0.17668 The Devil's Been Busy Traveling Wilburys 0.1765974 The Watcher Dr. Dre 0.176579 If I Didn't Love You Squeeze 0.176174 Promised You A Miracle Simple Minds 0.175973 My Hero Foo Fighters 0.175492 Black Stick The Cruel Sea 0.175415 Because I Love You Masters Apprentices 0.175337 Look Right Through Me Revis 0.1750774 Lacrimosa Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 0.174887 I Hear Motion Models 0.174853 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) Michael Jackson 0.17475 Cold Water Music Aim 0.1744857 I Learnt How To Pray Squeeze 0.174394 Autumn Leaves Cannonball Adderley 0.1742562 Speak No Evil Wayne Shorter 0.174197 Let's Go Crazy Prince & The Revolution 0.173766 I Got You (I Feel Good) James Brown 0.173513 Famous Puddle of Mudd 0.1735094 She's A Genius Jet 0.1731309 After Midnight Eric Clapton 0.1730701 Vow Kutless 0.173046 Runaway Del Shannon 0.172893 Little Girls Oingo Boingo 0.172828 How Do You Sleep? John Lennon 0.172726 The Eraser Thom Yorke 0.172683 Big Mess Devo 0.172394 Purrfect Funki Porcini 0.1719382 That's Not Me The Beach Boys 0.1718461 No Longer Decyfer Down 0.171767 The Artist In The Ambulance Thrice 0.171733 At Your Funeral Saves the Day 0.17172 Pictures at an Exhibition: Sam Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky 0.171511 Down in Yon Forest Woven Hand 0.171475 Goodbye SR-71 0.171312 Only You Yazoo 0.171306 The Energy Audiovent 0.171037 Only The Lonely Roy Orbison 0.170744 Saturday Night Cold Chisel 0.170613 Can't You Hear Me Knocking The Rolling Stones 0.1705513 Contemplation McCoy Tyner 0.170423 Momma Sed Puscifer 0.170374 Open Your Eyes Snow Patrol 0.170236 Ooh La The Kooks 0.170174 Hypnotized Pillar 0.169787 Private Road Bent 0.169719 Magic Bus The Who 0.169496 Bite To Break Skin Senses Fail 0.169302 Existentialism on Prom Night Straylight Run 0.169284 One Mic Nas 0.169255 The End's Not Near Band of Horses 0.169128 The Look of Love ABC 0.169052 Overrated Three Days Grace 0.1690391 Traffic In The Sky Jack Johnson 0.168795 I'm Like A Bird Nelly Furtado 0.168726 Short Memory Midnight Oil 0.16871 We Looked Like Giants Death Cab for Cutie 0.1686705 A Little Respect Erasure 0.168624 My Sweet Lord (2000) George Harrison 0.168369 Eat at Home Paul & Linda McCartney 0.16765 How To Save A Life The Fray 0.167545 Far Behind Eddie Vedder 0.167525 Suzuki Tosca 0.1674331 Rodney Yates David Holmes 0.167351 Little Things Bush 0.167337 Bizarre Love Triangle New Order 0.167312 September Earth, Wind & Fire 0.167207 La Mar (The Ocean) The Beautiful Girls 0.167105 Debaser Rogue Wave 0.167057 YYZ Rush 0.1670133 Fake It Seether 0.1667678 In My Sky Burden Brothers 0.166656 Blue and Yellow The Used 0.166335 Bad Day Daniel Powter 0.16629 Rain Song Day of Fire 0.166193 Vienna Ultravox 0.166112 I've Got a Woman Ray Charles 0.165848 Superfly Curtis Mayfield 0.165644 Everything Is Alright Motion City Soundtrack 0.165543 Into the Night Julee Cruise 0.165533 Jesus Freak dc Talk 0.165454 Waves Keith Jarrett Trio 0.165445 Reinventing Your Exit Underoath 0.165375 All Along The Watchtower The Jimi Hendrix Experience 0.165284 Saved Kutless 0.165104 Trigger Hippie Morcheeba 0.165011 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes Ultravox 0.165002 Attractive Today Motion City Soundtrack 0.164913 Woe Say Anything 0.164732 Take It Away The Used 0.164603 My Funny Valentine Gerry Mulligan 0.164565 Lido Shuffle Boz Scaggs 0.1645068 How Long Hinder 0.1644973 Lessons In Love Level 42 0.164485 Freakish Saves the Day 0.16441 Best Years Of Our Lives Richard Clapton 0.164389 Carry On Better Luck Next Time 0.1643783 Many Men (Wish Death) 50 Cent 0.164276 Moonglow Art Tatum 0.164246 Devil's Radio George Harrison 0.164218 My Girl The Temptations 0.164157 Money The Game 0.163673 Numb/Encore Jay-Z and Linkin Park 0.163631 Pachuca Sunrise Minus the Bear 0.16361 Good Day to Die Travis 0.163586 Free as a Bird The Beatles 0.163392 Ten Long Years B.B. King & Eric Clapton 0.163338 One U2 0.163263 Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) Billy Joel 0.1632212 I'll Take You There The Staple Singers 0.16316 Always on My Mind Pet Shop Boys 0.16293 Two Tribes Frankie Goes to Hollywood 0.162914 Ahmad's Blues Ahmad Jamal 0.162912 Respect Aretha Franklin 0.162754 Roll If Ya Fall Barefoot Truth 0.162645 Closer Sanctus Real 0.162626 I Turn My Camera On Rock Kills Kid 0.162611 Tha Shiznit Snoop Dogg 0.162546 You Decide Fireflight 0.162468 You Came Kim Wilde 0.162436 Flip Ya Lid Nightmares on Wax 0.1623941 The Wind Cat Stevens 0.1623236 Reminiscing Little River Band 0.1622504 The Great Escape We Are Scientists 0.1622263 Three O'Clock Blues B.B. King & Eric Clapton 0.162151 Hit The Road Jack Ray Charles 0.162066 You May Be Right Billy Joel 0.1620286 A Lack of Color Death Cab for Cutie 0.161847 Four By Five McCoy Tyner 0.161709 America Simon & Garfunkel 0.1613131 Halfway Gone Lifehouse 0.1612734 The Art Of Breaking Thousand Foot Krutch 0.161107 Feeling Good Nina Simone 0.161093 Sweet Sadness Gabin 0.1609642 Self-Portrait in Three Colors Charles Mingus 0.1607722 Detainer Day of Fire 0.160738 Generator Bad Religion 0.160695 Computer Games Mi-Sex 0.160675 What's Love Got To Do With It Tina Turner 0.160636 Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five Paul McCartney & Wings 0.160594 Shook Ones Pt. II Mobb Deep 0.160592 Gone Jack Johnson 0.160566 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Neil Young & Crazy Horse 0.160502 Endless Road Lazybatusu 0.160475 Little Bird Annie Lennox 0.160466 You're Beautiful James Blunt 0.160431 Inside Out Traveling Wilburys 0.1604297 A Horse With No Name America 0.160429 Oriente Malena Perez 0.1603 There Will Never Be Another You Wynton Kelly 0.160127 Soul Man Sam & Dave 0.160052 The Bartender And The Thief Stereophonics 0.160051 The Stone ASHES dIVIDE 0.159888 Aneurysm Nirvana 0.159759 Whatever You Want Something for Kate 0.159563 Futures Jimmy Eat World 0.159531 Working Man Rush 0.159472 Stupid Girl Garbage 0.1593006 Havana Moon De-Phazz 0.1592913 The Nightingale Julee Cruise 0.159208 Too Drunk to Fuck Dead Kennedys 0.159129 Dreams Of Nothing Idlewild 0.1587793 Nasty Janet Jackson 0.158738 Eye In The Sky The Alan Parsons Project 0.1586243 Whistle For The Choir The Fratellis 0.158459 Burying Luck Minus the Bear 0.1578556 Turn Feeder 0.157844 Rebel Yell Billy Idol 0.157697 I Get It Chevelle 0.15765 Kings and Queens 30 Seconds to Mars 0.157556 Synchronicity I The Police 0.157451 I Can't Wait Stevie Nicks 0.157426 Let It Down George Harrison 0.157405 A Gentle Dissolve Thievery Corporation 0.1573085 Crazy Baby Akasha 0.1573 Delivery Babyshambles 0.157279 Break on Through (to the Other Side) The Doors 0.157058 We Right Here DMX 0.156973 Phoebe Cates Fenix TX 0.156931 It's Your Thing The Isley Brothers 0.15689 For Fiona No Use for a Name 0.156639 I Can't Give You Anything But Love Erroll Garner 0.156525 Never Walk Away Breaking Point 