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Massimo Di Lena structures his artistic research on the continuous developments in electronic music which he realises with a captivating eclecticism and style.

His early releases, dating back to 2006, received great support from heavy weights within the Techno scene, resulting in his tracks being licensed to several important club compilations for Fuse in Belgium, Amnesia in Ibiza and many others.

Massimo's versatile character saw him turn his attention to more of a House sound in 2009 and his original tracks and remixes were soon signed by respected and renowned House labels such as Freerange, NRK, Cadenza Records and Love Letters from Oslo; which showed Massimo's music was in great demand amongst Europe's best labels and clubs from an early stage.

Over the following years, he has developed a keen interest in the vintage synth culture and has started experimenting with new ways to process his sounds and push forward his music. In early 2012 Massimo created Early Sounds Recordings with Rio Padice and Leskin. His main aim for this project was to release music that reflects his influences whilst trying to merge his previous projects and styles together.

After attending the RBMA Bass Camp in Italy, Massimo's production skills were further honed and these new sounds were picked up by Trus'me's Prime Numbers label. His recent collaboration with Rio Padice on Clone Royal Oak and his forthcoming "Hardlife" EP on Early Sounds show the Neapolitan producer really pushing his music and sound to another level.

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