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Born in Treviso, a small city near Venice, Marco Shuttle has been involved in the local underground club scene since he was 15, initially as a promoter and then as a DJ. After moving to London to earn an MA in Fashion at Central Saint Martins, he became involved in the clubbing scene there, garnering a residency at the legendary Süd Electronic parties, and running his own event, a popular Sunday afternoon/evening session at Cafe 1001.

Due to his background in fashion, a primarily visual medium, Marco considers his musical style to be constructed with an aesthetic approach. He has been deeply inspired by Detroit techno and electro, acid house, New York deep house and garage, and electronica. His own productions can be described as very deep and dark and often tend to have strong percussive elements with dry electronic sounds and groovy basslines. Marco's initial releases on Serialism and brut! stood out but he really began his rise to prominence with the 2011 release of "The Vox Attitude" EP on Vidd, which has since become a sought-after classic techno record. In 2012 he caught our ears with a stellar 12" on Clone's Store Only Series, and the launch of his own label, Eerie. Marco used the Eerie imprint to release four of his own EPs over 2012-13. These critically acclaimed EPs represent some of his deepest and most challenging music but did not fail to move dance floors worldwide.

As result of the international success of his productions, Marco has been DJing globally with bookings at some of the most prestigious clubs and festivals in the world, including: Labyrinth (Japan), Berghain (Berlin), Fabric (London), The Bunker (New York), Wave Festival (Amsterdam), Moog (Barcelona), and many more. Marco has since taken up residence in Berlin where he continued to produce for labels such as Peter Van Hoesen's Time to Express, our own The Bunker New York imprint and Neel and Donato Dozzy's label Spazio Disponibile.

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