0.15651 Alone Heart 0.156504 Say Hello 2 Heaven Temple of the Dog 0.156369 Lay Down My Pride Jeremy Camp 0.155979 Made of Glass Trapt 0.1559495 Get Down Audio Adrenaline 0.155771 By the Way Red Hot Chili Peppers 0.155746 I'm Not In Love 10cc 0.155551 Mercy Burden Brothers 0.155492 Babe Styx 0.155265 Maneater Hall & Oates 0.155167 Lover I Don't Have to Love Bright Eyes 0.154933 I Am the Highway Audioslave 0.154753 Forever Hurt 0.1546615 Crash Into Me Dave Matthews Band 0.154567 The One Thing I Have Left Hawk Nelson 0.154127 Pusherman Curtis Mayfield 0.154108 In Me Kutless 0.154073 You Carried Me Building 429 0.154057 No promises Icehouse 0.153996 Dramamine Modest Mouse 0.1538963 Is Forever Enough Hawk Nelson 0.153703 Say It Right Nelly Furtado 0.1537 Try A Little Tenderness Otis Redding 0.153668 The Hardest Part Coldplay 0.153646 Little Wing Jimi Hendrix 0.153553 Breathing Slowly Crossfade 0.153505 Come To Me Koop 0.1533656 The Show Must Go On Queen 0.153269 Falling On Finger Eleven 0.153266 The Chase (Bonus Track) Kill Hannah 0.153194 Bound For The Floor Local H 0.153176 Double Vision Foreigner 0.15309 Make Believe Seventh Day Slumber 0.153042 Monday Morning Fleetwood Mac 0.1528818 Downer Nirvana 0.152728 Desafinado Coleman Hawkins 0.1526835 Enemy Zebrahead 0.1525476 Absolute Thousand Foot Krutch 0.152501 Sunday Sia 0.152439 Jade Visions (Take 2) Bill Evans Trio 0.152423 That's How Strong My Love Is Otis Redding 0.152399 Freefall Camel 0.1523706 Balafia Cantoma 0.152302 Dancing In The Dark Bruce Springsteen 0.151798 Risingson Massive Attack 0.151748 I Want To Hold Your Hand The Beatles 0.151539 Road Trippin' Red Hot Chili Peppers 0.151512 Into the Groove Madonna 0.15149 The Sidewinder Lee Morgan 0.1512 Undefeated Audio Adrenaline 0.151082 A Whiter Shade Of Pale Procol Harum 0.15091 Second To Last New Found Glory 0.150827 Goodbye Stranger Supertramp 0.1508149 Hang On Seether 0.150776 Bubbly Colbie Caillat 0.150517 Comanche The Revels 0.150376 Appointment in Ghana Jackie McLean 0.150273 She's Mine Brett Dennen 0.150233 Second Balcony Jump Dexter Gordon 0.15021 Misty Mountain Hop Led Zeppelin 0.1501334 She Bop Cyndi Lauper 0.150127 Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield 0.149959 Take Me to the River Talking Heads 0.149924 The Letter The Box Tops 0.149854 Teenage Kicks The Undertones 0.149834 Dance Of The Infidels Bud Powell 0.149833 Outside Staind 0.149798 I Put A Spell On You Nina Simone 0.149787 I Love My Man Bent 0.149663 All I Have To Do Is Dream The Everly Brothers 0.149634 If You Leave Me Now Chicago 0.149577 Shining Star Earth, Wind & Fire 0.14955 The New Transmission Lostprophets 0.149522 Here's to You Zebrahead 0.149449 Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am) Jazzanova 0.1494225 Lost In Stereo All Time Low 0.149201 My Sharona The Knack 0.149187 Help The Poor B.B. King 0.148854 Conversations Finger Eleven 0.148724 Octopus Syd Barrett 0.148696 Dictaphone's Lament Tycho 0.148561 What I Got Sublime 0.148526 Beginnings Chicago 0.1485 So What Miles Davis 0.148451 Gold Dust Woman Fleetwood Mac 0.148441 Forever Young Alphaville 0.148384 Addicted Saving Abel 0.148227 Sarah And Johnny Submersed 0.1480343 Heaven John Frusciante 0.147925 At the Levity Ball Burning Brides 0.147834 Destined for Nothing Bad Religion 0.147804 Love Comes In End of Fashion 0.147611 Before I Forget Slipknot 0.147582 My Only Hope Seventh Day Slumber 0.147518 I'm With You Avril Lavigne 0.147514 Uno Muse 0.147388 Lullaby Of Birdland George Shearing 0.147198 With A Little Help From My Friends Joe Cocker 0.1470868 The Red Rooster Howlin' Wolf 0.146951 Red Barchetta Rush 0.1468692 Black Gold The Prom Kings 0.146774 Berlin Chair You Am I 0.146535 Freddie Freeloader Miles Davis 0.146534 You Can't Always Get What You Want The Rolling Stones 0.146483 Don't You Want Me The Human League 0.146421 Dinosaurs Will Die NOFX 0.146387 Open Your Eyes Goldfinger 0.146378 The Bright Lights of America Anti-Flag 0.146323 All Over The Town Idlewild 0.146313 Carvel John Frusciante 0.146289 Never Let Me Go Bill Evans 0.146284 Watching The Detectives Elvis Costello 0.146282 Wherever She Goes Trapt 0.1462315 Junior's Farm Wings 0.146165 O.K. Gyroscope 0.146061 Woodstock Alice Smith 0.145918 Only Ones Who Know Arctic Monkeys 0.1459161 I Gave You Power Nas 0.145756 The River Keith Jarrett Trio 0.145723 Forever Can Be ASHES dIVIDE 0.145519 From This Moment On Brad Mehldau 0.145486 Lookin' Out My Back Door Creedence Clearwater Revival 0.1454745 Say Goodnight This Beautiful Republic 0.145392 Dream Police Cheap Trick 0.145293 A Gal In Calico Ahmad Jamal 0.145229 After Hours Quincy Jones 0.145023 Look At me John Lennon 0.144914 Spit It Out Slipknot 0.144883 Starstruck Rainbow 0.144642 Black Math The White Stripes 0.144485 Overall Junction Albert King 0.14446 Dance Naked Under Palmtrees Mo' Horizons 0.1444021 French Kissin' In The USA Deborah Harry 0.144386 This Is The Life Amy Macdonald 0.144281 Setting Forth Eddie Vedder 0.144249 The Message The Cops 0.144171 Cymbal Rush Thom Yorke 0.144082 Vagina Mine Puscifer 0.14406 All I Want Reef 0.143969 Dreaming Blondie 0.143853 Away From Here The Enemy 0.143496 His Majesty King Raam Lemon Jelly 0.143457 Girlfriend Wings 0.143454 Private Idaho The B-52's 0.143385 I Got You Babe Sonny & Cher 0.143366 Never Learn Rufio 0.143351 Wait And Bleed Slipknot 0.143074 This Is Yesterday Manic Street Preachers 0.142879 Slash N' Burn Manic Street Preachers 0.142823 Tell Tale Heart New Found Glory 0.142779 Charmless Man Blur 0.142733 Story of My Life Social Distortion 0.142716 Come Down In Time Elton John 0.142657 Badge Cream 0.1425194 When the Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin 0.142376 They Jem 0.142353 Sunrise Projector Tycho 0.142309 In My Place Coldplay 0.142119 neighbours Trial Kennedy 0.142099 on our way Stereoside 0.142024 Excited Little Birdy 0.141672 Let It Out Snoop Dogg 0.141647 Stand By Me Ben E. King 0.141638 Somewhere Dave Brubeck 0.141558 Even When Seven Places 0.141529 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Charles Mingus 0.141384 Anysound The Vines 0.141352 Voyeur blink-182 0.141321 The Familiar Faker 0.141255 You Oughta Know Alanis Morissette 0.1410297 Numb Tait 0.141008 Duality Slipknot 0.140988 Dancing With Myself Billy Idol 0.14066 My Home's In The Delta Buddy Guy & Junior Wells 0.140551 The Modern Age The Strokes 0.140532 Take This for Granted Gyroscope 0.140313 The Zephyr Song Red Hot Chili Peppers 0.140005 Come Join Us Bad Religion 0.140004 Nights Introlude Nightmares on Wax 0.139969 Black Tattoo Grinspoon 0.139918 You Make My Dreams Hall & Oates 0.139899 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) Bruce Springsteen 0.1398242 Cripple Creek Ferry Neil Young 0.1397226 Let It Be Paul McCartney 0.139681 Rockin' All Over The World Status Quo 0.139556 Little Sister Queens of the Stone Age 0.139447 Here, There and Everywhere