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Mary Keey is a Swiss musician and song-writer specialising in hypnotic, addictive pop music created with a combination of electronic and acoustic instruments. With a distinctive voice and an energetic and effervescent stage persona, Mary Keey states her influences as Dua Lipa, Chainsmokers and Demi Lovato among others.

Her knack for writing catchy, feel-good songs laced with a pop and Caribbean fusion has seen Mary gain a solid and growing fan base across the globe.

On August 17 2018, Mary Keey is set to release her latest single, Song For You, featuring Samuray Kuba, with an accompanying video shot in the breathtaking scenery of 5 Terre, Italy.

Early life

Mary Keey was born in Olten, Switzerland to parents who were both school-teachers and grew up in that beautiful town with her younger brother. From an early age, music was Mary’s passion and she would often be heard singing songs of her own creation at school and home as well as becoming proficient at playing the saxophone and guitar. Career Mary Keey’s career as a professional musician began when she recorded her first song, ‘Not Good Enough’, in 2009.

In 2011, Mary headlined her first European tour, followed quickly by participation in a radio contest which led to a 2012 USA tour, both of which placed her firmly on the map as one to watch. The following year, saw Mary touring the Western Seaboard of the United States to fantastic critical acclaim, and playing historic venues such as Kenny’s Castaway which has seen the likes of Mark Knopfler, Rod Stewart and Bruce Springsteen begin their careers. Her 2014 cover of Michael Jackson’s Beat It received several thousand views on YouTube. In December 2014, she released a single called “My Body” featuring US based artists Zane and Wordsmith and, immediately afterward, after she released two more songs “Made in Japan” which made it to be licensed for several video publishings and “Right Now” Featuring Storm Boyer, Hollywood based rap artist.

Following the success of ‘Right Now’, Mary focused on perfecting her art and, between 2014 and 2018, she not only wrote songs and recorded studio albums but, also, built her own recording studio in her home land of Switzerland. Mary says, “I wanted to be able to work with music 360 degrees and prepare something bigger for 2018 and beyond.” In 2018, Mary launched a project to release one single and video per month, beginning with the insanely catchy Broken Record and Love In My Head.

Next, Mary will release A Song For You featuring Samuray Kuba. Mary Keey is currently working on a new song called "Heartshaped Truth" which is due to be released 18.01.2019

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