Paul McCartney 0.139445 It's Come to This Fuel 0.139424 Dancing In Berlin Berlin 0.139152 Baby, Please Don't Go Muddy Waters 0.138959 The Bucket Kings of Leon 0.138943 I Kissed A Girl Katy Perry 0.138937 Walk Away Bad Religion 0.138901 End Of A Century Blur 0.138785 Goin' Home Muddy Waters 0.138661 Wrapped Around Your Finger The Police 0.138653 An Honest Mistake The Bravery 0.138628 All My Love Led Zeppelin 0.138512 Stricken Disturbed 0.138326 I'm A Believer The Monkees 0.138261 Grow Some Funk Of Your Own Elton John 0.138046 Happy Together The Turtles 0.138003 Outloud Dispatch 0.13799 Youth of the Nation P.O.D. 0.137867 In the Air Tonight Phil Collins 0.13786 Dust in The Wind Kansas 0.137849 Bone Broke The White Stripes 0.137814 A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke 0.137642 Victory Bad Religion 0.137536 Stay With Me Wavorly 0.137163 Three Picture Deal Walter Becker 0.1368575 Decision Sonny Rollins 0.136617 Dance to the Music Sly & The Family Stone 0.136598 I'm Yours (Live On Earth Version) Jason Mraz 0.136368 Punk Rock 101 Bowling for Soup 0.136355 Beg Evans Blue 0.136147 Mother's Children Have A Hard Time Blind Willie Johnson 0.136144 Interlude To Addiction 32 Leaves 0.136122 Ashes To Ashes David Bowie 0.136065 Sunday Warning Trial Kennedy 0.13602 Fuck Authority Pennywise 0.13596 Leave It Alone NOFX 0.135936 Space Oddity David Bowie 0.135784 For My Mother Blue October 0.135738 Real Love The Beatles 0.135717 For The Love Of Money The O'Jays 0.135637 Post Blue Placebo 0.135635 Hoodoo Man Blues Buddy Guy & Junior Wells 0.135497 You Don't Love Me T-Bone Walker 0.135452 I Didn't Mean To Hurt Your Feelings Howlin' Wolf 0.135442 Hell in High Water Toadies 0.135271 The Prayer Bloc Party 0.135213 Shining Moon Lightnin' Hopkins 0.135149 Private Man Powderfinger 0.13504 These Dreams Heart 0.135033 Down to the River Lightnin' Hopkins 0.134972 Double Drums Peace Orchestra 0.134968 Danger The Motels 0.134949 Falling Star Disciple 0.134673 High James Blunt 0.134619 Sunrise Norah Jones 0.134569 Tears Dry On Their Own Amy Winehouse 0.134545 Sweeter As the Years Roll By Blind Willie Johnson 0.134532 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Bono 0.1345037 Orange Kasabian 0.134496 Flamboyant Big L 0.134477 Baker Street Gerry Rafferty 0.1344 Broken Boy Soldier The Raconteurs 0.134336 Old Yellow Bricks Arctic Monkeys 0.134235 All or Nothing Lit 0.134156 I Can't Dance Genesis 0.1341553 Message In A Bottle The Police 0.134144 Rock Steady Aretha Franklin 0.133969 Early in the Morning Buddy Guy 0.13396 Knock On Wood Eddie Floyd 0.133953 Machines Biffy Clyro 0.133919 Lady Madonna Paul McCartney 0.133874 Girl From Mars Ash 0.133812 Today Jefferson Airplane 0.133794 Say Something Something for Kate 0.133774 The Hopeless Housewife Bad Religion 0.133719 One More Road To Cross DMX 0.133715 I'd Rather Be Blind Freddie King 0.133328 Tell It Like It Is Aaron Neville 0.133251 Gimme Three Steps Lynyrd Skynyrd 0.13322 Living for the Weekend Hard-Fi 0.133178 Pretty Visitors Arctic Monkeys 0.1331442 I'd Do Anything Simple Plan 0.133101 Because Of You Kelly Clarkson 0.13291 Darn That Dream Gerry Mulligan Quartet 0.1328811 High And Dry Radiohead 0.132683 Had Enough The Enemy 0.132657 Cigarettes And Suitcases Something for Kate 0.13265 She's in Parties Bauhaus 0.13264 Can't Stand Losing You The Police 0.132414 505 Arctic Monkeys 0.132296 Meister Petz Peace Orchestra 0.132272 Estelle A Man Called Adam 0.132268 Let Me Go 3 Doors Down 0.132237 Isn't She Lovely Dexter Gordon 0.132106 Summertime Killer Luis Bacalov 0.132058 It Never Snows In Florida New Found Glory 0.131871 You Got Nothing I Want Cold Chisel 0.131865 Only Entertainment Bad Religion 0.131816 Animal I Have Become Three Days Grace 0.131694 One Way Out Elmore James 0.131672 My Happy Ending Avril Lavigne 0.131653 Down by the River Neil Young & Crazy Horse 0.131589 Back To Black Amy Winehouse 0.131394 Free Donavon Frankenreiter & Jack Johnson 0.131191 Ain't No Sunshine Bill Withers 0.130992 Something To Remember You By Keith Jarrett 0.130466 True Blue Tina Brooks 0.130456 Nothing In My Way Keane 0.130259 That Lady The Isley Brothers 0.130239 Mr. Tambourine Man Bob Dylan 0.130179 Well You Needn't Thelonious Monk 0.130075 Blues We Like B.B. King 0.13001 Stretch 50 Cent 0.130003 Nights Interlude Nightmares on Wax 0.129945 Coming Too Close No Use for a Name 0.129682 Anesthetize Porcupine Tree 0.129672 She Smiled Sweetly The Rolling Stones 0.129588 Everyday Is Like Sunday Morrissey 0.129552 China Girl David Bowie 0.129542 She's Only Happy In The Sun Ben Harper 0.129375 Sugar Magnolia Grateful Dead 0.1293006 Looking Back Ruth Brown 0.129298 Ebonics Big L 0.129255 Shadows of Ourselves Thievery Corporation 0.129245 Terrapin Syd Barrett 0.129192 Izzo/In the End Jay-Z and Linkin Park 0.129007 Homebase dZihan & Kamien 0.12868 Bro Hymn Pennywise 0.12867 Gimme Some Truth John Lennon 0.128594 You're Da Man Nas 0.128515 Carry You Dispatch 0.128484 My Romance Ben Webster 0.128454 The Line Is Fine Travis 0.12844 No Tomorrow Orson 0.128191 Tell Me Baby B.B. King 0.128047 Choices The Ataris 0.12792 Modern Love Peter Gabriel 0.12789 My Life Story MxPx 0.127848 So Far Away Staind 0.127798 Half Light Athlete 0.127792 Like A Movie Midtown 0.127757 Just The Flu NOFX 0.127629 Oceans of Envy Seven Mary Three 0.1275979 Frisco Blues John Lee Hooker 0.127526 E.S.T. White Lies 0.127282 Goldfish Bowl Stereophonics 0.127041 Blow Up the Pokies The Whitlams 0.127023 Ocean Jive Sven van Hees 0.126866 Open Your Eyes Guano Apes 0.126493 How Could I? Oleander 0.1264403 Three Women Blues Blind Willie McTell 0.126424 Summer (In B) Amber Pacific 0.126376 Someone To Watch Over Me Keith Jarrett 0.126344 Effect and Cause The White Stripes 0.12614 Tom the Model Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man 0.126126 Pal Peru Gecko Turner 0.126037 Yours Is No Disgrace Yes 0.12602 Blue 7 Sonny Rollins 0.1259675 Last Night The Strokes 0.125926 Moondance Van Morrison 0.1259213 Real Talk Outlawz 0.12587 Green Onions Booker T. & The MG's 0.12585 Call It Stormy Monday T-Bone Walker 0.125642 Here Without You 3 Doors Down 0.125528 Crashing Down Sugarcult 0.125289 Pressure Point The Zutons 0.125217 Jack Mode Compton's Most Wanted 0.125217 All for You Jonah33 0.125168 Astair Matt Costa 0.125115 Souk Rok Afterlife 0.125104 You Don't Care Nothin' Rancid 0.124958 The Return Rithma 0.124894 Bastille Day Rush 0.124867 Sunset Nitin Sawhney 0.124849 Siddharta Weathertunes 0.124814 Rio Duran Duran 0.124793 My Angel Rocks Back and Forth Four Tet 0.124785 Popular Secret The Lushlife Project 0.124673 You and I (DJ Maestro Remix) Floris 0.124665 One For The Mockingbird Cutting Crew 0.124658 You Wish Nightmares on Wax 0.124625 A Crippling Blow The Killers 0.124617 I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor Arctic Monkeys 0.124437 Lobotomy for Dummies Zebrahead 0.124394 If You Love Me Like You Say Albert Collins 0.124391 Gotta Reason Hard-Fi 0.124299 Sorrow Box Car Racer 0.12428 Omid Thievery Corporation 0.124243 Xanadu Rush 0.12413 Beginning To Get To Me Snow Patrol 0.124108 Opportunity Pete Murray 0.12397 Movies Alien Ant Farm 0.123935 Ladies first Weathertunes 0.123886 Happy House Siouxsie and the Banshees 0.12385 Losing Touch The Killers 0.123848 Johnny Thunder The Kinks 0.1238458 Year Of The Cat Al Stewart 0.123582 Some Riot Elbow 0.123542 All The Voices INXS 0.123517 Like Someone In Love Dexter Gordon 0.1234832 Lights Journey 0.123387 Enemy Grinspoon 0.123337 Playing to Win John Farnham 0.123233 Benny Got Blowed Up NOFX 0.123118 Fuck U Archive 0.123088 Speak Of The Devil Sum 41 0.123036 Drago Or The Dragons Falling Up 0.123032 Saved By Zero The Fixx 0.122938 Hummingbird B.B. King 0.122899 Under The Stars Cantoma 0.122813 How Can I Live Ill Niño 0.122774 Don't You Evah Spoon 0.122773 Answer To The Laundromat Blues Albert King 0.122755 Sunrise [DJ Thunda & K20 Allstars Mix] Afterlife 0.122681 Pride And Joy Stevie Ray Vaughan 0.122573 Love Her With a Feeling Freddie King 0.122484 Dust My Broom Elmore James 0.12247 Moritat Sonny Rollins 0.122336 Trouble Stereophonics 0.122329 The Paramour Arms and Sleepers 0.122216 Something George Harrison 0.122085 Ball and Biscuit The White Stripes 0.121998 The Bones Of You Elbow 0.121947 Inside My Mind (Blue Skies) Groove Armada 0.121945 All I Wanna Do Sheryl Crow 0.121933 Killer On The Loose Faker 0.121883 The Never-Ending Why Placebo 0.121846 Breaking Down TRUSTcompany 0.1217137 The Way We Were Default 0.121498 Slip Into Something More Comfortable Kinobe 0.121438 Doesn't Remind Me Audioslave 0.121124 Surrey With The Fringe On Top Miles Davis Quintet 0.1209464 Thanks for Your Time Gotye 0.120865 Secret Weapon MxPx 0.120797 Prelude In E Minor Gerry Mulligan 0.120613 Secrets OneRepublic 0.120592 Crowded Head Collective Soul 0.1205652 Darlin' Do Not Fear Brett Dennen 0.120524 I Believe in All Oasis 0.120448 Back to the Motor League Propagandhi 0.120438 Last Girl on Earth Supreme Beings of Leisure 0.120434 I Want To Break Free Queen 0.120352 Sugar Kids in the Way 0.120289 Don't Stop The Rolling Stones 0.1201951 This Could Be Love Alkaline Trio 0.120105 Simone Arms and Sleepers 0.120096 Million Miles Away The Offspring 0.119993 Lost! Coldplay 0.119982 C'mon C'mon The Von Bondies 0.119968 Genocide The Offspring 0.119904 Just Say Yes Snow Patrol 0.119786 Pretty Girl Eric Clapton 0.1195086 Once I Was Tim Buckley 0.1191724 Treasures Thievery Corporation 0.119152 Back To You thenewno2 0.119057 Bling (Confession Of A King) The Killers 0.119054 Miss Murder AFI 0.119032 The Last Time I Saw Richard Joni Mitchell 0.1190063 My Name Is Jonas Weezer 0.118946 Break Stuff Limp Bizkit 0.118915 I'll Change for Now Never Heard of It 0.1189 New Divide Linkin Park 0.118881 Take It On The Run REO Speedwagon 0.118866 Again Archive 0.118837 Sewn The Feeling 0.118781 Better Times Kids in the Way 0.118755 The Jester Sum 41 0.118731 Roads Portishead 0.118693 Six Barrel Shotgun Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 0.118657 Five Becomes Four Yellowcard 0.118627 I'm Ready Bryan Adams 0.118504 Animals Nickelback 0.118221 Nice To Know You Incubus 0.118196 See the World The Kooks 0.118127 K.I.A. (Killed In Action) Jet 0.118123 Wayside Birds of Tokyo 0.117824 To Them These Streets Belong Rise Against 0.117717 'Merican Descendents 0.117713 Sold as Freedom Anti-Flag 0.117692 Sweet Pea Amos Lee 0.117603 Mutt blink-182 0.117571 Infected Bad Religion 0.117567 Rocking Horse The Dead Weather 0.117405 Pussy Town Machine Gun Fellatio 0.117388 Sex on Fire Kings of Leon 0.117183 Candy Man Blues Mississippi John Hurt 0.116929 Marseilles The Angels 0.116794 Ignorance Paramore 0.116771 Fox Millencolin 0.116753 Tearing Everyone Down Anti-Flag 0.116753 Nookie Limp Bizkit 0.116702 Sitting by the Riverside The Kinks 0.1166851 Thick as Thieves Kasabian 0.116667 Innocence Jeremy Camp 0.116467 Oh Dave Matthews 0.116463 Tearing Down the Borders Anti-Flag 0.116189 Leave Out All the Rest Linkin Park 0.116121 Susan's House Eels 0.115977 Sofa Song The Kooks 0.115902 Ray Millencolin 0.115873 Seven Days in the Sun Feeder 0.115639 Gallows Pole Led Zeppelin 0.115545 Bouncing With Bud Bud Powell 0.115349 Forget My Name New Found Glory 0.115295 (Can't Get My) Head Around You The Offspring 0.115278 Who's Crying Now Journey 0.115174 Epic Faith No More 0.115148 Alabama 10 Years 0.115127 Inertiatic Esp The Mars Volta 0.1150442 Shadow Of The Day Linkin Park 0.114971 Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight Amos Lee 0.114945 Go With the Flow Queens of the Stone Age 0.114942 The Quitter NOFX 0.114941 Roygbiv Boards of Canada 0.114912 Jealous Hearted Man Muddy Waters 0.114453 Dusty Road John Lee Hooker 0.114444 Alameda Elliott Smith 0.1144264 American Tune Paul Simon 0.1144095 L.A. Woman The Doors 0.114259 Crawl Breaking Benjamin 0.114225 Last Summer Lostprophets 0.114074 What You Say Sugarcult 0.113814 Reason To Believe Tim Hardin 0.1138035 I Don't Wanna Know New Found Glory 0.113722 Weak And Powerless A Perfect Circle 0.113651 There's a World Neil Young 0.113645 The Meaning of Life The Offspring 0.11356 You Speak My Language Collective Soul 0.1135381 Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated Rise Against 0.11351 Sand River Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man 0.113495 I'm In Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around/Workshop Brian Wilson 0.1134619 Three Little Girls J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton 0.113347 Suffocate Cold 0.113344 The Diary of Jane Breaking Benjamin 0.113265 I Dare You Shinedown 0.113194 Heading for the Light Traveling Wilburys 0.113143 Black Balloon Goo Goo Dolls 0.113011 Last Time Fuel 0.112991 Sugar Pill (Demo) Ambulance LTD 0.112977 Daddy Warbux Anti-Flag 0.112957 Rocks Primal Scream 0.112856 Truckin' Grateful Dead 0.112755 Lenny Stevie Ray Vaughan 0.112522 Bela Lugosi's Dead Bauhaus 0.112441 Police Truck Dead Kennedys 0.112198 Waiting For The Sun Powderfinger 0.112181 Walk All Over You AC/DC 0.112171 Swallow Supreme Beings of Leisure 0.112149 Lonely No More Rob Thomas 0.112113 Everything Is Burning Spoken 0.112034 The Heart of Life (Live) John Mayer 0.111924 Game On Catatonia 0.111913 There's Gotta Be A Change Jonny Lang 0.111866 The Cutter Echo & The Bunnymen 0.111714 Wash Away Matt Costa 0.111709 Falling Further Spoken 0.11155 Ponderosa Tricky 0.111471 Foil Autechre 0.111294 Judith A Perfect Circle 0.111209 Words (Between the Lines of Age) Neil Young 0.111201 Mausoleum Manic Street Preachers 0.111121 Rack 'Em Up Jonny Lang 0.111104 Invincible Crossfade 0.111073 Garbage Man Muddy Waters 0.111064 Here's To The Life MxPx 0.110976 Where We Gonna Go From Here Mat Kearney 0.110872 Hate The Police Mudhoney 0.110799 Come Back Brighter Reef 0.110694 Freedom Fighters The Music 0.110596 Blowin' Free Wishbone Ash 0.110588 Digital Bath Deftones 0.110454 Early In The Morning Eric Clapton 0.110445 Urgent Foreigner 0.110338 Boom P.O.D. 0.110303 Debaser Pixies 0.110276 Stars Nightmares on Wax 0.110241 A-Ten Millencolin 0.110225 Plastic People Four Tet 0.110221 Intro Live 0.1101859 What Lies Beneath Breaking Benjamin 0.110144 Trying Your Luck The Strokes 0.109814 Hand of Doom Black Sabbath 0.109633 Lost Waltz Dave Brubeck 0.109602 Take The Power Back Rage Against the Machine 0.109428 Dancing For Rain Rise Against 0.109393 Stupify Disturbed 0.109373 Isn't It a Pity George Harrison 0.109312 I'll Keep Your Memory Vague Finger Eleven 0.109297 Somebody's Baby Jackson Browne 0.109231 Dark That Follows Evans Blue 0.109209 Dig Mudvayne 0.109186 Live And Let Die Paul McCartney & Wings 0.109043 Novocaine For The Soul Eels 0.108996 Dick Lips blink-182 0.108917 Over Portishead 0.108862 Monkey Gone to Heaven Pixies 0.108779 Danger Mötley Crüe 0.108776 Dead End Road J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton 0.108765 The Knife Genesis 0.108717 Oh! Toronto Lights Out Asia 0.108552 Kitty Litter Placebo 0.108374 Sleeping Lessons The Shins 0.108332 Vision of Division The Strokes 0.108328 Parents Descendents 0.108099 She Sells Sanctuary The Cult 0.107978 Bennie And The Jets Elton John 0.10791 Mission (A World Record) Electric Light Orchestra 0.107796 Change (In the House of Flies) Deftones 0.107577 Life Songs Rufio 0.107526 Summer '68 Pink Floyd 0.107462 Montreal Autechre 0.107387 I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio Stereophonics 0.107386 Mrs. Robinson Paul Simon 0.10732 Just A Loser Robert Cray 0.107306 Pam Berry The Shins 0.107292 Good Thing Fine Young Cannibals 0.107218 Otherwise Morcheeba 0.107167 Midlife Crisis Faith No More 0.107152 Criminal Fiona Apple 0.107084 Chitlins con Carne Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 0.107062 The Things That I Used To Do Stevie Ray Vaughan 0.107037 Kung Fu Ash 0.107007 Cliff Diving +44 0.10698 Sadie Joanna Newsom 0.106961 Level The Raconteurs 0.106854 Find Him And Love Him Silver Sun 0.106842 Camioux Boozoo Bajou 0.106733 Allegro Vivace Ludwig van Beethoven 0.106718 Asshole Father Sick Puppies 0.106406 Hells Bells AC/DC 0.106352 Save A Prayer Duran Duran 0.106347 Karen The National 0.106253 Landslide Fleetwood Mac 0.106238 Gasoline Seether 0.106202 Weed Party Band of Horses 0.105896 The Modern Rome Burning Anti-Flag 0.105793 Old Love Eric Clapton 0.105791 Dimples John Lee Hooker 0.105754 Sloop John B The Beach Boys 0.10575 Belgium Bowling for Soup 0.105701 New Morning Bob Dylan 0.105688 Out Of Control Rancid 0.105662 Share The Land The Guess Who 0.1056 Wait Earshot 0.105559 Out Of Mind Good Riddance 0.105518 Dope Sick Girl Rancid 0.105402 Lay Down Sally Eric Clapton 0.105381 I Don't Know Lostprophets 0.105335 Mind of My Own Strung Out 0.105263 Andy, You're A Star The Killers 0.105249 Tell Me in the Morning Cold War Kids 0.105219 Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her Johann Pachelbel 0.105056 Give A Little Bit Supertramp 0.105053 Believe Me Natalie The Killers 0.105017 Take A Pebble Emerson, Lake & Palmer 0.104961 Summer Sun Koop 0.104928 True Believers The Bouncing Souls 0.104904 Home Three Days Grace 0.104854 Remedy Seether 0.104792 Run Air 0.104673 Gideon My Morning Jacket 0.104591 Hands Around My Throat Death in Vegas 0.104437 You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son Wolf Parade 0.104353 Duckpond Millencolin 0.104277 Don't Ask Me Why Billy Joel 0.104225 Therapy Smile Empty Soul 0.104191 What You Are Audioslave 0.104172 Country Girl Primal Scream 0.104153 Get Your Guns Nine Black Alps 0.103921 Strange Ways KISS 0.103906 Highway Donkey Millencolin 0.103824 Shine a Light Wolf Parade 0.103768 Over and Over Again (Lost and Found) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 0.103698 Ocean Breathes Salty Modest Mouse 0.103656 Wow Snow Patrol 0.103632 Infrared Strike Anywhere 0.103613 When I'm Gone Simple Plan 0.103605 There Is A Mountain Donovan 0.103589 Blood Editors 0.103562 The Great Marsh Camel 0.103554 Need Your Love So Bad Gary Moore 0.103446 Moon Sia 0.103349 Blue Veins The Raconteurs 0.103339 Ten Years Ago Buddy Guy 0.103331 Automatic Lagwagon 0.103311 Glad Traffic 0.1031895 1*15*96 The Ataris 0.103143 Pink Cadillac Bruce Springsteen 0.103129 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) Genesis 0.102788 Alone In Kyoto Air 0.102745 No Cars Go Arcade Fire 0.102719 Ride the Snake Lagwagon 0.102648 My Own Summer (Shove It) Deftones 0.102587 Calling Aventura King Kid Loco 0.102534 Carolina In My Mind James Taylor 0.102391 Takin' It To The Streets The Doobie Brothers 0.102352 Fixed Income DJ Shadow 0.102276 The Prayer Position AFI 0.10223 Cantaloupe Island Herbie Hancock 0.102201 What a Mess SR-71 0.102035 The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 0.102002 I Think I'm Paranoid Garbage 0.101902 So Far Away Dire Straits 0.101859 Breathe Underwater Placebo 0.101814 Since I Left You The Avalanches 0.101804 Between Angels And Insects Papa Roach 0.101721 Special K Placebo 0.101639 Emily Bowling for Soup 0.101588 Red Eyes And Tears Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 0.101529 This House Is a Circus Arctic Monkeys 0.101371 Life Less Frightening Rise Against 0.101353 Fall Into Sleep Mudvayne 0.101219 Superman Stereophonics 0.101153 Days of Old B.B. King & Eric Clapton 0.101073 Something To Believe In The Offspring 0.101026 No Paradise Anti-Flag 0.101019 Sometimes Selling Out is Giving Up Rise Against 0.10092 Ghosts Laura Marling 0.100849 Tomorrow And Tonight KISS 0.100808 Lenny Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 0.100804 Rock for Sustainable Capitalism Propagandhi 0.100679 Kemp Millencolin 0.100637 The King Will Come Wishbone Ash 0.100634 Leisuremaster Custard 0.100476 Make My Day Waldeck 0.100409 These Walls Trapt 0.100406 Party, My House, Be There MxPx 0.100391 Delivery Man The Cruel Sea 0.100314 Dirty Little Secret The All-American Rejects 0.100264 Still Got The Blues Gary Moore 0.100193 Always Amon Tobin 0.100189 Come Undone Placebo 0.100031 Sick Of It All Finger Eleven 0.100016 Frustrating Sound Radio Moscow 0.10001 Falling Away Amber Pacific 0.0999532 Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie Joanna Newsom 0.0998182 Man or Mouse Millencolin 0.0998155 Bitch The Rolling Stones 0.0995409 Beautiful Disaster American Hi-Fi 0.0995331 Closer Cauterize 0.0994673 This River Is Wild The Killers 0.0994301 Breakdown Breaking Benjamin 0.0994297 Holiday The Subways 0.0994296 Shallow Bay Breaking Benjamin 0.0994287 Roll Plymouth Rock Brian Wilson 0.0994198 On A Plain Nirvana 0.0993256 It Had To Be You Motion City Soundtrack 0.099316 Fell In Love Without You Motion City Soundtrack 0.099129 Showbiz Muse 0.099054 Count on Me Default 0.0989115 Confusion The Zutons 0.0987873 On My Own Ulrich Schnauss 0.0986233 Bleed American Jimmy Eat World 0.0986179 Young for Eternity The Subways 0.098508 I Don't Live Anywhere Joe Bonamassa 0.0984787 Let It Roll All Time Low 0.0984538 Dirge Death in Vegas 0.0981907 Song for the Asking Simon & Garfunkel 0.0981455 Somewhere Out There Our Lady Peace 0.0979094 Chapter 13 +44 0.0978675 You've Made Me So Very Happy Blood, Sweat & Tears 0.0978135 Before Tomorrow Comes Alter Bridge 0.0978018 Take Me KISS 0.0978002 Ain't No Easy Way Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 0.0977043 Pain Three Days Grace 0.0977032 I was warned Robert Cray 0.0977021 City Pavement The Subways 0.0976397 Don't Ever Leave Smile Empty Soul 0.097555 Von Fremden Landern und Menschen Robert Schumann 0.0975195 What Comes Around Ill Niño 0.0974341 Move Over Janis Joplin 0.0974058 Shine Your Cadillac Evans Blue 0.0973254 Only Happy When It Rains Garbage 0.0972679 Tesko Suicide Sneaker Pimps 0.0971862 Sound Of Madness Shinedown 0.0971305 I Wanna Be B.B. King & Eric Clapton 0.0971157 Sweet Emotion Aerosmith 0.0970723 Call to Arms Angels & Airwaves 0.0970476 Lost in You Sugarcult 0.0970116 A Martyr for My Love for You The White Stripes 0.0969452 The Story of My Old Man Good Charlotte 0.0968887 Don't Wanna Fall Walter Trout 0.0968089 Broken Arrow The Album Leaf 0.0968077 Love Spreads The Stone Roses 0.0966474 Excitable Boy Warren Zevon 0.0965204 Nightswimming R.E.M. 0.09649 My Direction Sum 41 0.0964767 Black Milk Massive Attack 0.0964767 Pity and Fear Death Cab for Cutie 0.096476 Disconnected Trapt 0.0964596 Praeludium in A minor, BuxWV 152 Dietrich Buxtehude 0.0964559 The Fixer Pearl Jam 0.0963899 Fire The Jimi Hendrix Experience 0.0963533 Is This It The Strokes 0.0963018 Take It Like a Man The Offspring 0.0962655 Burnin' For You Blue Öyster Cult 0.0961922 Baby When the Sun Goes Down Peter Green 0.0961225 All At Once The Fray 0.0961153 Bleeding Heart Jimi Hendrix 0.0960891 I. Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 0.0960353 Catch Hell Blues The White Stripes 0.0958844 To Hell We Ride Lostprophets 0.0956645 Something About Us Daft Punk 0.0956486 Knock 'Em Dead, Kid Mötley Crüe 0.0956264 Think Twice Eve 6 0.095617 Horrorshow The Libertines 0.0956122 Wreck Gentle Giant 0.0955574 The Way You Like It Adema 0.0955059 Traveller In Time Uriah Heep 0.0954897 Morning Glory Tim Buckley 0.0954449 Answers Hundred Reasons 0.0953157 Lucid Dreams Franz Ferdinand 0.0951716 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love Van Halen 0.0950965 The Unraveling Rise Against 0.0950038 Nightrain Guns N' Roses 0.0949795 Shout It Out Loud KISS 0.0948976 Bargain The Who 0.0948894 No Giving Up Crossfade 0.0948277 Orpheus Ash 0.0946969 Friends of the Enemy No Use for a Name 0.0946582 Fear of a Blank Planet Porcupine Tree 0.0946247 Fire And Rain James Taylor 0.0945845 You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told) The White Stripes 0.0944711 The First Drop Rise Against 0.0944291 Texas Flood Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 0.094261 Dead Quote Olympics The Hives 0.0942553 Home On Monday Little River Band 0.094246 Promise Eve 6 0.0942279 Refill Me Smile Empty Soul 0.0940554 300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues The White Stripes 0.0938389 Keep Your Hands Off My Girl Good Charlotte 0.0937989 Behind These Hazel Eyes Kelly Clarkson 0.0937916 Enemy Drowning Pool 0.0937717 Out To Sea Smile Empty Soul 0.0937034 Dead Bodies Rancid 0.0936617 Bombs Away Lagwagon 0.0935967 Perfect Simple Plan 0.0935283 Pale Blue Eyes The Velvet Underground 0.0934693 Against Privacy Cold War Kids 0.0934611 We Share The Same Skies The Cribs 0.0933639 Nothing With You Descendents 0.0932771 I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here AFI 0.0931873 I Don't Think So The Supernaturals 0.093186 Give It Up 8mm 0.0931051 Promenade Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky 0.0930991 Special Delivery The Offspring 0.0930699 This Ain't the Summer of Love Blue Öyster Cult 0.0929711 Ready For You Hoobastank 0.0929491 Memories Waldeck 0.0929148 Vegas Two Times Stereophonics 0.0928962 The Ballad Of Chasey Lain Bloodhound Gang 0.0926135 Everybody Is Nine Black Alps 0.0926101 I Changed My Name Sugarcult 0.0925467 The Day That I Die Good Charlotte 0.0925125 All Along The Offspring 0.0924283 (Untitled) Oasis 0.0923145 Whippin' Piccadilly Gomez 0.0922861 Forget to Remember Mudvayne 0.0922212 Blue Light Bloc Party 0.0921131 No One Came Deep Purple 0.0920756 Curiosity Kills Trapt 0.0920571 Her Diamonds Rob Thomas 0.0920513 The Deep End Crossfade 0.0918738 Heaven Beside You Alice in Chains 0.0918509 Dull Life Yeah Yeah Yeahs 0.0918415 The Boy Looked at Johnny The Libertines 0.0916864 Death White Lies 0.0916528 Photograph Nickelback 0.091574 Can't Stop Red Hot Chili Peppers 0.0915395 Fool For Your Loving Whitesnake 0.0915184 Cosmopolitan Nine Black Alps 0.0915162 Touch Too Much AC/DC 0.0915016 Rats in the Cellar Aerosmith 0.0914943 Unopened Letter to the World The Ataris 0.091472 Plan A The Dandy Warhols 0.0914297 Tumble and Fall Feeder 0.0914065 Cheating on You Franz Ferdinand 0.0911744 An End Has a Start Editors 0.091166 Let Me Put My Love Into You AC/DC 0.0910945 Tap At My Window Laura Marling 0.0910474 Vasoline Stone Temple Pilots 0.0910187 Corduroy Pearl Jam 0.0909856 Riptide Sick Puppies 0.0909769 Don't Bring Me Down Sia 0.0906749 The Wizard Uriah Heep 0.0906094 How Does It Feel Sugarcult 0.090606 Have You Ever Loved A Woman Eric Clapton 0.0905883 Revelry Kings of Leon 0.0904779 Silver Echo & The Bunnymen 0.0903709 Andante Antonio Vivaldi 0.0902895 Glass Julian Casablancas 0.0902614 June: Barcarolle Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 0.0902056 Tell Her Tonight Franz Ferdinand 0.090142 Thieves Like Us New Order 0.0900574 Monkberry Moon Delight Paul & Linda McCartney 0.0900426 My Funny Valentine Ben Webster 0.0899592 Weight of the World Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 0.0899264 Ruby, My Dear Thelonious Monk 0.0898697 Perfect World Simple Plan 0.089821 Chasing Rainbows No Use for a Name 0.0896541 Violin Concerto In A Minor, BWV 1041: Andante Johann Sebastian Bach 0.0896407 Simple Twist Of Fate Bob Dylan 0.0895512 Universally Speaking Red Hot Chili Peppers 0.0895296 Turn On Me The Shins 0.0894646 Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard Paul Simon 0.0894487 God Bless Lamb 0.0894306 Dirty Dancehall The Zutons 0.0894196 Over The Rainbow Art Pepper 0.0893554 Little Dreamer Peter Green 0.0892718 In My Head Queens of the Stone Age 0.0892457 There Goes The Fear Doves 0.0892248 Gone Forever Ulrich Schnauss 0.0892108 The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite R.E.M. 0.0891574 Right on Time Red Hot Chili Peppers 0.0890197 A.M. 180 Grandaddy 0.0889868 Go Away SR-71 0.0888714 Rouse's Point Charlie Rouse 0.0887417 Notion Kings of Leon 0.0886759 Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones The Hives 0.0886637 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Jet 0.088582 More Than This Roxy Music 0.0885394 Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248: Sinfonia Johann Sebastian Bach 0.0884949 Bug Eyes dredg 0.0884653 One Lamb 0.0884214 Rocket Queen Guns N' Roses 0.0883925 Just Another Day Oingo Boingo 0.0883404 Human The Music 0.0883389 Australia The Shins 0.0883309 Animals Bonobo 0.0882483 Fedime's Flight Jazzanova 0.088235 Rabbit In Your Headlights UNKLE 0.0880811 Adagio Maestoso - Allegro Con Brio Franz Schubert 0.0880423 Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands Bob Dylan 0.0880328 My Favorite Things John Coltrane 0.0880113 They Never Got You Spoon 0.087964 Goodbye The Coral 0.0878779 That Ain't Love Robert Cray 0.0878354 In a Simple Rhyme Van Halen 0.0878204 Hear About It Later Van Halen 0.0877482 Rattlesnake Shake Skid Row 0.0877126 Lonesome Loser Little River Band 0.0876925 I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say The Subways 0.0876918 this land is our land redux Slim Cessna's Auto Club 0.0876769 Planet Claire The B-52's 0.0876764 Where's Johny Sabatino dZihan & Kamien 0.0876539 Proud Pinto Peter Green 0.0876082 Walk Away Franz Ferdinand 0.0875614 Softly, William, Softly Dave Brubeck 0.0875448 Skywriter Scorpions 0.0875262 Declare Guerre Nucleaire The Hives 0.0875242 Smoking Gun Robert Cray 0.0875119 Pale Shelter Tears for Fears 0.0874854 Processed Beats Kasabian 0.0874448 Life Starts Now Three Days Grace 0.0873858 Think About You Guns N' Roses 0.0873616 Cry Before I Go John Lee Hooker 0.087347 Back Door Man The Doors 0.0873281 White Palms Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 0.0873224 Dog Shelter Burial 0.0873095 Show You How The Killers 0.0870834 The Truth Is No Words The Music 0.0870752 Bring It On Back Jet 0.0870137 No No No Yeah Yeah Yeahs 0.0869967 The People The Music 0.0869238 If You Had A Bad Time Alkaline Trio 0.0868517 Nowhere Kids Smile Empty Soul 0.0868448 Almost Easy Avenged Sevenfold 0.0868323 D Is for Dangerous Arctic Monkeys 0.0868297 Only Love Can Break Your Heart Neil Young 0.0867692 Break Three Days Grace 0.0867312 Home 12 Stones 0.08671 Live Young, Die Fast Alkaline Trio 0.0866916 The Same Way Gary Moore 0.086671 Nothin' for Nothin' Cinderella 0.0866639 Shade Silverchair 0.0866389 Yankee Rose David Lee Roth 0.0865625 White Line Fever Airbourne 0.0865544 Blonde, Bad And Beautiful Airbourne 0.0865187 Black Sheep Of The Family Rainbow 0.0864924 What Is Your Secret Nada Surf 0.0864775 Milk And Honey Jackson C. Frank 0.0864259 Slave Weezer 0.086369 Out of My Way Seether 0.0863251 It Hurts Me Too Eric Clapton 0.0862327 The First Snowfall Blockhead 0.0861992 Come On Home Franz Ferdinand 0.0861355 Andante Franz Schubert 0.0861084 Irresistible You Taj Mahal 0.0860637 Our Swords Band of Horses 0.0860441 Top Yourself The Raconteurs 0.0860389 I'm Standing In Line John Lee Hooker 0.0860189 Toughest Street In Town Thin Lizzy 0.0859683 Drowning on Dry Land Roy Buchanan 0.0859513 Lounge Act Nirvana 0.0859471 Big City Nights Scorpions 0.0859154 Starbucks A 0.0858847 Diamonds And Rust Joan Baez 0.0858695 Saturday Nite Danger Danger 0.0858658 Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out Derek and the Dominos 0.0858345 Long Grey Mare Gary Moore 0.0857565 Sleeping In The Ground Robert Cray 0.0857268 Summer Breeze Seals & Crofts 0.0857255 I'd Rather Be A Wino Robert Cray 0.0856386 Knock-Down Drag-Out Weezer 0.0855862 Goin' Loco Nazareth 0.0855782 Ramblin' On My Mind Peter Green Splinter Group 0.0855549 Mr. Pitiful Taj Mahal 0.0855497 Fashionably Uninvited Mellowdrone 0.0855402 Stop Breakin' Down Blues Peter Green Splinter Group 0.0855233 Tears Into Wine Billy Talent 0.0855139 Crosscut Saw Albert King 0.085506 Carry the Zero Built to Spill 0.0855034 The Chokin' Kind Roy Buchanan 0.0853986 Andante Franz Joseph Haydn 0.0853508 Dolphin Dance Herbie Hancock 0.085319 Viola Lee Blues Ry Cooder 0.0851767 Sweet Thing Van Morrison 0.0851573 Unsquare Dance Dave Brubeck 0.0851473 Something Against You Pixies 0.085121 Teddy Picker Arctic Monkeys 0.0851124 Ain't No Sunshine Featuring Tracy Chapman Buddy Guy 0.0851108 Can't Stop, Gotta Date with Hate Lostprophets 0.0850327 Come On Over Institute 0.0849979 Little Acorns The White Stripes 0.0849889 As the Stars Fall The Cinematic Orchestra 0.084964 Arietta Edvard Grieg 0.0849098 Cat Scratch Fever Ted Nugent 0.0848855 Allegro maestoso Franz Liszt 0.0848403 Lake Michigan Rogue Wave 0.0846838 Break My Body Pixies 0.0845966 Without A Fight Hoobastank 0.0844977 Merry-Go-Round Puddle of Mudd 0.0842488 7/4 (Shoreline) Broken Social Scene 0.0842408 Der Tag, Der Ist So Freudenreich Johann Pachelbel 0.0842372 Know by Heart The American Analog Set 0.0842022 Attack System of a Down 0.0841073 Building Steam With a Grain of Salt DJ Shadow 0.0839441 Spaceship The Vines 0.0839434 Empty Walls Serj Tankian 0.0838373 Scream Avenged Sevenfold 0.083751 Grow Old With Me John Lennon 0.0836963 When Animals Attack Institute 0.0836684 See In You The Album Leaf 0.0835 Unkind Hurt 0.0834313 Sentimental Lady Bob Welch 0.0834312 Revenga System of a Down 0.0833255 Dirty Hurt 0.0832914 Dying Is Fine Ra Ra Riot 0.0832149 Grey Clouds Franz Liszt 0.0831842 One In Equal Seven Wiser 0.0831037 Deep Purple Art Pepper 0.0830938 We Are Not a Football Team Minus the Bear 0.0830879 Sunshinin' The Vines 0.0830512 Pangea Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin 0.0830369 Give Me Love, Give Me Life Roger Hodgson 0.0830079 Loure Georg Philipp Telemann 0.0828949 Cold Turkey John Lennon 0.0828315 English Summer Rain Placebo 0.0827822 Debate Exposes Doubt Death Cab for Cutie 0.0825222 Take It Easy Eagles 0.0824987 AutumnSong Manic Street Preachers 0.0824503 Three Wishes Roger Waters 0.0824347 From The Beginning Emerson, Lake & Palmer 0.0824152 Miracles Jefferson Starship 0.0821369 Watching TV Roger Waters 0.0821099 I Put A Spell On You Creedence Clearwater Revival 0.0820682 So Damn Clever Plain White T's 0.0820315 She Taproot 0.082005 Private Investigations Dire Straits 0.0818699 Imperial Bodybags Manic Street Preachers 0.0817495 Get Through This Art of Dying 0.0816634 Mr. Blue Sky Electric Light Orchestra 0.081587 Can You Tell Ra Ra Riot 0.08158 Allegro non troppo Johannes Brahms 0.0815748 Naked Flame The Cruel Sea 0.0815331 I Am Waiting The Rolling Stones 0.081525 Medication Modest Mouse 0.081493 What A Shame Shinedown 0.0814659 Ouverture Jean-Baptiste Lully 0.0814341 We Laugh Indoors Death Cab for Cutie 0.081184 Real Love The Smashing Pumpkins 0.0811605 All Nite Diner Modest Mouse 0.081139 Firecracker Nada Surf 0.0810905 Heart in a Cage The Strokes 0.0809234 Holographic Universe Thievery Corporation 0.0807587 Girl From The North Country Bob Dylan 0.0807152 You Could Have It So Much Better Franz Ferdinand 0.0804392 Why Crossfade 0.0803669 Missing Pieces Voxtrot 0.0803619
  • so black

    16. Nov. 2008, 13:37 von miczl

    i love searching winamp media library for songs relating to a word.

    Today i found 68 songs relating to the word black.

    Nick Cave Black Betty .. such a good cover. Kicking Against the Pricks is always my favourite album from the Caulfield genius boy. Listen to that song over and over. The Spiderbait version was fun in its own way, but doesn't really compare.

    .. and then i listen to Tom Jones version, and it's shit. In a good way. But compared to the Cave? Shit.

    Tom Waits has the record for a single artist in my collection .. 7 songs with "black" in the title.

    Radiohead Black Star, of course. OMG what exquisite pain and pleasure in their music. Just recently Radiohead became my most-listened artist of all. i have been catching up .. to the rest of the world.

    Nikka Costa Black Seed, Goldfrapp Black Cherry .. Nina Simone Black Is the Colour of My True Love's Hair. i admire the brilliance and passion behind all these songs.

  • Number 20,000

    13. Okt. 2008, 15:03 von sneaky424

    Massive Attack - Black Milk

    Well - there it is! 20,000 plays. That's got to be some sort of milestone.

    Keep listening, y'all.
  • Massive Attack in Ljubljana

    9. Jun. 2008, 20:52 von salty_cookie

    One of the biggest events that will happen in Slovenia this year is gonna be Massive Attack concert! I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when i saw and heard that they are really coming to our capital city.

    This is got to be the best and probably the only trip-hop year in Slovenia :)
    First, Portishead's new album Third was released and now Massive Attack are planing the concert in july.

    Got to get the ticket before it's to late. I think and hope it's gonna be worth those 40 euros...i must not miss this one...

    First I'm happy that there are people who got the Massive Attack to play in our little country, but then i just hope that it won't be some DJ set or something like that. Well Massive Attack are nothing like MTV stars like 50 cent... whose concert in Zagreb (i didn't attend it, just heard about it) was a totally disaster... or were this D12 here in Ljubljana...i could be wrong.

    OK, MA concerts i saw on the web looked and sounded much more then great, so I guess I'm just paranoid. …
  • Massive Attack and my top 10

    5. Apr. 2008, 20:53 von CovinS

    So I noticed Massive Attack finally made it into my top 10. I've had Mezzanine for at least a year or two, and while I marveled at the sonic beauty of that record, I never listened to extensively. Just a song here and a song there, and that actually scored MA a decent presence on my charts. Then I got Protection and couldn't stand it , so it really turned me off to explore the band further. Oops.

    However, as I've slowly weaned myself from metal, I have been able to appreciate Mezzanine a ton more. And I inevitably tried Protection again, and I seriously do not know how I missed this amazing album. I don't care much for the title track, the same way everyone loves Teardrop and I don't really like that one either. But songs like Eurochild, Karmacoma, and even Heat Miser spawned an infatuation with the band.

    I have worn Black Milk out so bad. lol

    I finally hunkered down and bought Blue Lines and 100th Window. Blue Lines was instantly appealing, despite it's old-school flavors that I'm not really a fan of. …
  • 2007's Music Stats

    1. Jan. 2008, 2:28 von georgiapeachy